Can I Use Awaiting Results (In-View) for Jobs? -

Can I Use Awaiting Results (In-View) for Jobs?

There are situations that may warrant asking if you can use awaiting results for a job application.

Some prospective applicants for Nigerian Police, Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, and Npower to mention a few had asked if they could apply with awaiting results.

Of course, holders of SSCE, NCE, ND, HND, BSC, MSC, and other higher and professional qualifications are expected to seek positions with their results ready.  Yet, there are vacancies that may be sought with awaiting results.

In the post below, you're going to see where awaiting results can be used for jobs and where it's not acceptable.

Let's break things down into three categories. 

  1. Using awaiting results for O'level (SSCE) job application
  2. Using awaiting results for NCE and BSC ED job application
  3. Using awaiting results for other job application

You Can't Use Awaiting O'level Results to Apply For Jobs

If you're expecting your WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB result to be released sooner, you may be thinking you should be able to secure a position with that.

No formal job will accept your mere explanation that you'd just done WAEC but you're waiting for the results as a means to employ you.

Except if such an employer is a friend or a family, you can't be given a position as an applicant waiting for O'level results.

The only evidence that supports your claim of finishing senior secondary school is the WAEC or NECO. And without it, no official evidence for that claim.

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An NCE or BSC Ed Graduate May Apply for Jobs With Awaiting Results

As an education graduate who owns the Nigeria Certificate In Education (NCE) or Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), there may be a need to apply for an education or related position without your result or certificate.

If after your graduation, your school is still preparing your certificate or generally delaying it at the time you have an open vacancy, you can apply with an awaiting result.

As a result, in place of the result or certificate, your employer will accept TO-WHOM.

It's usually a norm for colleges and certain universities to issue TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN as a backup for their graduates if their original results or certificates are still under processing.

And luckily, this is well known among employing schools and other organizations and equally acceptable by many.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN is an official letter written by the awarding institution and openly addressed to any potential employer or organization.

If you have this, you can use it to apply for and secure jobs.

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You Can Use a Qualification in-View to Apply for and Secure a Job

There are situations where a company will require applications from certain qualifications such as HND and BSC. And such an advert may state that having MSC, ICAN, etc is an added advantage.

If you're still running your Master's degree, or a professional course or you're about to complete one, obviously, the result or document to back that up is not yet available.

Notwithstanding, you can still state in your CV or application that you're a Master's holder but in-view.

This, of course, is an awaiting result or qualification. Yet, it could give you an edge over other applicants with BSC or HND only.

If there is a need for it, you may be required to request a confirmation letter from your school or supervisor to confirm the ongoing studies.

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