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Unraveling JAMB Result Forgery: Ejikeme Mmesoma's Case

When Ejikeme Mmesoma was accused of forging her JAMB result, Nigerians were left more confused than ever. Activists, Lawyers, and several bodies were seeking justice. To make the matter worse, JAMB was not telling the public what might have truly happened.

A father visited me yesterday and asked what was my take on the matter. Was the result fake, really? Was that girl innocent?

The poor girl denied forging her result and if you ask me, "she was saying the truth". And I will prove that before you leave this page.

JAMB, in its usual approach, insisted the girl forged the result and was even sanctioned beyond what the educated populace was expecting of the board.

Well, the purpose of this write-up was not to throw blame. Let's explore what might have happened to the unfortunate girl.

"Too Know" Is Killing Most Nigerian Students

See, as an education consultant and a blogger, I've seen a lot in this industry. Most students depend on their Physics and Agric teachers when making decisions about their future.

Of course, this was what we were left with in the 80s and 90s. Today, we have people who specialize in guiding students in making course and career decisions. You don't have to tell an admission seeker he must become a medical doctor just because he said that. There is a need for some retrospect before making a life choice.

So, if you don't consult an experienced education consultant, sometimes, if you just depend on what your friends, teachers, and relatives say, you may make wrong choices.

For reference, a proprietor recently advised a student to choose Industrial Chemistry in JAMB. The same man told her she would write English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in UTME.

Eventually, the lady scored high and pulled admission to a university. In the end, she was not offered admission until I came in. She was supposed to be on the first batch admission list if not for the wrong subjects chosen and sat for in UTME.

Of course, using common sense, Industrial Chemistry sounds like a pure science course, and English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics should go with all science courses. Whereas, this course is Engineering. Hence, the poor girl should have sat for Mathematics instead of Biology.

The proprietor was blindly arguing this until I showed him the same thing in the official JAMB brochure and on the school portal. 

Ejikeme Mmesoma might be truly brilliant but she seemed to have known too much and was not giving her work to the right professionals. Or she was just listening to the wrong people?

More proof to come!

She Was Too Confident To Check Her Result Online Herself

While being interviewed on Channel TV,  Mmesoma was asked if a café or computer center helped her to check the result. The interviewer was only trying to see where the issue came from if truly she didn't take part in the forgery of that result.

The proud  Mmesoma clearly said she checked the result on her phone, downloaded it, and printed it later. But didn't she use the SMS method to check her result? After all, most students checked their results through SMS before checking online. Was the result through SMS the same as the 362?

If she had used the SMS earlier, obviously, she was hiding something. She knew the SMS didn't lie. But she believed so much in the printed one to the extent of going out to the Ministry of Education to claim her position.

This is why JAMB was trying to teach her and her parents some lessons. They knew, from the start, that she got 249 if they'd used the SMS. And the SMS score is never different from the online one. I've personally called on all my readers to state of their SMS score was different from the one printed. And till the time of this writing, after over 38,000 views, no single comment reported a difference.

For the benefit of the doubt, if she had lost her SIM and was unable to use the SMS, didn't she see the results of her colleagues and friends? Did their results, when printed, look like hers?

You see, these people are dumb! They ought to have done their homework before going out to face JAMB. 

When the father was asked whether he would press charges, the man said he wouldn't. He knew so well that they might not leave the court premises to return home.

This is why JAMB is waiting for them too. JAMB wants to finish them but only if they want to go further.

UPDATEDEjikeme Mmesoma has finally confessed that she forged her JAMB result. The then known to be 16 has equally confessed to be 19

Ejikeme Mmesoma Result Template Was For Years Before 2022

As earlier mentioned, the result this girl printed was entirely different from the results her counterparts printed.

Yes, she printed her result on a template being used by the board up to 2021. That was called the notification of result. It's a temporary result to be printed by candidates before they would be processing admission.

Generally, back then, when you were about to process admission, before post-UTME or after being admitted, you were required to print the original JAMB result. This was the result that detailed more than just the scores but also your choice of schools and courses.

Since 2022, the board has stopped the printing of notifications of results. Students could only use SMS and original JAMB result henceforth. So, where did  Mmesoma get the notification of the result in 2023?

For clarification, below are her fake result on notification of the result and the original JAMB result (which was to be printed in the first place).

Ejikeme Mmesoma fake or forged score on the old JAMB notification of result
Ejikeme Mmesoma real result on original JAMB result

As you can see, something was wrong from the very start. They knew of it but might not understand the legal implications of what they had done.

At least, why didn't they visit a local cyber café to print the result like others or to reconfirm? Why didn't they ask why her results look somewhat different from others? Why didn't they question the difference between the SMS and the printed scores?

Some Nigerian Bloggers Are Not Helping These Candidates

In her words, Mmesoma said she went online, out of her I-know-it-all, searched for how to check JAMB result, and she was directed to where she entered her JAMB registration number. Viola, what she got on her screen was 362.

Let's break this down. 

She didn't know the official website to check the result. Cafes and CBT centers know it. She didn't go to them. But she turned to Google. Whereas, Google doesn't know whether a post or website is real or fake. It only takes you to any available posts or links online that answer your questions (whether correct or wrong).

In Mmesoma's case, she was directed to, most likely an old post (not updated by the blogger), which still had the old link to check the JAMB notification of the result. 

There are bloggers that mean business and get their old posts updated to what is recent. However, we have this new set of hungry bloggers who keep posting new content without updating their old works. In fact, some don't have any knowledge of education in Nigeria and how to go about things. Rather, they just copy and paste.

These are the people, most likely, that led Mmesoma into this confusion and error. In the end, this comes back to "too-know!"

After her confession, it's apparent that she might be aware that the app, blog, or website she used was purposely put up by some bad guys to manipulate the results. After all, she didn't design the website, blog, or app by herself.

Let the people who open offices to serve you handle things for you. They're specialists and will do the right work to protect you with their experiences. You have cafes and CBT centers around you!

JAMB Is Covering Its Tracks Too

If you've noticed, JAMB was not fully vocal about this mess. They're only saying that the result was fake and banned the poor girl for 3 years. They even said it's not only her but others who didn't go out against them

Well, we need to look at things from their side too. This leads us to questions. Was the link for old results still active today? And if it's still active, why was it loading any result at all not to mention loading a score higher than the actual performance?

If JAMB can't answer these questions and related ones, it simply means that the board has not standardized its works, database, exams, and scoring system.

This is the very reason they're not saying too much until after the confession. They know if they do, they'll be busted and more bad people will take advantage of their inefficiency and loopholes around the system.

From my own end, the poor girl confessed to forgery because didn't the trauma being subjected to. The best explanation was "she was aware the result was fake from the website, app, or blog she used whether intentional or not."


It's not Mmesoma's fault in its entirety. JAMB has a part to play in this mess so are the hungry bloggers out there.

It's high time we woke up to the reality that you should leave your work to the professionals and seek guidance from the right sources and specialists.

This is not in our DNA and culture but it's a stitch in time that saves nine.

I stand to be corrected if you think I was wrong with any part of this post. Your personal contribution and experience are equally welcomed if you can take a moment to share in the comment section. 

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