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How To Collect Transcript By Hands/Post to Yourself

When you need your academic transcript, you're likely going to be forced to send it to the requesting institution/body instead of getting it by hand from your school.

In fact, the norm is that when you need to submit an academic transcript, you have to request your former or current institution to send it (on your behalf) to the organization asking for it.

This is probably a means to protect the document from being tampered with if sent to the candidate instead of the institution requesting it.

And if you think you can get smarter, the sending institution will insist it has to send it through post or mail to the requesting organization instead of giving it to you by hand.

Whereas, some candidates still want to have copies of transcripts in their hands for future purposes. Some want to have a look at it before being sent to the requesting bodies. Some want to deliver it to their parents or guardians instead of institutions.

Hence, they're looking for means to get the transcripts delivered to them without the sending institutions knowing about it.

In this post, I will be revealing the means through which many students request their transcripts and get them delivered to them instead of any organization without the institution knowing about it.

Request The Transcript Be Sent To a Known Organization and Collect It There

What's important to your school is for the transcript to be sent to a third party. They don't want to give it to you by hand or mail it to you. Hence, all you will need in this case is an organization you can make a deal with.

For instance, let's say there is a private school, a computer center, a small business, etc. that you know the owner e.g. an uncle, aunt, or friend, and that you're aware have a postal address. You can make use of the person to get the transcript for you.

You will submit his postal or office address to your school and when mailed, he gets the package and gets back to you for collection.

Deceive Your School With In-Care-Of Address

There are still post offices around us. You may not have NIPOST in your town, yet, a neighboring town may still have one.

To use this tactic, you will submit the name of a fictitious organization to your school. Then, in the postal address, you include C/O which means in-care-of. This will be in-care-of the post office closer to you.

When the package arrives, you have to visit the post office to claim it. If they make attempt to deliver it, they won't get the fictitious address. But when you intersect, they will ask for proof of the ownership, and what you're expecting.

For instance, the address may look as below:

Ajanlekoko Nig. Enter[prise
C/O Agege Post Office
Agege Lago

NOTE: The C/O means in-care-of


Generally, academic transcripts are not meant to be delivered to concerned candidates or students but rather to the requesting institutions. 

However, where it's necessary to get it to you by hand or mail, these are unofficial means to request your transcripts and get them delivered to your preferred location/address.

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