NO ADMISSION YET? Why O’level Result is Reason for Delay -

NO ADMISSION YET? Why O’level Result is Reason for Delay

Some CBT Centres Did Not Upload Your Results
What you’re about to read is real. It’s a quick guide to help you with the ongoing admission exercise.

If you’re wondering why you’ve not been offered admission by JAMB on its CAPS, you will need to read this post and understand. I will not say anything here out of reference. I always have statistics, experiences, and evidence for my guides. Here is one such.

In my recent post, “What Happens if CAPS shows “Not Admitted”? Is All Hope Lost?”, I stated that if your JAMB CAPS message or status is still “NOT ADMITTED”, the reason could be because you used awaiting results during your JAMB UTME registration. I also gave four other reasons why that could happen to you. You can go back to the post for full details.

Even in my post, "Is Re-uploading of O’level Results to JAMB Portal for Everyone?", the conclusion in that long piece is NO. There, I emphasized that only the candidates awaiting results were concerned.

But I have a piece of quick information for all admission seekers.


Do You Merit the Admission at all, Before Expecting it? 

Note that before you can be baffled by the NOT ADMITTED status on CAPS, you must be sure you merit admission to your proposed school and course. In other words, if your school has released its admission list on JAMB CAPS but your status is still NOT ADMITTED, yet you’re sure you must be on the merit list - then what could have happened?

Note that before you can be sure you’re supposed to be on the merit list,

  1. you must have met up with or beat the departmental cut-off mark of your school, Read, Differences in JAMB, School and Post UTME Cut-Off Marks.
  2. your school must have released her admission list to be sure you're not mistaken
  3. you must have seen admitted candidates offered admission who got the same score or less than yours for the same course or faculty.

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If after the conditions above you’re still NOT ADMITTED, then the reason could be that “YOU HAVE NOT UPLOADED YOUR O’LEVEL or A'LEVEL RESULTS to the JAMB portal.

Yes, I understand! 

You registered your UTME with your O’level result submitted at the CBT center. You’re very confident that you didn’t use awaiting results during your UTME/DE registration. So why is the uploading of SSCE/A'level result in the problem?

Well, I have bad news for those of you who had uploaded SSCE results during your registrations but they are still not admitted after their schools had released the lists and despite beating the departmental cut-off marks.

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Some CBT Centers Did Not Upload Your Results 
See, I know this will sound strange but I must warn you, that some CBT centers failed to upload your results during the registration due to some issues they faced while registering. Among the obvious issues that forced them to skip uploading of results or that made the uploading fail are:

  1. Overpopulation of candidates to attend to in a day
  2. Network or internet issues during the registration
  3. The nonchalance of some CBT personnel
  4. Possible omission by a CBT center

Ok, you still don’t believe me?

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Two Case Studies of Candidates that Re-Uploaded Later and I got Admitted Immediately 

A couple last years ago, two young admission seekers visited me. They have also got SMS updates that they should upload their results. These girls knew they went for UTME registration with their SSCE results but one of them saw the attendant marking AR (awaiting results) for them during the filling.

They came for my advice. We checked if their results were uploaded. Unfortunately, no! I told them to visit another CBT center (not the one they used for the UTME registration) and re-upload. When they got there, needless to say, the other CBT center finally uploaded their results.

Three days later, the admission status on CAPS changed to “Admission in Process

Do you see that?

Another case was a guy who argued endlessly with me that his O’level results were uploaded during the registration. I advised him to sacrifice the re-uploading. He, in the end, agreed and returned to re-upload.

About 5 days later, he returned to thank me that his status had changed to ADMITTED and he had accepted the offer.

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I know things are not working perfectly well in this country – at least not yet. I can’t understand why CBT centres that were accredited and paid to help are still causing issues.

But we can save ourselves from a-year delay as JAMB is not ready to admit any student without 5 SSCE results/grades needed for his or her proposed course.

The summary of this post is this.

If you know:

  1. you have uploaded O’level results during UTME registration or returned to upload awaiting results,
  2. your school has released a merit admission list or another,
  3. you beat or meet the departmental cut-off marks,
  4. but yet, NOT ADMITTED

You will need to confirm first if the result was uploaded and if not, go to any CBT center and re-upload the result for your own sake.

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  1. Please, after my school of choice (UNIBEN) released its 1st batch admission list, and I heard some people have gotten admission, my admission status on Jamb caps still showed not admitted but then I realized that I had not uploaded my O level results to caps, and so I did so (i uploaded it a week after they released 1st batch admission list). But it has been like 5 days since I uploaded the results and jamb caps still shows me "no admission" and though UNIBEN did not release the departmental cut off marks, I'm very sure that I got above it because my aggregate post utme score was high. What should I do, please help me.

    1. Give it a few days more. If you truly merit the admission and your name is among the admitted candidates JAMB will release your status. You can as well contact JAMB on it following the guide in the post with the link below.

    2. I have the exact same problem with him, but i uploaded the same day admission list came out for unilag,and it has been a week since then, my caps still shows not admitted.

    3. Be patient, if another list will be out.

  2. Please sir
    The person that registered my jamb for me gave me a gmail using my name and year;hevl told me to open it when I get home
    I found out later that the character of the gmail is over 31 characters I can't open it and I don't know the password of the my portal
    How can I get it I tried to SMS the 55019 code but it the work
    What do I do sir?
    I need to login to my portal sir and print my addmission letter

    1. Visit the nearest JAMB office to lodge this complaint. They will help.

    2. Send your new email address to that 55019,like this
      Email [email protected]

  3. I also make the same thing I was admitted by basug merit list and after a month I note have not been admitted still shows on my cap, buh I re upload my result on Friday, when I got there I realized they didn't opload it before buh still waiting, or should I make a move to jamb office..

    1. If you have truly recently upload or reupload your O'level results but it did not reflect, you can click on the refresh button on the page. A few minuets or hours later, it will reflect.

      if it doesn't, you can send a complaint message to JAMB.

      If that doesn't help again, you can then go to the nearest JAMB office.

  4. Sir,will there still be an extension for 2020/2021 admission

    1. There is already. Though not yet made public. A few schools are still selling forms e.g EKSU, AAUA, OSCOTECH Esa Oke etc

  5. my school has offer me admission but my jamb caps not admitted and my olevel result is showing

    1. JAMB will give you too. Read the post below.

  6. My school has given me admission and even sent message for me to accept my admission on jamb caps since March 1st
    Bur I've been checking and seeing not admitted
    Later I found out that my o'level results has not been uploaded
    So I've gone to upload it but it's still showing not admitted
    For how long will I wait cause I'm getting worried

    1. kindly check the O'level again and be sure it's there now. If it's there, and all things being equal, you will be given admission by JAMB too, sooner or later. Nothing to worry about.

  7. Sir, I have been offered admission by the school I applied for but have not uploaded my o-level result because I have two different results which I wish to upload but one is older than my admission and the other is newer, will it affect my admission

    1. After being offered admission, there is no need to worry about uploading results again. Read the post below.

  8. Sir school send I should upload my olevel results and I have done it twice but haven't reflect, while jamb hasn't given me admission what should I do sir.

  9. Sir my school has started giving admission, I just realized and uploaded my o level it showing on my portal since yesterday but nothing like admission in progress yet and not admitted but I merit the cut mark, will jamb still give me admission even if school should give me, will jamb still give me admission

  10. Sir is it true that clicking on the accept admission when your admission status is not admitted automatically stops you from getting admission in your choice of study

  11. did I get jamb admission

  12. In my own case & to my own understanding, I did every process well but I still got this message (Not yet recommended for admission) what should I do.

  13. Please my o level is showing in my jamb caps do I still need to upload it


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