Can I Do Change of Institution/Courses Before UTME? -

Can I Do Change of Institution/Courses Before UTME?

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After completing JAMB registration, a few candidates would realize they'd done a thing or two wrongly, especially about the selection of the institutions and courses.

Wrong advice from friends and families had confused a few to choose schools that they might not end up liking. Some would make wrong subjects combination which might lead to changing the schools, the course or both together.

The question that comes to mind if you know of your mistakes before the UTME day is, can you change institutions/courses before the exams.

In fact, if you're asking this, you must have earlier known that candidates usually changed institutions and courses right after JAMB might have released results. But now you're in hurry, you want to do the changes before the UTME in the first place.

This post will guide you on this and answer related concerns.

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You Can Change Institutions/Courses Before UTME

Candidates are allowed to correct their choices of institutions and/or courses before they go for the UTME if they can afford to pay for the service.

At a price of N2500 (excluding the attendant's charge), JAMB allows candidates to change their institutions and courses before or after the UTME.

Although, as earlier noticed, what is rampant is to change institutions/courses after the release of their UTME results, candidates can still do the changes, by taking the following steps, before UTME.

  1. You will return to an accredited CBT center (not necessarily where you registered)
  2. Tell them you want to do the change of institutions/courses
  3. You are to pay N2500 for the service
  4. After the payment, Be ready to receive an OTP on the line used for the JAMB registration. This code will be used to process the changes
  5. When completed, a confirmation slip called change of institution/courses slip will be given to you.

You May Not Be Attended to Because of the Registrations Ongoing

Remember the number of candidates present when you went for the registration? That number is growing every day. So, if you choose to do the change of institutions/courses before UTME and at this rush time, you may be out of luck, as most CBT centers will tell you they have more candidates to attend to for the main registrations.

In this case, like me, most CBT centers will tell candidates, willing to change, to wait till the registration is over and no more candidates waiting to be attended to.

This should be the right time if you don't want to be shunned by those busy attendants.

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Why Don't You Wait Till After the UTME?

You see, it's common to see candidates rushing to change their institutions and courses a few days after they completed their UTME/DE registrations. 

This was not rational enough.

You don't need to rush at changing your choices.

There are a few things to consider before making the final jump.

  1. JAMB change of institutions and courses can be done after the UTME. So why don't you wait?
  2. You can change the institution and/or course three times before the admission year ends. So why are you in a haste?
  3. You may end up wasting your chances to change if you're in a hurry from now.
  4. Your JAMB score may be too high or low for the course "rushly" changed to. Then, you still have to change again - thereby wasting money.

The summary is, no need to rush! 

You can wait for the time candidates have enough reasons to change courses before you do the same.

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