How Does LASU Offer Its Admission to Aspirants? -

How Does LASU Offer Its Admission to Aspirants?

You may want to know how LASU does admit students before choosing the university or changing to it. And if you've waited more than enough for your name to be out, on the admission list, you may be concerned about how the university is even releasing names.

Ready to uncover the mystery behind how Lagos State University (LASU) offers its coveted admission to aspiring students? Buckle up and get ready for the inside scoop on how LASU rolls out the admission carpet!

LASU Admits Based on Merit

First things first, you need to know that LASU takes merit seriously! 🌟 They value academic excellence and are on the lookout for bright minds who can rise to the challenge of their top-notch institution. So, if you want to secure your spot at LASU, it's time to bring out the academic warrior within you!

But wait, how does LASU determine who makes the cut? It's all about the departmental aggregate score/point! 😎 This magical number is calculated using a powerful blend of your JAMB UTME score and your grades in the five SSCE (WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB) subjects related to the course you propose to study.

Meeting or beating the aggregate point concluded by your department gives you space on the merit list.

LASU Admits More Lagos Indigenes and Catchment Areas

But hey, there's more to it! LASU isn't just about academics; they also cherish their roots and give a little extra love to those from specific catchment areas. 🏠 

If you're a proud Lagos indigene, congrats! You're at the front of the line for admission consideration. And let's not forget our neighboring states, such as Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ekiti, and Ondo – they're also on the radar for some extra admission affection.

LASU Admits More Science Applicants Than Art and Management Students

Now, let's talk about the magic ratio that shapes LASU's admission landscape. 🔮 Picture this: 60% science courses and 40% art and commercial courses. That's how they divide the pie! So, if you're a science aspirant, you're in luck! LASU is more than happy to welcome you with open arms into their scientific realm.

And don't fret, you artistic souls and business-minded geniuses; there's plenty of room for you too!

LASU Can Transfer You To Another Course

But hold on, folks! There's a little twist in this tale. LASU knows that sometimes, our academic paths might take unexpected turns. 🔄 So, if you had your heart set on a particular department but missed the mark on the aggregate score, don't lose hope just yet! LASU has your back. They're all about second chances and making sure you find the perfect fit.

Here's how it goes: if you don't meet the requirements for your intended department, LASU may decide to transfer you to another course where you can thrive and excel. It's like a surprise adventure – new opportunities await! 🎉 Just keep an eye on your JAMB portal for that magical "Transfer approval" notification, and who knows, it might lead you to a whole new world of possibilities.


So, to sum it all up, LASU's admission journey is a two-part extravaganza! 🎭 Part one is about merit, baby! Beat or meet those departmental scores, and you're on your way to LASU greatness. Part two, the catchment area charm, ensures that Lagos indigenes and some neighboring states get a little extra love in the admission game.

And hey, science lovers, you'll find a home with 60% science courses, while our artsy and commercial enthusiasts fill up the other 40%. Remember, diversity is the spice of life at LASU, and they embrace all kinds of talents!

But if life takes a detour, fear not! LASU has your back and might guide you toward another course where you'll shine brighter than ever before.

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