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Schools of Nursing/Health Tech Accepting D7, E8, F9 in Maths, English, etc?

Schools of Nursing Are Not Accepting Pass in the Required Subjects
The title of this post should have been: Are schools of Nursing and Colleges of Health accepting pass (D7 or E8) in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. But, because some of you really want to be specific on the subject of your concern, there is a need to break things down. 

Hence, we need to talk specifically on whether schools of Nursing and colleges of health will accept any of D7, E8, and F9 for any of the five core subjects required for their admssions.

A student had asked me if E8 is accepted in the nursing training? Another asked, could I give her the list of schools of nursing that accept d7 or F9 in Mathematics. Hence, I saw more than that. I saw that there should be a few others whose deficiencies are in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

This post will clear your doubt on the possibility of gaining admission, to schools of nursing or colleges of health, with a deficiency in any of the listed subjects. I will be quick to answer this question. Yet, you must read to the end of this post for more important guides.

Schools of Nursing and Colleges of Health Are Not Accepting Ordinary Passes or F9 in the Required Subjects

Generally, before you can be admitted into the Basic or General Nursing programme, you must possess at least 5 credit passes in not more than two sittings in certain required subjects. Similarly, almost (if not all) college of health courses require at least 5 credit passes in the core subjects. The required subjects for Nursing are:

  1. English,
  2. Mathematics,
  3. Biology,
  4. Chemistry, and 
  5. Physics

The credit passes can come from any of WAEC, NECO, GCE, and NABTEB. Although some of these schools of Nursing are not accepting NABTEB to date. This may change with time, anyway.

Now, can any of the available schools of nursing in Nigeria waive any of these subjects?

The answer is NO.

In fact, no school of nursing to date, be it private, state, or federal will accept a D7 or E8 pass or F9 in English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Maths.

Grades Required For Schools of Nursing and Colleges of Health

As earlier mentioned, there were five subjects needed. Your Civic Education, Bookkeeping, Computer Studies, Animal Husbandry, Marketing, Bleech & Dyeing, etc are irrelevant to Nursing as a programme and list of courses at schools/colleges of health.

These colleges of nursing (health) will accept A1, B2, B3, C4, C5, or C6 in any of the five listed subjects. There is no preference for a particular grade. That is, they don't usually state that As or Bs will be given priority over Cs. However, these schools may be choosy if the competition is high among the candidates. In which case, better grades may be deciding factors for admission.

Moreover, apart from the required grades, candidates could be invited to take part in entrance exams to weed out some candidates. After which the shortlisted candidates will be subjected to physical interviews.

Therefore, having the right or better SSEC subjects and grades may not be enough if you don't do well in the exams and interviews.


This post will be updated as soon as I have any schools of nursing (hygiene/health) accepting ordinary pass - be it D7, E8, or F9 in subjects required for admission. If you'll love to follow that up, kindly bookmark this page and revisit. You can also subscribe to this blog for updates and similar posts.

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  1. What are the requirements for nurse assistant clinical in nursing training college in Ghana and what college do they accept E8, and what college of nursing training college offer certificate in nurse assistant clinical in Ghana thank.

    1. I don't have this information now. If I do later, I will update this post.

  2. Pls I had D7 in management in living can I appel for midwifery

    1. Your question was not clear. Explain better.

    2. I had D7 in science can I apply for general nursing

    3. No.

      Read the post below.

  3. Please I had c4 in maths C6 in English B3 in biology food and nutrition B3 Textiles c4 science D7 and menegement and living D7 can I get admission in deploma in nursing

  4. Please I had
    Mathematics A1
    English E8
    Science B3
    Social studies C5
    Economics B3
    Geography C4
    History B3
    Twi C6
    Please can I apply for general nursing

    1. Please I have
      Mathematic D7
      Socail studie D7
      English E8
      Science D7
      Geography c6
      Government B2
      Twi c4
      Economics b2
      Please can i offer health assistance

    2. For any health courses, you need Eng, Maths, Phy, Bio & Chem.

  5. I have English E8 chemistry cancelled
    What course should I go for in college of health technology otuogidi Bayelsa

    1. Chemistry with at least C6 is compulsory for their courses.

  6. What of combination of neco with waec gce will any school of nursing or any health tech accept that combo

    1. Usually YES. But if NABTEB, it must be NABTEB plus NABTEB.

  7. My brother got f9 in one of his core subject can he apply for any Heath Assistance school

  8. I had mathsD7
    Science E8
    Social B2
    English C6
    GKA A1
    History A1
    Government B3
    CRS B2
    Can i apply for community nursing

  9. When are we sitting for the entrance exam???

    1. You have to be visiting your school's portal for regular updates.

  10. Please can I get into the nursing school with this score I have
    Mathematics C6
    English C5
    Chemistry C5
    Physics B3 and
    Biology F9


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