Advice: Should I Change to Polytechnic Form University? -

Advice: Should I Change to Polytechnic Form University?

A father just called me about a pressing issue concerning his son. I consulted with his son while seeking admission to Ladoke Akintola University. They did nearly everything in my office. The last time we saw each other, he came to pay his acceptance fee and type his letter of attestation.

The father called to tell me he (the father) was not particularly interested in the course his son was offered at the university - Agricultural Economics and Extension. I didn't speak with his son to know if he shared the same view. Of course, as a consultant, I asked why. The parents were particularly interested in Computer Science instead.

Of course, I know why that just happened. Most parents are now realizing the versatility of computer science and the potential of related courses such as software engineering, data science, cyber security, etc.

The man told me that his son had taken another JAMB and he got 193, to his surprise. Whereas, even in last year's admission, his university required 210 for Computer Science. So, the father concluded that he should just pursue a polytechnic admission instead - all that mattered to him was computer science.

Calling me, I knew he needed my candid advice on this matter. Should he change to a polytechnic to study Computer Science? If you're in the same or similar shoes, you may find this post very resourceful concerning this dilemma.

Computer Science is Not Everything

Well, if your interest lies in computer science or any other course than what your present university has offered you, know that there is always a good side to all courses. You may not yet have the knowledge of what the course offered has in store for you, your future, and your career. That doesn't mean it lacks value altogether.

In this scenario, even though Agricultural Economics and Extension may sound too agricultural and not as appealing as a career in the tech industry, there is more to it than just farming. The career potential is also rewarding.

Agric Economics and Extension student
Indeed, the misconception that certain fields are limited or less prestigious can often overshadow the diverse opportunities they offer. Agricultural Economics and Extension, for instance, not only involves farming but also encompasses areas such as agribusiness, rural development, sustainable agriculture, and food security.

By embracing the opportunities presented by diverse fields of study, individuals can discover unique pathways to success and fulfillment. It's essential to approach education with an open mind, recognizing that each discipline has its own set of valuable skills and contributions to make to society.
A computer science student
While Computer Science is undoubtedly a thriving field with vast potential, it's not the only path to success. Exploring alternative disciplines can lead to unexpected discoveries and enriching experiences. Ultimately, the key lies in pursuing a course of study that aligns with your interests, values, and aspirations, regardless of societal perceptions or trends.

Polytechnic? Never

On this blog, I've advised a few times that it's better to pursue any course, for that matter, in universities than the best of courses in polytechnics. Let's face the reality! In Nigeria, experience has shown that most polytechnic graduates, irrespective of the course, are usually discriminated against when seeking jobs. This discrimination exists not only among private companies (though that is too common) but also among government-owned establishments.

The battle between giving equal recognition to polytechnic graduates like their counterparts from universities has been unending. For decades now, several government policies have been made to bridge the gap and end discrimination. Yet, the shadow of our past keeps chasing us around.

This is the reality to deal with. It won't matter if you're the best-graduating student of a polytechnic or from your course; you're still an HND holder. It won't surprise you to see companies employing and retraining university graduates of Agricultural Economics and Extension for the position of computer scientists instead of employing polytechnic computer graduates. This is truly uncalled for, but it's what it is.

This is not condemning polytechnic education in any way. I'm only being particular about the scenario in this discourse. If you've already been offered admission to a university for one course, it's irrational to consider switching to a polytechnic for a course you think is better. In reality (not on paper), I'm not sure there is a better course in polytechnics than any in universities.

Other Universities Will Accept the Lower Score

While LAUTECH may have a higher cut-off mark for Computer Science, it's important to note that not all universities will insist on a score of 200 or above for the same course. Instead of falling back to a polytechnic, why not consider universities that will accept a score of 193 and transfer there if I can't convince you to stick to your present course?

Many state universities (not to mention private ones) will accept this score without discrimination at a later stage of the admission process. For example, Osun State University, Ekiti State University, Adekunle Ajasin University, University of Ilesa, Nigerian Army University, Abia State University, Niger Delta University, and Cross River State University, to mention a few, are not too competitive to reject a candidate with a score of 193 in Computer Science.

So, giving any of these universities, or others that are not as competitive, a try can be the most rational decision. This will not only retain your self-esteem because it's just a move from one university to another, but it will also help avoid future eventualities.

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