After Change of Institutions/Courses, What Next? -

After Change of Institutions/Courses, What Next?

After successfully changing your institution or course at a CBT center or JAMB office, ensure the changes are reflected on both JAMB and school portals, register for the post-UTME if you haven't, and then wait for the results and admission lists to confirm and accept any offer of admission.

You've just completed your change of institution/course registration at a CBT center or JAMB office. Now, you want to know what's next?

What should you do after you have effected JAMB change of course or institution?

In the post below, I will be guiding you on generally important steps to take and stages you should expect after a successful change of institutions/courses.

1. Check If the Changes had Reflected

Though very uncommon, we have received complaints from a few candidates that after completing their change of institutions and courses, the changes didn't show or reflect on their JAMB portal and school portal.

Under normal circumstances, the changes should reflect on both the school and JAMB portal before we can call it successful.

Accordingly, let's see how to check for the reflection of changes.

Check the Changes on the JAMB Portal

  1. Visit the JAMB e-facility and log in. If you'd not linked your email to the e-facility, do that first.
  2. After logging in, click on "Check Admission Status"
  3. On the next page, click on "Access my CAPS". If you can't see your CAPS details or it's blank, read this, "JAMB Profile/CAPS is Blank with "Welcome", Solutions!".
  4. Getting to your CAPS, click on "My Choices". Here, you will be taken to the page that displays all your new choices after the changes.
  5. If it doesn't reflect, click on the "Refresh" link. That may update the changes. Otherwise, return to the registration center to lodge the complaint.

Check the Changes on the School Portal

Most candidates won't have issues with the reflection of the changes on the JAMB portal. But on the school portal, there may be issues or confusion.

To know if your changes had reflected on the school portal, try the following:

  1. Visit the school admission, post UTME, or screening portal and attempt to start your registration.
  2. Here, you may need to log in with your JAMB registration number e.g OAU, UNILAG, ABU, UI, FUNAAB, FUTA, FUOYE, etc before the form will open for you.
  3. If it opens the form for you, it simply means it has reflected on the school portal. Otherwise, it hasn't and you would need to check back, from time to time, to see if and when things change. 

Here is a list of available options or what to do if the changes don't reflect on the school portal within a reasonable waiting period.

However, for some institutions, you don't need to wait for any reflect

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2. Register Your Post UTME If You've Not

Before some candidates do the changes, they'd already completed their post UTME registrations. Here, such candidates obtain the Post UTME/screening forms of those universities even though they didn't consider those schools during the UTME registration.

Then, after the post UTME or the registration, they then visited the nearest JAMB office or CBT center to change permanently to the new schools and courses.

This is possible for some institutions e.g AAUA, UNIOSUN, EKSU, EKSU Ila Campus, EKSU Oyo Campus, Federal College of Education Oyo, Adeyemi College of Education, Federal Polytechnic Ede, Federal Polytechnic Offa, etc.

You can obtain their post UTME/screening forms before you go and effect the change of institutions and courses.

If you'd done their post-UTME registrations before going for the changes, this section doesn't affect you.

However, for those that did the changes first, the next and obvious step after making the changes on the JAMB portal is to register the post-UTME or participate in the online or physical screening.

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3. Wait for the Results and Admission Lists

After the change of institutions is the registration of the post and followed by the results and lists.

To this level, there are two possibilities. You may be offered admission or you may not be lucky with the institution you changed to.

If you're offered admission, you'll have to confirm it, both on the school and JAMB portal.

After this, you have to accept, and pay the acceptance fee on the school portal before you proceed to the school for freshers' documentation and screening.

If you're out of luck with the released admission lists - 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, it's high time you changed to another institution whose form may still be on sale.

You have a three-time chance to change your schools and/courses. You've just used one chance. You can use the second and third if the situation calls for that.

If you resolve to change to another school, you'll follow the same steps as detailed, from the start to the end, in this post.

Wishing you luck!

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  1. Is it possible to change course immediately after UI post utme? If possible will it reflect in both the UI and jamb portals? Especially, in college of medicine. Thanks for response.

    1. If the change of course is made immediately, it will reflect on both portals. However, if delayed, the university may not update the database any longer. Note also that this is a system that can change any time. Hence, JAMB and the university may change this system any time. There are a lot of things that worked last year, which may not this year. But from the experience, it worked fine for various universities if you make the changes immediately after the post UTME result or screening score is out.

  2. Does BSUM updates their database before post utme?

  3. Can I study biochemistry at uniport with 186 as jamb score?

  4. I did a change of course from Nursing to medical laboratory in aau but it hasn't reflected in my kofa for weeks now... The first choice is blank in my kofa... Should I go ahead with the screening Registration?

    1. If the portal allows that, go ahead. It will reflect when JAMB sends your details. Otherwise, you have to wait until it reflects.

  5. I did change of institution and course in AAU since last week from nursing to med lab and it has not still reflected what should I do

    1. It will reflect before the closing date. Otherwise, the school will extend the closing date.

  6. Pls after change of institution to tasued what is the next thing I will do

  7. Please sir is it possible to change institution after post Utme?

  8. I did post Utme last year 2021 but the school didn't give me admission so i want to ask of it's possible to change institution?


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