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After National Diploma (ND/OND), What Next?

It's usually after completing their 2-year academic polytechnic programme that candidates will be asking what is next. But recently, this has changed.

Admission seekers, just like holders of the National Diploma (ND), are asking what will be the next steps after completing their ND courses.

It's important to look at things in this direction before choosing a polytechnic in JAMB and pursuing the National Diploma (ND) admission.

This post will be showing you the true picture of life after ND before you make the decision to pursue one.

Industrial Training Comes After the National Diploma (ND)

During your first two-year academic programme at the polytechnic of choice, you're groomed usually theoretically except where practical classes are required such as SLT, Mech Engine, Elect/Elect, etc.

And for a few other courses, especially science, the 3 months SIWES programme, which is an on-field practical exposure, may be mandatory.

And after these and 2 years in class, you're an ND holder.

You can then go for a-year of industrial training (IT) which is a prerequisite if you must return to the same school or another polytechnic for your HND programme.

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HND Requires IT, Direct Entry Doesn't

After holding National Diploma, there are two immediate options for you if you want to continue your studies.

One, you can go back for your HND. Two, you can cross to the university of your choice.

In order to be qualified for the HND programme, you must have the right grade from the OND, usually Distinction, Upper Credit, Lower Credit, or Pass. Though a pass will require 2-year IT instead.

If that's your choice, you must partake in a year of Industrial training at any company, usually providing services related to your ND course.

It's this experience together with your grade that will be required for the HND admission.

However, if you want to cross to a university with your ND you don't need the one-year industrial training as a prerequisite. Of course, if you have the time, you can but it's never a compulsion.

Crossing to a university will require a good ND grade, usually Distinction or at worst upper credit. Although a few universities consider lower credit where competition is not that tense.

Also, you must obtain the JAMB direct entry form for that admission year. During the registration, you will have to consider your two universities of choice. While it's important to note that the only one that is probably going to offer you admission is the first, because hardly do we have universities accepting second choice candidates lately.

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An ND Holder May Pick Up a Job

If furthering your studies is not your take after your ND, you've been trained to pick up the next available jobs. There are, of course, several companies, including the government, that may require the services of ND holders.

You can be cheaper labor to your employer especially, at this time, when most businesses are cutting costs.

An ND Holder Can Go Self-Reliant

It's not uncommon to see holders of the National Diploma going out on their own.

You can undertake your own project and manage it to an invulnerable business. This may be your first thought or take if you'd started the business or a similar project while in school.

Polytechnic students are well known for being groomed more practically to be independent. 

The time after your ND could be the right time to prove that.

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