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Can I Call For the Remark of My JAMB UTME Papers?

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It could be disappointing if you're expecting above 200 in UTME but to your surprise, you had 138. We're all guilty of this feeling whether we got higher marks or not.

In fact, where you have a high mark, you still have the feeling that it should be more than that.

As a result, you might be considering calling for your papers and asking for a remark if the score you got was way below your expectation.

A few candidates had called to know if they could ask JAMB to remark their UTMEs. After all, WAEC and similar other exam bodies allow remarking of the scripts.

Does JAMB allow remarking of exams too? Can you recall your UTME for remarking?

This post will answer your question and clarify more related concerns.

JAMB Welcomes Request to, and Allows Remarking of UTME

In the recent UTMEs, JAMB has confidently announced that candidates wishing to see their papers remarked should call for the board to openly mark again.

As a fair play, the board stated the procedures to take as follows, if you must call for the UTME remark.

  1. Visit the board's Headquarters at Abuja
  2. Write and Submit a Letter For UTME Remark
  3. You will be required to pay N10,000 for the paper recall and marking. The fee is non-refundable unless JAMB is eventually guilty of marking you wrongly.
  4. JAMB will in public (with you and pressmen in attendance), remark your papers and grade your live.

Can You Be Wrong if Your UTME is Remarked

In case you want to know the consequences of being wrong, here you have it.

Nothing is wrong with calling for your papers. Yet, it could be disappointing eventually to see that JAMB was right about the final score given to you, in the first place.

On a few occasions, when candidates recalled their papers for remarking, JAMB eventually was right about their scores. 

So what happened?

At least before someone would call for a remark, he must have some level of certainty that he did better than he was eventually scored. So, why was he wrong?

This is not to discourage you from trying to call for a remark. It's just giving you an insight into what can happen if you do.

If you intend to do this, please do. You're free. And about yours, JAMB might be wrong this time.

And of course, you have nothing, other than the N10,000, to lose, if the board was right and you're wrong.

Lower JAMB Score Isn't the End

I'm sure it hurt seeing your performance below the expectation. Yet, if you can't recall the paper for remarking or you lose to it eventually, there is more to this.

You can still gain admission with that lower mark if you can just consider a few well-known institutions that will accept lower UTME scores.

And if none of them is to your taste, there are other alternatives to JAMB admissions. You can consider:

  1. Universities offering admissions without JAMB
  2. Polytechnics and colleges offering admissions without JAMB
  3. School of Nursing admissions
  4. School of Health Technology admissions
  5. Advanced Programmes admissions into 200 level
  6. Predegree admissions just to be out of home and resit for UTME next year
  7. National Open University admissions
  8. Daily or Regular part-time programmes admissions
  9. National Teacher Institutes Kaduna admissions
  10. National Open University of Nigeria

Wishing you luck!

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