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Thursday, 11 July 2019

JAMB Reopens DE Form. Allows Upgrade UTME to DE

How to Upgrade UTME to Direct Entry (DE)
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Let’s talk about the latest issue of whether JAMB will reopen Direct Entry (DE) form again this year. Let me show you the way out if you missed DE registration. Let me open your eyes to what can be done if you still need admission through Direct entry this year.

Before that, there are things to know.

JAMB DE form is Closed

In case you want to know or be sure whether Direct Entry form is closed or not, I’m sorry to tell you that DE IS TRULY CLOSED.

We’re all disappointed with the date when the form closed. How can JAMB close UTME and DE at the same time?

What we were used to is DE form closing some weeks after UTME form has closed. Things suddenly changed!

In fact, that has never happened in the history of admission in Nigeria. But it’s happened anyway. And the next question aspiring candidates keep asking is “Is JAMB going to open DE portal again this year?”

I’m here to answer that.

JAMB Will Open DE form Again

From a reliable source but unofficial, I’d gathered that Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria; the main administrator of IJMB (A’level exams conducted to obtain DE form) has already met JAMB and ministry of education in order for DE registration to be reopened again this year.

IJMB has certain levies to pay the federal government. And if their candidates won’t be allowed to obtain DE form this year, the government will lose out as well.

The source made it known that, for the sake of IJMB candidates, JAMB will soon reopen DE registration. The body has promised that once IJMB results are out, candidates will be informed once the registration reopens.

And now, the result is out. We should be on the look for it sooner.

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JAMB Proffers Another Solution – Upgrading of UTME to DE

Yes, this is so quick if you can take advantage of this opportunity.

JAMB has opened the chance for candidates who obtained UTME form and at the same time, are hoping for admission through direct entry.

Here is the picture!

If you’re have a UTME profile and you prefer being offered admission to Direct Entry, you can go ahead for upgrading now.

However, only candidates with NCE, ND, IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB Advanced and Cambridge A’Level are allowed to upgrade from UTME to DE.

For example, some candidates have obtained JAMB while still awaiting the results of their A’levels. These set of candidates can go ahead and covert the UTME to DE and consider any schools of interest.

If you do that however, you won’t be able to pursue the two admissions. You’re forfeiting UTME for DE.

Another Scenario!

Candidates who are already done with their NCE, ND, HND or BSC but with active JAMB profile accounts can also covert their old UTME accounts to DE.

How to Upgrade UTME to Direct Entry (DE)

  1. Visit the nearest JAMB office. I encourage you to use the office in your state of origin if closer.
  2. Tell them you have come for the upgrading of your UTME to DE
  3. Go along with your UTME registration slip, A’level results and JAMB profile code
  4. They will attend to you for the registration. You will be asked to choose two universities– 1st and 2nd choice.
  5. After upgrading, wait for your information to reflect on the portal of the new school you’re proposing. In my experience, one of my candidates that upgraded for the University of Ilorin took a week before it reflected on the school’s admission portal before we could start her post DE registration.

You can't do changing of UTME to DE or upgrading at a cafe or CBT centre for now. Kindly go to JAMB office.


My position on this development and opportunity is that, candidates should not rely entirely on the fact that JAMB will still open Direct Entry application this year. Upgrading UTME to DE will be your best bet if you have a better result in your A’level.

However, candidates who didn’t register for UTME in the first place or still don’t want to upgrade can wait as the hope to reopen DE application is high.

Best of luck!

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