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JAMB Give Reasons Why Data Can't Be Changed

JAMB registrar
In response to the frustration expressed by users like yourself about the unchangeable nature of certain details on JAMB profiles, JAMB has provided some insights into the reasoning behind this decision. The board highlighted that this measure was implemented to counter various shenanigans, including exam malpractice, desperate attempts for admission, and schemes to beat the system.

JAMB's argument against the changeability of information revolves around the idea that allowing alterations could lead to impersonation. JAMB related this, for example in the case of names.
Imagine someone like "Tolu" today and magically transforming into "Mercy" the next year – it's like a plot twist in a movie, but apparently not the kind JAMB is willing to entertain.
While it might seem a bit rigid, JAMB emphasizes the importance of maintaining consistency and preventing individuals from whimsically changing their identities. This, they believe, helps in upholding the integrity of the entire examination and admission process. With this information, it's evident that JAMB's stance aims to create a level playing field for all candidates and to ensure that the system isn't manipulated for unfair advantages. So, if you find yourself stuck with a name you're not vibing with, it looks like you'll have to embrace it for the duration of your JAMB journey. Tough luck for the aspiring undercover agents planning to switch identities!

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