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Where To Resolve Direct Entry Related Issues - JAMB Answer

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When trying to solve any cases relating to the JAMB Direct Entry registration student tends to turn to the JAMB office or CBT center. Some will still want to try if their local cybercafes can be of help.

But where is the best place to go if you have some concerns concerning your DE registration or admission activities?

I was recently contacted by a student who wishes to upload her results, having used awaiting results for the DE registration. She wanted to know if the CBT center could handle that.

Well, my answer was a part of this post. Broadly, the post will address all activities that concern DE applicants - not limited to uploading results.

JAMB DE Activities Were Recently Limited to JAMB Offices

Remember, in the year 2023 admission (or probably beyond), all DE applicants were clearly instructed not to use CBT centers for anything. In fact, they were to register their DE at the JAMB office.

This was not the case for UTME applicants who were free to use CBT centers for registrations and other related activities.

As such, DE applicants, having been limited to registering at JAMB offices only, if there will be any other related activities, have to be attended to at JAMB offices too.

Activities such as uploading their results to the JAMB portal, regularization for DE, and resolving errors in the application, will strictly be taken to the nearest JAMB offices (not necessarily where they earlier registered).

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JAMB Confirms You Must Bring DE Cases to Them

A concerned father who had tried uploading his daughter's results at a CBT center with no success was instructed to use the JAMB office only

According to the man,

Good evening, my daughter converted to DE and we tried uploading are DE credentials and O-levels at the CBT to no avail. Pls what can be done so her name can be on the jamb matric"

JAMB was strict about directing DE students to the JAMB office for their admission concerns in the reply.

Please note that any DE-related issues can only be resolved at the JAMB office. You are hereby advised to take her to any JAMB office nearby for the service.

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You Can Use CBT Centers and Cyber Café For Letters

After being offered DE admission, there is a need to print the JAMB admission letter. This letter will be loaded to your JAMB CAPS. It's accessible by anybody once you have your login details.

When this time comes, there is no need to go to the JAMB office for it. You can pay for, download, and print the letters by yourself. You can also engage the services of a CBT center or a local café for this.

In short, when things are not technical, regarding your admission, you can seek a CBT center or café help. Where it concerns registration or problems or resolutions matters, turn to the nearest JAMB office.

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It is evident that JAMB Direct Entry (DE) registration and admission activities have specific guidelines and procedures that applicants must follow. In the year 2023 and beyond, DE applicants were explicitly instructed to handle their registration exclusively at JAMB offices, in contrast to UTME applicants who could use CBT centers for various tasks. 

This directive extends to activities such as uploading results, regularization, and resolving application errors/issues. Any concerns related to DE registration should be addressed at the nearest JAMB office.

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