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JAMB Result Checked on SMS Different From the Online?

JAMB Result Checked With SMS Different Form the One Online? See the Answer
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Have you read that the UTME score sent to some candidates through SMS might be different from the one they later checked online? Have you heard some people sharing updates about such an incident?

Anyway, if your answer is yes, you’re not the only one here.

A few candidates visited my office to recheck their results on the JAMB portal as soon as the board opened the portal for that. They’re curious to know if the information circulating the social media that the results earlier checked with SMS (when they sent UTME RESULT to 55019) were truly errors. 

In fact, a lady said, “I read that the JAMB server was hacked, hence the result through the SMS was fake”.

What is the truth?

Until 2019, JAMB hasn’t used the method of getting results sent to you using the shortcode "55019". They did send results, in recent years through SMS to people but not through a dedicated short code.

Now that things have changed, we had to change too.

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Is It True that the Result Changed?

In order to know if what these students claimed was real, I checked several results.

Do you know my findings?

The SMS result was not different from what we saw online.

In fact, I went online to drop a note on one of my most-read posts, that students should drop comments if they experienced such. And till the time of this post, nothing of such was reported.

Sometimes, it can be hard to trust JAMB. We had a series of experiences in the past. JAMB once or twice added marks to some candidates’ results. They eventually denied that though. But candidates claimed it happened and I saw a few too.

But I want to believe that was "in the past". The system is getting matured. No doubt about that.

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What Should You Do Now?

Be focused on the result you have for now and try to print the result online immediately. I detailed 4 methods to check and print your JAMB result here.

Keep your result printout for the record and use it when the time comes.

Talking of being focused, you will find "Why and How to Be Focused While Seeking Admissions" as the next thing to commit to after the result release. From that, you will see the next three steps to gaining admission.

And for those who scored lower marks, you’re going to find this post helpful. All hope is not lost.

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  1. My sister's result differs. The result sms to her by jamb was 220 and she printed.in the process of registering for postume just two days ago, she needed to do a reprint and 154 was displayed online. What's your advice sir?

    1. The one printed is final. You can't print SMS. She you consider change of institution to a school that can consider the 154.

    2. Can it be possible for the SMS and online different

    3. For 2022 the results sent to some people ain't theirs and why is it so

  2. For 2021, the results on sms are higher than the one in the postal

    1. I don't understand what you meant by "postal".

      Read the post below for better clarification.


  3. The results through SMS is very high this year 2022 but why isn't it online yet because I heard people results where hacked

    1. The usual procedure was to release it through SMS first. Then, later on the portal. So, wait till the portal is opened for it. As for the hacking, I don't spread rumors. I get my information officially before sharing on this blog.

    2. Pls sir, I saw 190, and am very sure that it was not 190 I got
      I was really surprised when iIsaw it sef
      Pls sir, help me out
      Is my result hacked

    3. You can call your UTME for remarking.


  4. When jamb will release withheld result

    1. Very sooner. Be patient as admission has not started.

  5. Sir is it possible to check through SMS and still check online

  6. It is true what we check on sms is different from the one online

  7. Pls can I gain admission into any science course with 182 and pls which course can that be


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