Firms Where To Do Industrial Training (IT)/SIWES in Nigeria -

Firms Where To Do Industrial Training (IT)/SIWES in Nigeria

This comprehensive guide provides insight into the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) and Industrial Training (IT) programs, emphasizing their importance in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills for university and polytechnic students, respectively. It explores the types of companies suitable for placements, ranging from financial institutions to oil companies, and offers practical advice for students seeking placements, including being industry-conscious, prioritizing experience over monetary gains, choosing companies that align with future aspirations, and actively participating throughout the training period to maximize learning opportunities and enhance employability prospects.

At the 300/400 level of a university course, you're required to go for SIWES or IT program for a period of time. Counterparts from polytechnics are required to undergo the same company-based training at ND1 and after ND (SIWES and Industrial Training respectively).

If you're hearing about these out-of-campus placements for the first time, the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a skills training program designed to expose and prepare students of universities and other tertiary institutions for the Industrial Work situation they are likely to meet after graduation.

The purpose of Industrial Training is to expose students to real work of environment experience and at the same time, to gain knowledge through hands-on observation and job execution. From industrial training, the students will also develop skills in work ethics, communication, management, and others.

The term SIWES and Industrial Training (IT) are usually used interchangeably. But they don't literarily mean the same thing. While IT is well accepted for placement after the National Diploma (ND) programme (polytechnic), SIWES is the placement during the programme usually at year 1 (ND 1). A few organizations and schools refer to either as an internship.

In a university setting, SWIES and IT could mean the same thing because they both occurred during the course of studies not after graduation or at the end of the course.

General Placement for Industrial Training and SIWES

Students usually make seeking placements for industrial training and SIWES more difficult than it should be. No offices, organizations, or bodies are specifically recommended for SIWES and IT. Students can choose any organization to work with during this period in as much it's related to their disciplines and can add more (practically) to the knowledge of the trainees.

For example, a Computer Science student can choose any company in need of his skills and through which he can acquire relevant experiences even if the business is not broadly about computers. 

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You will make it hard on yourself if you think you must work with a big computer firm. There are more to learn also in the computer department of a bank, communication companies, a government house, etc.

However, if you insist on working with a company specifically dealing with your study area, you may need to search further. 

  1. You may find any of the companies listed by Neil University; accepting their candidates for industrial Training very resourceful too.
  2. Nigeria NLG Limited usually accommodates Students studying for diploma and degree certificates in Nigerian universities (public or private), national diploma students from polytechnics who have completed their first year, and post-ND polytechnic graduates seeking openings for their one-year industrial training. 
  3. If you're a student of Engineering, Earth Sciences (Geology, Geophysics, Geography), Sciences, Social Sciences, or Medical Sciences, you may want to consider the yearly Total Industrial Training and Internship Programme.
  4. Several banks are found to accommodate SIWES/IT students. You can check the GTB OND internship vacancies for example.

Generally Recognized Industries for SIWES and Industrial Training (IT)

SIWES and IT is aimed at bridging the existing gap between theory and practice of Sciences, Agriculture, Medical Sciences (including Nursing), Engineering and Technology, Management, Information and Communication Technology, and other professional educational programmes in Nigerian tertiary institutions. It is aimed at exposing students to machines and equipment, professional work methods, and ways of safeguarding the work areas and workers in industries, offices, laboratories, hospitals, and other organizations.

Hence, you may want to consider any company from the following industries for your placement.

  1. Financial Institutions
  2. Media Houses
  3. Construction Firms
  4. Research Institutes
  5. Universities
  6. Government Departments
  7. Health Service (Private & Public)
  8. Forensic Science Services
  9. Environment Agency.
  10. Pharmaceutical Companies
  11. Art & Design Centres
  12. Estate Agencies
  13. Farms
  14. Zoos
  15. Surveying Firms
  16. Steel Companies etc.
  17. Food Production Companies
  18. Agricultural Companies
  19. Water Production Companies
  20. Biotechnology Firms
  21. Bakeries
  22. Mechanical Workshops
  23. Electrical Workshops/Companies
  24. Computer Training Centres
  25. Oil Companies
  26. Printing Press

What to be Conscious of When Seeking SIWES or IT Placement

Experiences had shown that most students may end up not liking where they do their IT/SIWES because they don't factor in some things. They would complete a year or three-month training to realize they'd wasted their time.

Let's look into things to give priority before submitting your IT/SIWES letters

1. Be Industry Conscious

How can a student of Accounting seek IT in a Nursery and Primary school? Maybe for money or the frustration coming from not getting the befitting place in time?

I'm aware of these limitations. Very many students face the same challenges. However, it doesn't make any sense if you should fill a position you're not trained for or will not work with, in the future.

While seeking a placement, be sure you get the right organization for your discipline or at least one that has the department appropriate for your discipline. 

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2. Looking For Money Instead of the Experience

Very many will be victims of this. We all want to make money while working, right? Yet, we should understand knowledge is priceless.

You can get the money now and spend it all in a few months. If you're in the right field, department, or sector, the knowledge you acquire today will be transmuted into more money later.

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3. Be Sure You Work for a Company/Business you can Start

Although you're learning today and there is no capital (at present) needed to start any business, the future is waiting to be used.

I'd always warned IT/SIWES students to be wary of working with any business, be it big or small that they can't think of starting or running in the future.

You're working at a filling station, but you don't dream of starting your own station any time sooner. And if you do, do you want to manage it yourself or hold norsles?

Carefully look for companies (I suggest small to medium-sized businesses). These businesses can be started right out of schools or NYSC. Your working experience will come into place while running your own projects. See the experience shared at "After NYSC What Next? Msc, Job Search or Business (Self-Employment)".

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4. Be Participating All-through

I've met with candidates who were not actively participating in the training. They were under the organizations for SIWES/IT, yet they're spending their time out of the organizations (at home, for traveling, or running other side hustles).

Apart from the fact that this approach may implicate or fail you if your supervisor doesn't meet you at work, you're not doing any good to yourself for losing out on the experiences.

In fact, without supervision or the company making it tough for you to be at work punctually, you should give your training the commitment it deserves. The pay-back time is near.

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5. Working with Dormant Organizations

Some Companies are busier than others. The busier your organization is, the more likely you will learn.

A friend was placed under 5 departments before she completed her IT. Such a person would definitely be more resourceful afterward than someone under-engaged within the same period.

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6. Be Employable at Completion

The primary reason you go for IT/SIWES is to learn more practically in line with your course and use a stock of experiences acquired with related organizations in the future or where possible, start a venture requiring the same skills.

Do you know that a company that engages in SIWES/IT may want to consider you for a permanent position in the future (after your graduation)? This may happen only if they have a good record of you.

Imagine returning back to the company for a position with hundreds of other applicants. They will want to give you priority as a former SIWES/IT staff. However, records never lie.

This is why you should commit to your responsibilities during this period. Nature has her cunning ways to pay you back in the same measure.

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Seeking placement for IT/SIWES shouldn't be that challenging. All you need to commit to the heart is that it doesn't matter how big or small the company is, the relevance to your discipline and knowledge acquisition potential is the priority 

Students should be sure they commit to the training while with the organizations and achieve a great wealth of experiences that may not only be needed to secure academic marks, and work with similar organizations in the future but also give them the courage and edge in starting and running such ventures.

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  1. Is there complications if IT or SIWES is done not inline with disciplinary area

    1. Usually NO. However, the best and most welcome places, by the supervisor (in the case of SIWES) is in line with your discipline.

  2. Please I am a business administration student and I want to do siwes , please where can I do it in Ibadan

    1. Check the list above. You should also follow the ideas in the post above to locate the right firm.

    2. Goodday
      I'm a sociology student where is preferable to do my IT

    3. Marketing company, news house, law firms, human resources companies etc

  3. Am a statistics student is it helpful to my discipline to apply for Siwes under INEC

  4. Please, I'm an Economics student, is it appropriate for me to apply for SIWES at a bank?

  5. I'm a finance student can I apply for SIWES at a company that deals with phones and accessories

    1. It's not related to your discipline though. However, if you think you will love to explore phones and accessories business and secure experiences that will set you on track for the same business or similar one, you can take it.

  6. I'm a mathematics student and very passionate about Statistic, Data Analytics. Please, in which organization can I do SIWES in Lagos, Nigeria

    1. I don't know companies by their names that, I can recommended for you. Going through the post above should give you an insight into where to turn for your SIWES. Insurance companies and financial houses can be right choices though.

  7. am a computer science student can i do my it in NNPC

    1. Yes, you can. This instance has already been covered in the post above. Read!

  8. I am a civil engineering students can I do my siwes in a welding firm

    1. I think that should be right. Welding has a long term relationship with welding and that can help you with independent skills as well.

  9. Please I am an international relations student where can I do my IT

    1. Following the tips above, you should have some ideas by now

  10. Please am a business administration student , secretarial studies to be presidly and I want to do my siwes can I work at a media house or computer training ?

  11. I’m a mass communication student and I want to learn handwork hope it’s doesn’t affect

  12. I'm a civil engineering student,sir most companies that i apply to work with never accept IT Students and those that accept refuse to give any token to enable me in my daily activities like transport and others..and i love my field which is highway construction.what shall i do now?

    1. If the practical knowledge is more important, which should be, to you, consider the offer and provide for the transport fare by yourself. Your parents should still help the same way they've been helping.

  13. Plssss am a business administration students can I work in a computer training

  14. Allahu yah lateef24 August 2022 at 01:11

    Hi sir am a Mass communication student were can I do my siwes

    1. Your studies, so far, should have given you ideas of where you can do IT/SWIES as a Mass Communication student. You can work at publishing houses, news houses, marketing company, public relation firms etc.

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    1. Irrespective of the course, you classes and the post above should give you idea of the right companies and businesses you can work with for your SIWES/IT

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  19. I started my 4months SIWES but latter discover the distance and the transportation expenses are not affordable in two weeks i want to quit the and look for another company. What are the adverse implications most especially when my employer is not okay with my decision.

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