Exam Date For Schools of Nursing/Health Tech?

Hey, when is the School of Health/Nursing exam happening? After applying to a few nursing schools and health colleges, you might be wondering when the exam will be.

Usually, the exam dates are mentioned on the registration slips you receive, but some schools, like Osun State College of Health Ilesa, announce the date later.

So, how can you find out the date in advance? How will they let you know so you don't miss it?

Well, don't worry! In this post, I've got your back. I'll share some ideas, based on my experience, on how to follow up with your school of nursing or college of health to find out when the exam will take place.

Have You Checked Your Application Printout For the Exam Date?

First things first, have you checked your application printout for the exam date? I ask because I've noticed that some students finish their registration at cafes, grab their printouts, and head straight home without even looking at the information on the slips. They don't ask the café attendant about the exam date or if there will be one at all.

If you haven't done so already, please pick up your registration printout. You might find the dates already mentioned on it. 

Schools like Oyo State College of Health Eleyele usually include the exam dates on the printouts.

1. Check the Advert For the Exam Date

Another thing you can do is check the advertisement for the exam date. Some schools might mention it in the ads they publish to sell their admission forms. Maybe you missed the announcement because you didn't pay close attention or read the details.

Go back to the school portal and check other platforms where the advertisement has been placed, like reputable blogs. Take the time to read through the ads and see if you can find the date there. You might be surprised to discover that you missed it even before picking up the form. 

For example, UNILORIN Teaching Hospital School of Nursing, Ogun State College of Nursing, and Oyo State College of Nursing Eleyele usually include the exam dates in their advertisements, unless you overlooked it from the beginning.

2. Check the School Portal For News Update

If you can't find the exam date in the ads, don't worry. The school portal is the best place to get updates. Visit it from time to time, especially if you couldn't find the date in the ads.

Most schools will update their news bulletin section or news flash a few weeks or days before the entrance exam, along with other relevant information.

Try to find the official website of your school. Usually, their website addresses end with .edu.ng. I mention this so you don't confuse blog posts with your school's official announcements. You can't trust all those blogs out there; some of them don't fact-check before posting, and others may even spread false information. 

By regularly checking the school news section on their official website, you won't miss out on something as important as the exam date.

Look Out For SMS and/or Email Notice

Also, keep an eye out for SMS or email notices. Some schools simply send updates about the entrance exam dates and times via SMS or email. So, expect to receive a message from the school through the email and phone number you used for the application. 

As long as your SIM card and email are active, you won't miss out if your school uses this communication method.


 It's not mandatory for nursing schools or health colleges to announce their entrance exams in the ads, on the registration slips, on the school portal, or through email or SMS. However, they will use at least one of these channels.

It's your responsibility as an applicant to keep an eye on the right channel. Since the date will be announced for sure, you won't have any excuse if you miss it.

Familiarize yourself with all these communication channels, and I assure you won't miss your entrance exam date.

Good luck!

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