School of Nursing/Health Tech Exams: Objectives or Theories? -

School of Nursing/Health Tech Exams: Objectives or Theories?

After obtaining any school of nursing or college of health form, the next thing is the entrance exam. Hope you know that?

But while preparing for the exam, you're likely going to wonder if the questions will be theories or objectives.

You're not the only one in this confusion, counterparts who are seeking admissions to universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education equally want to know if their post-UTMEs will contain theoretical or objective questions.

As a refresher, theoretical questions involve writing to answer a set of questions. In other words,  students are required to use pens to answer questions in writing.

Objective questions simply require students to pick the correction options and a set of multiple-choice questions using pencils or computers. Here, questions are given with answers as options A-D or E. Among the options, you're to choose the correct ones.

But schools of Nursing and College of Health aspirants are still in dilemma as to which to prepare for - theoretical questions or objective ones.

In this post, I will be answering your question with any available references

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Schools of Nursing's Questions Are Usually Objectives

Most, if not all schools of nursing, usually conduct entrance exams before admitting their intakes. However, the nature of the questions is OBJECTIVES. 

In this case, as earlier explained, candidates are given questions, that usually are up to 50 but never beyond 100. Each question has 4 to 5 topics (usually names option A-D/E) with ONLY one correct. Among these options, you're to choose the correct one.

Similarly, when seeking admissions into colleges of health, you should prepare for entrance exams which are usually OBJECTIVES too.

From my years of experience, as an education consultant, I've not seen or read of any school of nursing or college of health setting theoretical questions for its aspirants.

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Objective Questions Allow Quicker Marking and Grading

You may be wondering why a school of nursing or college of health will prefer using objective questions instead of theoretical ones.

As you might have thought, setting objective questions will hasten the marking and grading as it won't take time to do, unlike if they should use theories.

For example, Osun State School of Nursing Asubiaro Osogbo may conduct two entrance exams for any admission seekers such that those who pass the first will be called for the second exam.

With theory-based questions, marking and grading won't be friendly, because the school of nursing is still using paper and pencil tests till the time of this writing.

If you get their past questions and answers, you will see that the questions are, generally, objectives.

Where are a school of nursing or college of health uses computer-based tests, marking and grading are very suitable for the computer to do. 

For example, Ogun State College of Nursing usually sets its questions on computers. Yet, it's the same as paper-and-pencil. The only difference is the mode of the exams but nature remains the same. Their past questions pack (in PDF) is also available to know the nature of their CBT questions and answers.

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