How JAMB Will Mark 2024 UTME: Official Explanation -
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How JAMB Will Mark 2024 UTME: Official Explanation

JAMB Marking Scheme/Syetem: How UTME is Marked English and Other Subjects
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If you're searching for accurate information on how JAMB calculates its marks, you're on the right page. This guide is also beneficial for candidates looking for the correct JAMB marking scheme, secrets to the JAMB grading system, JAMB's average score, or the number of questions in the JAMB UTME.

Before compiling this guide, I encountered numerous confusing posts on the subject. Hence, I conducted thorough research and personally contacted JAMB officials and reviewed the syllabus to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

Rest assured, this post is comprehensive, leaving no detail unexplored, yet it is presented concisely for your convenience.
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I will categorize the information by subjects in the sections below.

1. JAMB Method for Marking/Grading Use of English in UTME

The Use of English section consists of 60 questions in total. JAMB will present 60 English questions to all candidates, regardless of their intended university majors.

However, this does not imply that the total score for the Use of English is 60 marks. Rather, it constitutes 100 marks for this mandatory subject.

The following is a detailed explanation of the marking scheme for the English Language in JAMB.

UTME English Marking: Evaluation/Assessment

SECTION A: Comprehension/Summary
    1. Comprehension passages questions: 3 marks each
    2. Cloze passage* questions: 2 marks each
    3. Reading text (The Life Changer) questions: 1 mark each

      *A cloze passage is a reading comprehension exercise in which words have been omitted in a systematic fashion. Students fill in the blanks, and their responses are counted correctly if they are exact matches for the missing words. This is also called the REGISTER.

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      SECTION B: Lexis and Structure
      1. Sentence interpretation questions: 2 marks each
      2. Antonyms questions: 2 marks each
      3. Synonyms questions: 1 mark each
      4. Sentence completion questions: 1 mark each

      SECTION C: Oral Forms (Test of Oral)
      1. Question test on oral: 1 mark each 

      The total number of English questions set for you will be 60 (at a different mark per question - as detailed above) but you scored 65 out of the whole 100 marks, JAMB concludes with this calculation: 

      65/100 (in percentage). Then, your mark will be 65%

      This calculation conforms with the official JAMB syllabus explanation in their 60 questions standard.

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      Use of English Questions Break-Down

      SECTION  A:  Comprehension/Summary 

      (a) 1 comprehension passage – 5 questions
      (b) I cloze passage – 10 questions
      (c) 1 reading text – 10 questions

      SECTION B:  Lexis and Structure  

      (a) Sentence interpretation – 5 questions
      (b) Antonyms – 5 questions
      (c) Synonyms – 5 questions
      (d) Sentence completion – 10 questions

      SECTION C: Oral Forms 

      10 questions

      Total:  60 questions

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      2. JAMB Method Used to Mark Other Three Subjects UTME

      Since you have other three subjects apart from English, below is the official marking scheme for them.

      JAMB sets 40 questions each for the other subjects. 

      Each of these questions is graded or scored 2.5 marks. Hence, the three subjects = 300 marks (i.e 40 x 2.5 x 3 subjects). 

      In other words, each of the three other subjects will be 100 if marked 2.5 (40 x 2.5)

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      The Calculation for Each of the Other Subjects

      If you score 25 over 40 in each of Chemistry, Physics and Biology (for example), JAMB concludes to this calculation: 25 x 2.5 =  63% (in percentage). This is 25/40 in %.

      Let's assume the same in the other two subjects. Each of the other two gives you 63%.

      Finally, your UTME score will be: 75 + 63 + 63 + 63 = That’s 264 over 400

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      It’s easy to fall victim to the wrong information available on the internet. But in actual fact, the above is what you’ve been looking for, as given officially. Kindly share it with others!

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