Is Marriage or Pregnancy Allowed for Nursing Schools/Health Tech? -

Is Marriage or Pregnancy Allowed for Nursing Schools/Health Tech?

One of my readers just dropped a question that I thought we all should benefit from. He wanted to know if pregnancies were usually allowed at Schools of Nursing or Schools of Health Technology.

In fact, the question had another part that intended to know if a student already in the school of Nursing or Health could get married while still in school. Or can we say if you gain admission this year, can you get married next year or before you write your final exams or do your project?

These were his questions.

Greetings Sir, pls I want to confirm this;(1) in have a sister who wants to enroll into offa college of health science for a nursing program and she is married and pregnant ...(2) the other one is already a student and she also wants to get married next year and there's a fear of pregnancy may likely come in after the wedding. PLS SIR IS ALL THIS ALLOW FOR THE STUDENT AND IT WON'T AFFECT HER PROGRAMME? THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATION.

This post will answer his questions and where possible, give you references to what you must know.

Pregnancy Before Being Admitted to Schools of Nursing

For years, it has been the norm for schools of Nursing to prohibit applicants or admitted candidates from being in the state of pregnancy.


This is why most (if not all) of these institutions will require students, on admission, to undergo pregnancy tests among other tests.

For example, in the advert message by the School of Nursing FCT, the management warned that pregnant candidates and candidates below the age of 17 (seventeen) years should not obtain the forms.

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Pregnancy During Nursing Programme is Now Allowed On Terms

With the explanation made earlier, generally (or nearly) all schools of Nursing won't accept a pregnant applicant into the programme. However, a student who got impregnated, while in 100, 200, or 300 level, will still be allowed to complete her programme under certain conditions.

According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria's circular with reference N&MCN/INSP/CIR/23/VOL.2/36, of its 27th general meeting, the board of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria reviewed the existing policy on pregnancy during training as follows:

Any student who is pregnant while in school shall continue her training provided she has not been absent from training for more than 28 days", any pregnant student who is absent from training for more than 28 days shall be demoted for a period of 6 months.

In other words, earlier before this review, all schools of Nursing across the nation would neither admit a pregnant applicant nor allow existing students to complete the course if impregnated. 

With this review, it's still not possible to be admitted with pregnancy but the student will be allowed to complete her programme (notwithstanding) based on the terms stated above. 

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Are Schools of Nursing Complying With This Review?

Unlike the case of using NABTEB results for Nursing admissions which very many schools are sluggish to adapt, there has been compliance with the review of nursing student pregnancy since the circular.

I was familiar with a case at the Obafemi Awolowo University. The poor student nurse got impregnated in the final year. She was allowed to go home and deliver and joined the next finalists.

Officially, Ahmadu Bello University School of Nursing updated in its advert that...

Any student who becomes pregnant during training is advised to continue her studies but could take leave to have her baby and thereafter resume studies. However, the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria’s rules on demotion to a lower class for twenty-one (21) days absenteeism is applicable.

Although this notice stated 21 days instead, what's important here is for you to know that with pregnancy, you should still be allowed to complete your course.

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Pregnancy Before Being Admitted or During the Programmes at a College of Health Technology

School of hygiene, college of health technology, or schools of Health Information Management will neither allow pregnancy before being admitted nor during the course of the studies.

Unlike the school of nursing that allows such during training, there is no particular stage during the training, at colleges of health, when you can be impregnated without being rusticated from the school.

Perhaps, a circular of any possible future reviews will make this possible. At the time of this writing, no college of health will admit or allow you to complete your course if impregnated.

With respect to this, the Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy, Trans-Ekeulu, Enugu State, has warned female students with pregnancies and those with babies to stay away from lecture rooms.

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In fact, below is the circular supporting the college's position on pregnancies.

On this note, some colleges will make it clear in their adverts that they won't allow pregnancies on entry or during the programmes.

UCH Ibadan School of Health clearly stated that:

  1. pregnancy is not allowed during training
  2. selected candidates will be required to undergo and pass a medical examination, first thing after admission - which will, of course, include a pregnancy test

Similarly, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital School of Infomation Management stated at item 4 of its application eligibility that "Pregnancy is prohibited during training".

Marriage/Wedding During Nursing or School of Health Technology Programmes

With all the resources above, it's very clear that you will face certain challenges during your training if impregnated before or while in school. 

However, there is NO place where it's established that you can't wed or marry before or during your time at a School of Nursing or the College of Health Technology.

However, it's possible for an advert to state that only singles are allowed to obtain forms (especially for basic/general nursing forms). And where this is stated, it is not a law, but rather a precaution to guide against being impregnated during the programme.

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No Colleges of Health Allows Pregnancies But Allow Marriage

For the colleges of Health and Information Technology in Nigeria, there is an obvious ban on pregnancy while undergoing your studies. You can't be pregnant at the point of admission or when your programme is running. 

However, you're allowed to obtain their admission forms even if you're married before admission or when you're running your course. A student of the college of health, whether married before being admitted or during the programme is forbidden from being impregnated.

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All in all, you can be married or single while seeking admission into any school of nursing or college of Health. You can as well choose to get hooked at any stage of your studies. All you must avoid, for the Colleges of Health, is pregnancy. You should also avoid it for the school of nursing unless you're ready to be repeated.

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  1. In reference to this post, what of a medial surgeon,is someone studying medcine and surgery alllowed to get pregnant while in school ?

    1. The available data here is for the school of Nursing. The prohibition of pregnancy is due to the nature of the course, the exposure to shocks, diseases etc.. Hence, undergraduate Nursing and Medicine students may generally be prohibited from pregnancies before being admitted or while in universities.

  2. Is it advisable for a university graduate to go back to school of nursing

    1. Nothing is wrong with that if you have the time and the resources. If you don't go back, is your present qualification promising?

  3. Plz Sir which of the school in Lagos State accept marriage people

  4. am a university graduate that has served before..will I stil need to serve after school of nursing?

    1. Read the post below.

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  6. Thanks for this post


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