Can I Do Direct Entry With NID/NVC - IEI Certificate? -
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Can I Do Direct Entry With NID/NVC - IEI Certificate?

IEIs are Innovation Enterprise Institutions
. You will first become familiar with these higher institutions of learning perhaps when seeking admission through the JAMB UTME. During the registration, one of the categories of schools you have to choose from is IEI, apart from the commonly known universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

Some students have intentionally chosen that and gained admission to them. Some were eventually offered admission to one of these IEIs even without choosing them in JAMB. In either case, since they are approved and recognized higher institutions and promise qualitative education in courses with great prospects, it's an institution you want to attend especially where university, polytechnic or college won't be appealing.

After completing a two-year program at any Innovation Enterprise Institution (IEI), you may want to consider furthering your studies. One of the avenues is to continue to Higher National Diploma (HND) level, or you may want to consider direct entry admission to gain admission into a university instead.

The question is, will it be possible to process the DE admission with NID, which is the certificate you're awarded from the IEI? This question and related concerns will be addressed in this post.

You Can't Use NID (IEI-Issued Certificates) For Direct Entry Application

Of course, logically since NID is equivalent to OND, it should qualify you for direct entry admission. But unfortunately, that's not the case according to the admission policy.

The National Innovation Diploma (NID) is the certification awarded by these institutions, approved by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). This is equivalent to the National Vocational Certificate (NVC).

Contrary to what you might have been told or read about using these certificates to process DE admission, NID is not acceptable by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in processing Direct Entry admission to any school or course whatsoever.

JAMB Confirms It's Not Accepting NID/NVC For DE Admission

In an interaction between JAMB and a concerned father, the board was straightforward about its stance on not accepting NID for admission to universities for further studies.

The father of one affected candidate narrated his daughter's ordeal.

Good day, My daughter went to the JAMB office in Lagos in respect of her Direct Entry Admission. She was told that her school, PEFTI Film Institute (An IEI institution), was omitted from the list of Direct Entry institutions. Please, what is the next step to take? Thank you.

In its response, JAMB categorically stated that NID won't be accepted for DE application.

Kindly be aware that PEFTI Film Institute, as an Innovation Enterprise Institution, offers National Innovation Diploma (NID), which is not acceptable for DE application.

Apparently, this decline of NID for DE is not limited to the claimed IEI (i.e., PEFTI Film Institute). Any other NID awarding institutions will be affected by this stance.

Why NID If It Won't Be Accepted For DE Admission?

Earning a National Innovation Diploma (NID) in any course should advance your career with the in-demand skills to succeed in several high-growth industries. For example, a product of the National Innovation Diploma program in Computer Hardware Engineering Technology should be able to:

  1. Operate and maintain basic Operating Systems (DOS & Windows).
  2. Understand the computer environment and acquire the skills needed to identify and optimize memory and computer configuration.
  3. Start and manage computer-based businesses.
  4. Carry out routine (preventive) maintenance of Computer systems.
  5. Be able to assemble and install microcomputers.
  6. Partition and format disks and load files.
  7. Install Windows NT/200x in a multi-boot configuration.
  8. Install and uninstall software.
  9. Detect technical faults in a Micro Computer.
  10. Set up and troubleshoot a basic Network in LAN.

As you can see, at the end of the program, you're expected to be self-reliant and self-established in the field you're trained for - not necessarily to further your studies.

Consider Higher National Diploma (HND)

Many polytechnics, if not all, accept NID for their HND programs. For one reason, the certificate is equivalent to the National Diploma (ND) being widely issued by these polytechnics for their own first 2-year programs too.

For the other reason, the NID issued by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE)-approved institutions, just like the polytechnics (being under the same board).

So, if you've got an NID/NVC, and you wish to further your studies, it'll be appropriate to process the HND admission of the same institution or any other polytechnic. It'll be wise to process the same course in that proposed polytechnic too.

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