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What Does "Refresh" Link on JAMB CAPS Mean?

After logging in to your JAMB CAPS, you have access to some links. Among these are the "My Choice" and "My O'level" links which, if clicked, will take you to pages displaying your schools of choice and the SSCE results filled, scanned, and uploaded to the JAMB portal respectively.

Moreso, on these two pages, you're going to see buttons/links named "Refresh".

Do you see that? Apparently Yes and that might be the reason for asking this question.

In this post I will be giving you the purpose of these "Refresh" links on your JAMB portal and whether you should make use of it or not.

On the "My Choices" Page, Refresh Will Reload the Latest Changes

If you get on the "My Choice" page, you won't need to use or click the refresh link if all your schools are already showing as chosen or changed.

And if everything appears as you want it or normal but you click on the Refresh, it won't change or do anything per se. 

The refresh button/link only becomes functional if, after making some changes to institutions/courses, you get to the "My choice" page but to still find that the old choices are showing instead of the new changes. In this case, you click on this link to reload your pages and display the most recent changes.

I called this the first and most urgent step to take if you change institutions/courses. In some cases, after you do changes at the CBT center, the old choices could still be showing on the JAMB portal if you don't come to this section and click the refresh link.

This means the changes don't reflect on the JAMB portal immediately, as expected. This, in its effect, won't let your newly selected school receive your changes at their own end.

And until you click the refresh link to display the new changes, you won't, in certain cases, register for their post-UTMEs/screenings, and consequently no admission offer.

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On the "My O'level" Page, Refresh Will Reload the Latest Changes

Similar to the changing courses/institutions, if you thought you uploaded your O'level results during the JAMB registration but on getting to this section it read, "no O'level results found", you have to click the refresh link to show the results.

Although if it wasn't originally uploaded, even after clicking the refresh button, no result would be displayed.

Similarly, those who have gone back to the CBT centers to upload or re-upload their results might still find the section black after the centers have truly uploaded it. Also, candidates who added second sittings or make one correction or the other in the O'level results, might still not find the changes here, after the addition or correction.

Needless to say, the refresh link will come in handy to show the new uploads, additions, or corrections most recently done.

If after clicking the link, the results didn't show, it simply meant, you had to redo the upload, correction, and addition.

In that case, you need to return to the same CBT center or any other to do it again. Before leaving, check if it has shown. If not, click the refresh button to activate that.

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  1. Sir, i accepted course transfer and the new course has changed on my admission status, but i refresh and it changed to old course but i can i do sir

  2. My choices is not showing any details at all.It is only my registration number that is there.
    Name and others is blank.Please what could be the problem Sir?


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