If I Defer/Revalidate, Will NYSC Change State of Deployment? - School Contents

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If I Defer/Revalidate, Will NYSC Change State of Deployment?

I've convinced you that you could defer your NYSC camping and service till, usually, the next stream/batch. Everything, said in that post, is still working to date.

Deferring NYSC will call for revalidation, which most recently, is done automatically. By "automatically" I meant to say you don't have to do anything about your registration when you're ready to go. No new fingerprint capturing, no new filing of the form, no new anything.

All you will be required to do at that time is to reprint the green card and the call-up letter to reflect the updated NYSC call-up number and the writing of the new batch on the two documents.

Talking of printing of the new call-up letter, a few prospective corpers, who are considering deferring their NYSC camping and service, actually wants to do that to change their states of deployment.

Some corps members were posted to states they didn't want. And now that they're aware they can defer the camping and service, they want to know, upfront, if deferring and revalidation will force the corps to change their states of service.

In other words, does revalidation usually change the state already posted to?

In this post, I will be sharing my years of experience with you and what to expect with revalidation vis-Γ -vis changing the state of deployment.

NYSC Revalidation Doesn't Guarantee Change in the State of Deployment

When you wait till another batch, or for any other reasons, end up revalidating for NYSC camping and service, you can't be assured of a new state. 

From my experience, I've seen prospective corpers being revalidated but for the same states of deployment. They were posted to the same states posted to, even with other batches.

As earlier mentioned the only thing that will definitely change on your dashboard is your call-up letter title to the new batch (i.e Batch A will change to Batch B or B changes to  C).

However, this doesn't mean that the state can't change at all. As a cafe manager and education consultant, I've seen lots too when talking of NYSC, its registration, and situations about things.

Let me share an experience with you.

A Case Study of a Coper Whose State of Deployment Changed After Revalidation

One Lawyer Emeka finished from the University of Ibadan (UI) and was posted to Bayelsa after we completed NYSC registration and printed his call-up letter when mobilized.

As of this time, he had some cases at hand that he couldn't afford to let off for NYSC. Hence, he decided to defer the camping and service till he was done with the cases at hand.

By the following batch, he was revalidated and posted to Bayelsa again. Of course, he didn't care about the state. After all, that was not his intention to defer in the first place.

Unfortunately, he couldn't go with that batch also. It was a wedding plan this time. So he deferred again to another batch.

Emeka was, by the third batch, posted to Nasarawa instead of Bayelsa. He was so disappointed because he had earlier made an arrangement with a firm he wished to serve with at Bayelsa - believing the state of deployment wouldn't change.

This time, he gave in and went to Nasarawa.

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From the relations above, it's clear that even though the revalidation won't guarantee a change in the state of deployment, if the corps chooses, they can post you elsewhere.

If you're considering deferring because you plan to change the state with the revalidation, you should know that it may favor you and it may not. And if you can take your time to defer up to two or three times, you may fall into the same favor Lawyer Emeka.

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  1. Please I need help here... I mobilized with batch B but unfortunately I was posted to kaduna state and so I refused reporting to camp. Hoping to go with batch C and that's when I will be prepared to work my posting out of kaduna or get posted by NYSC to a new state during my revalidation. But I have been hearing something about NYSC not granting revalidation to those who deferred this 2022, not up until the next year of that same batch. Meaning, I will have to wait till next year batch B before I can revalidate. Pls I just want to confirm how true this is? Thank you.

    1. I don't have any official news update to support that rumor.

  2. For revaluation, will there be a new call up number?

  3. Will the state given be change after revaidation