Can I Do My HND in Another Polytechnic? -

Can I Do My HND in Another Polytechnic?

Yes, Higher National Diploma (HND) admission seekers can apply for HND programs in polytechnics different from where they completed their Ordinary National Diploma (OND/ND). Polytechnics generally accept ND holders from other polytechnics for their HND programs, although there might be some preferences based on certain admission policies. Candidates should also be reassured that they can compete for admission with candidates from the host polytechnic, and coping with the academic environment of a new polytechnic may vary based on factors such as academic standards and social life.

When a Higher National Diploma (HND) admission seeker asks this question, it's possible:

  1. he wants to know if it's possible to do an Ordinary National Diploma (OND/ND) in a polytechnic and do HND in another polytechnic
  2. he is not sure if polytechnics are accepting other polytechnics for HND programmes
  3. he is confused if he will stand any chance competing with candidates from that polytechnic seeking HND admission together
  4. he wants to be sure if he can cope better in the other polytechnic if accepted

Whatever is your situation, this post will be guiding you on the possibility of being admitted by another polytechnic other than where you did your National Diploma.

You Can Seek HND Admission in Another Polytechnic

Generally, all polytechnics allow other polytechnics' ND holders to seek admission into them. This is officially and statutorily allowed. No polytechnic should, under normal circumstances, reject ND holders of other polytechnics for its HND programme.

However, due to admission policies by a few polytechnics, preference may be given to certain polytechnics over others.

For example, I'm aware Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State in southwest Nigeria, has long been known for declining HND applicants from certain neighboring polytechnics such as Osun State Polytechnic Iree, Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke.

The reason for this is not farfetched. The polytechnic has once accepted those polytechnics' candidates, who later were found to be cultists that influenced initiated some students on the former's campus.

Since then, the polytechnic had formulated policies that limit the number of applicants (if any) from those polytechnics they can admit.

This doesn't mean they won't admit them at all. In fact, I recently saw some Iree and Esa-Oke applicants accepted for HND by the polytechnic. But guess what? Those candidates got strong Distinctions in their ND results.

You see. The polytechnic must have concluded that for someone to come out with Distinction in the ND, he shouldn't be an unserious type or a cult for that matter.

But in summary, polytechnics are accepting candidates from one another for the HND programme.

With a Better Grade, You Can Be Offered Admission Before Their ND Candidates

It's easy to think that if you're competing with a polytechnic's ND products you don't stand a chance.


Experience has shown that these polytechnics will still offer other polytechnic' products admission, even before their own products, if the grades are convincing.

Although, it's generally acceptable to believe that their products are their priority and that is undeniable. However, a better product from another polytechnic will make their first batch admission list if the admission requirements are met on merit.

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You Can Cope With Other Polytechnic If You Know What It Takes

Let's face it.

If you return to your formal school for the HND programme, you're just a returnee. You already understand the system and the environment. Hence, you have nothing to worry about.

Coping with the HND programme is more likely going to be easier than crossing to another polytechnic.

However, if you could find out the academic standard (or stress, I should say) of your proposed polytechnic for the HND, it would be better from the start.

You will do well in a school with a less difficult academic environment (exposure) than your former school. Crossing to a polytechnic with a tougher academic environment is daunting if you can't run the extra mile.

Imagine moving from a school with moderate social life and academic exposure to another with almost zero social life. The result is obvious!


While it's established that literally, all polytechnics are accepting ND candidates from other polytechnics into their HND programmes, candidates should also be reassured that competing with the new polytechnic's ex-students is never as challenging as coping with the academic pressure of the new polytechnic is tougher than your former school.

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  1. Can i be admitted into HND with a pass grade (2.39) to a different polytechnic.

    1. Yes, you can. Read the post below for better understanding.

  2. Sir can I gain admission into ede poly from polytechnic Ibadan ND holder

    1. I'm not sure Federal Poly Ede will accept candidates from Poly Ibadan except if you have DISTINCTION.

  3. Will I write jamb den apply for it??


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