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After The Changing Of Institutions and Courses, What Next?

Hold on after the Changes until the Post UTME form out
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I’ve actually dropped a few posts on changing of institutions and courses in the past few days. Perhaps because this is the changing time. Every candidate wants to get set for the admissions after the results are finally and fully released. Some messed up big time with disappointing scores. Yet, some got higher than they ever imagined. Hence, they want to consider changing from their previous institutions to the new ones.

Checking one or more of my recent posts may save you from wasting a year or so. See them below.
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The very purpose of this post is to answer the question, “after the changing of institutions and courses, what next?

Here is how one of my students asked it “what should we do now that we have completed the change of institutions and courses Sir”.

Fine, every student seeking admission should ask the same question and it’s what I’m here to answer. Let’s go for it.

Hold on After the Changes Until the Post UTME forms Are Out

The best advice you can get is to hold until your newly chosen institutions are selling their post UTME forms. In other words, by now, you’ve got your result and done the change of institution, what should follow is the post UTME registration.

In fact, nothing in between!

But when is that going to be?

Well, this post will help. It answers that question as directly as possible. But here, let me add this...

As a matter of fact, experience has shown that very many schools will not start selling their post UTME forms until around late July or early August of the year. Hence, no rushing yet.

You need to be more focused here. I discussed this in my post, “Steps to Gain Admission into Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges (PART III)”. You need to focus at this level.

However, some schools will start selling their forms just as soon as JAMB announces the national cut off marks. In fact, some don’t wait that long. You can check the list of such institutions here to know if your chosen schools are among them.

How to Know When Your School Post UTME is Out.

So simple, follow the news.

But it’s still not that simple. That’s why I recommend you check this post for the guide on following news on post UTME and screening exercise.


  1. Is it possible to change course immediately after UI post utme? If possible will it reflect in both the UI and jamb portals? Especially, in college of medicine. Thanks for response.

    1. If the change of course is made immediately, it will reflect on both portals. However, if delayed, the university may not update the database any longer. Note also that this is a system that can change any time. Hence, JAMB and the university may change this system any time. There are a lot of things that worked last year, which may not this year. But from the experience, it worked fine for various universities if you make the changes immediately after the post UTME result or screening score is out.

  2. Does BSUM updates their database before post utme?

  3. Can I study biochemistry at uniport with 186 as jamb score?

  4. I did a change of course from Nursing to medical laboratory in aau but it hasn't reflected in my kofa for weeks now... The first choice is blank in my kofa... Should I go ahead with the screening Registration?

    1. If the portal allows that, go ahead. It will reflect when JAMB sends your details. Otherwise, you have to wait until it reflects.


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