How to Follow Up Regularization Application With JAMB -

How to Follow Up Regularization Application With JAMB

Most time, when students put in for regularization, it's likely to get them ready for NYSC. On some occasions, JAMB has claimed that the approval shouldn't take more than 24 hours. But, what if the waiting becomes endless for the JAMB approval?

A few people followed the procedures in my post, "4 Methods to Check JAMB Regularization Status" to check their status and found out the board has not approved their application. At least if reject, you can just retry. But you're thrown into confusion if nothing just happens.

This is why a candidate contacted me recently on how possible it's to follow up on your regularization application if the delay becomes unbearable.

In this post, let me share my reply with you too. That might save you from paying for my consultation.

You Can Visit the Nearest JAMB Office to Follow up on Your Regularization Approval

Yes, the traditional method to follow up on your application for condonement of undisclosed illegal institutional admission or any other type of regularization is to visit the nearest JAMB office.

In fact, it doesn't necessarily need to be the office where you registered for the regularization. Any JAMB office closer to you will be of help. 

Afraid of being disappointed on your next visit? You can book an appointment with JAMB first - through the online support service. If they give you, that may save you time and money!

JAMB recently confirmed that, if you could follow up on your regularization application using the nearest JAMB office, you're in the right lane.

A concerned candidate contacted the board - asking on behalf of his or her sister.

My sister started her jamb regularization process in August 2022, her institution uploaded her indemnity form in November 2022 yet up till now Delta state jamb office is yet to upload it for HQ approval. And rn she needs it to complete her clearance and for NYSC registration

Here is the official recommendation.

Kindly inform her to visit any JAMB office nearby to get the status of her application for condolements of undisclosed illegal institutional admission.

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You Can Also Follow Up on Regularization Application Through the Support Link

JAMB has provided an online platform to follow up on this kind of delay. Among the services the support platform is for is JAMB regularization. 

To use this medium, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit
  2. Next, click on " Create Support Ticket" under "Candidate/General Support Ticket"
  3. This will open a dialogue box "If you are a candidate with a JAMB registration number please click "Yes". Else click "NO". Click on the right option between YES or NO
  4. Fill out the form. Supply the correct and functional email, phone number, and full name.
  5. Under the "Nature of complaint", take "Late Application"
  6. Under "Select a topic", take the correct option for your case
  7. For the subject, type, "Following Up on My Regularization Application"
  8. For the "Message", write a brief message. Let it include the date you applied, where you applied, the reason for the application, and how urgent it is to help you. All these are better in just one or two paragraphs.
  9. If there is any related document, snap it and attach it. Then, click "Send".
  10. After sending you a message. await an SMS from JAMB to the phone number filled in above. The SMS will contain a link. If clicked you will be taken to the online page where the message you sent will appear.
  11. After that, within a few days, you'll receive another SMS. Click on the link inside that, it will take you to where you'll read their reply.

Wish you luck!

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