After I Complete IJMB, JUPEB, (A'Level), What Next? -

After I Complete IJMB, JUPEB, (A'Level), What Next?

A'level programmes are getting popular very lately. Candidates are taking that medium to jump the hurdle being raised by JAMB. And with it, they can skip the 100 level in universities entirely and at the end of the 9-month programme, they make it to the 200.

So, when you do any of the A'level programmes, IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB Advanced, Cambridge Advanced level and other related courses, what will be the next steps.

Once completed or during the period of the course, what is expected of an A'level student?

In this post, I will be detailing what the next course of action, steps or activities will be if you pick up any A'level program, and after the course.

Most A'level Students Will Obtain the Direct Entry Form During the Course

Although it's expected of an IJMB or JUPEB student to obtain the JAMB direct entry form right after he must have seen his final result and known his total point. Yet, very many candidates will prefer obtaining the DE form during the programmes or towards the end, depending on when the very year JAMB DE form is out.

They know if they have to wait, the DE form might officially be closed which will force them to wait another year.

However, a Cambridge, IJMB or JUPEB student who decides to obtain DE form, during the programme or before the final result, will be allowed to use awaiting results (AR) during the registration at CBT centres or JAMB office.

And luckily, generally, all universities are accepting awaiting results for DE applicants just like the UTME applicants. However, the concerned candidates must return to the nearest CBT centre, as soon as their results are out, to upload them to the JAMB portal before they can expect any admission.

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With A'level Results Available, Obtain DE Form

Generally, it's expected of all A'level holders to consider obtaining DE forms when their results are available.

In other words, if you've not used awaiting results, you should obtain the DE form of the year that follows the release of the result.

Luckily enough, A'level results, just like the O'level results don't expire. You can use the same result (point) to obtain the next DE and if that doesn't secure your admission, obtain the DE after and the one after that and so on.

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NABTEB Advanced Level is No Longer Accepted for Direct Entry

Starting from the 2022 admission year JAMB and universities discontinued accepting NABTEB A'level for direct entry admissions.

As a result, if you have an existing NABTEB A'level result, you can, of course, use it for any other purpose such as jobs. And those who are about to obtain the form or run the programme should be aware of this as well.

NABTEB A'level is usually accepted for technical and engineering jobs e.g. Nigeria breweries (from personal experience). To them, the certificate is equivalent to the National Diploma (ND) obtainable at polytechnics and colleges of technology.

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After Obtaining Direct Entry, Do Post DE

Just as some UTME applicants will be subjected to the after-UTME entrance test, popularly called post-UTME, some universities will equally test their DE applicants using the same means.

For example, the Federal University of Technology, the University of Ilorin and a few others will (to date) subject their DE applicants to post-DE tests.

And for a majority of these universities, applicants are only expected to fill out the application forms online without being invited to any exams. The method varies among those universities conducting post-UTME and those that are not conducting exams.

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Send Your A'level Results/Transcripts to the Proposed Universities

Apart from uploading your IJMB, JUPEB or Cambridge result to the JAMB portal, as earlier noted, DE applicants must, in most cases, send their results/transcripts to their proposed universities.

Some of these universities may be loud about that by instructing applicants, through their post-DE adverts, to request their exam bodies to send their transcripts to the proposed universities.

Some universities, however, may be silent about this. This doesn't mean you're not required to send the transcripts to them. You should do that notwithstanding. It will help you!

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Expect Admission and If Offered, Do Other Necessaries

Having done all things right with your JAMB and post-DE, you should be on the lookout for admissions.

There is a need to be the following and checking admission directly on the school and JAMB portal.

If offered, congratulations!

You will now need to accept that on the JAMB portal, so also on the school portal. Print your JAMB and school admission letters. After which you must make the acceptance payment.

You also need to prepare to go to school and do the freshers' documentation and registrations.

Wishing you luck.

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