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Will JAMB Add Mark to My Score Later?

JAMB result with a lower score
After seeing a few results, candidates will need answers to this question. So far, I've seen several poor scores. And there should be the hope of whether JAMB can help to add more marks.

Will JAMB add more marks to lower scores? Has JAMB done that in the past? Do you have hope of 

This post will answer your questions and related concerns.

JAMB Won't Add More Mark to Your Score All Things Being Equal

A lower JAMB score might have happened due to the candidate's personal problem. Probably you didn't answer all your questions. Maybe you missed lots of questions. And any other reason to get a lower score.

If the lower score you got was your fault, don't expect JAMB to add more marks to your score. 

JAMB is no Father's Christmas. It'll be like waiting for a duck to sleep if you think the board will add marks sooner or later.

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JAMB Can Add More Score If Due to Technical Issues

Even though JAMB might have openly denied it in the past that they added marks to candidates' scores, I can tell you it's a lie.

JAMB has, on two or more occasions, added marks to candidates' scores. 

However, the baseline was that if the poor performance could be traced to the technical issues that JAMB was aware of, the board might consider upgrading the scores.

A CBT center might have issues that JAMB considered to be the reasons for the failure. The marking scheme might be technically itched leading to a few wrong reports. 

In those cases and similar to other JAMB-fault scenarios, JAMB may consider adding some marks.

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Adding More Marks Is Never Guaranteed

Although I'd noted your score might increase later. I witnessed that in the past. Yet, there is no way to guarantee that this year. JAMB reserves the right to increase or decrease your JAMB score if they deem it fit.

Therefore, instead of waiting for a goat to fly, you can just concentrate on the mark you have right now and see how you can still gain admission with that.

More on this in the next section.

Is JAMB Score Upgrading Runz Real?

You must have heard or come across some adverts online that you can upgrade your JAMB scores if you score lower.

Some people might have commented on a blog or Facebook post that one professor, a JAMB staff, a director of one JAMB office, etc. had helped them increase the score from 138 to 238.

These promises and score upgrades, being narrated by a few online posters, were not true. They're scammers! Those who posted and those who commented were the same or friends. They just needed you to fall into their traps.

You need to run. They can't do anything about your JAMB score. They will take your money. And you can't trace them, not to talk of getting your money back.


It's safe to say that JAMB can add more marks to your JAMB score only if such an awful performance was a result of technical itches from the JAMB or a CBT center. If however, it's your fault and it's your real performance, there is no such thing as JAMB adding marks to already released results.

And if you think you can seek external help from someone promising he can assist in upgrading your UTME score (runz), consider that a scam before he finishes the pitching. It never works!

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