Is Second Class Lower/Lower Credit a Good Result? -

Is Second Class Lower/Lower Credit a Good Result?

A few graduates and some about-to-finish students had asked me if the second class lower was a good grade or result. In other words, they wanted to know their fate coming out of the universities with second-class lower.

Their counterparts from polytechnics will ask if a lower credit is a good grade or result too. This is because while 2nd class lower is used in the university grading system, lower credit is used in a polytechnic grading system.

This is the picture of the grading systems of a university compared to a polytechnic.

  1. 1st class (university) = distinction (polytechnic)
  2. 2nd class upper (university) = upper credit (polytechnic)
  3. 2nd class lower (university) = lower credit (polytechnic)
  4. third class (university) = no equivalence at polytechnic
  5. Pass (university) = Pass (polytechnic)
  6. Fail (university) = Fail (polytechnic)

Is Second Class Lower/Lower Credit a Good Grade?

Of course, the question at hand is if the lower credit or 2nd class lower is a better grade and recognized as being good for the job and other future pursuits.

We all know candidates asking this question are more confused about what is waiting for them in the future if they eventually come out with this grade.

As a matter of fact, it's difficult to answer that 2nd class lower or lower credit is bad or good. There is a need to bring some points into the play before we can both agree on the same or different thing.

Let's see your fate with the second class lower while searching for jobs or furthering your studies.

Using Second Class Lower/Lower Credit to Further Studies

Very many institutions accept graduates with second-class lower for postgraduate studies (e.g. Masters, PGDE, etc.). Where HND graduates are considered for admission into postgraduate courses, lower credits are equally accepted by many universities

However, these universities may not accept this lower grade for all the advertised courses. They usually state the courses candidates can put in for if they're limited by grades.

For example, Kwara State University (KWASU), for Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management (PGDSM) accepts an HND certificate with a minimum of Lower Credit from recognized Institutions. It also accepts the same few other courses. Whereas, it seems those courses are not as competitive as those opened for the 1st class and upper credits applicants. 

Osun State University does the same with Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management (PGDSM) and Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

These are just a few examples. Lower credit or second class lower may ONLY be accepted for a very few courses.

Meanwhile,  university graduates with second-class lower will still have the upper hand in competition compared to their HND counterparts. This is out of special consideration for university graduates by some universities.

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Using Second Class Lower/Lower Credit to Search for Jobs

While seeking employment, your chance with 2nd class lower/lower credit is very narrow.

It's uncommon to see organizations accepting applications from graduates with second-class lower or lower credits. A few vacancies such as graduate trainees may be opened to all. 

While graduates with first-class, distinction, second-class upper, and upper credit are always favored by job adverts - be it in the public or private sectors.

It's in very limited situations that you'll see organizations seeking candidates with lower credits or second-class lower. And where is such is acceptable, they're likely to consider graduates with better grades first?

However, for certain government vacancies, such as ministries and forces, graduates with lower credit and second class lower are given the same chance as their first-class and distinction counterparts. Similar to this are the empowerment programmes (Npower, P-Yes, WorkNation, etc.) that will still consider you irrespective of your grades.

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Your Lower Grade Has No Hindrance for Self-Employment

Having said that you should still expect some limitations while trying to further your studies or seeking jobs with lower credit or second class lower, it's important to also assure you that, this grade doesn't directly impact you if you chose to start your own business.

By law, anybody can start a legitimate business without any reference to the type of degree, qualifications, or grades. Hence, if you'd chosen to pursue other dreams than furthering your education or seeking private jobs, lower grades won't pose any threats.


Second-class lower/lower credit is not that bad a grade. It's still acceptable (though not widely) to further education or get jobs. Moreover, it's still better than 3rd class and a pass.

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