How to Upload Awaiting Results to JAMB Portal -

How to Upload Awaiting Results to JAMB Portal

You've heard that you could use "awaiting results" for admission. That is, while you're about to write WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB or still waiting for the results to come out, you're allowed to obtain the JAMB form before it closes.

In this case, you'll indicate "awaiting results (AR)" for all your SSCE subjects. This will show JAMB and proposed institutions that you don't have your results yet but hope to do that before admission is over for the year.

You have equally heard that all admission seekers must upload their results to the JAMB portal if that was not done during the JAMB registration. In other words, as soon as your result is out, you must fill, scan and upload the result to the JAMB portal.

But now you're asking how to do the upload when the result is finally released. What is the step-by-step guide to uploading the results to the JAMB portal?

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You Can Only Upload Results at JAMB CBT Centers/Offices

You must have heard or read about some steps online. If it's anything other than the uploading that can only be done by accredited CBT centers or JAMB offices, it's a lie or a misunderstanding of some sort.

JAMB has limited candidates, uploading their awaiting results, to the JAMB portal, to do so at CBT centers or JAMB offices only.

Luckily for you, you don't have to go back to the CBT center you used for your JAMB registration, you can do that at any CBT center across the country.

At a cost of about N500, a CBT center will collect the paper result from you, fill it out online, scan it and upload it to the JAMB portal.

And it's important to note that the uploading, under normal circumstances, should reflect on your JAMB portal immediately. If you can log in (which you should do after the uploading and before leaving the center), you should see it immediately or else complain to the attendant that the result is not successfully uploaded.

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So, How Do You Upload the Awaiting Result Step-By-Step?

  1. Visit the nearest CBT center or JAMB office
  2. Tell them you want to upload your O'level result to the JAMB portal
  3. Go along with the result printout of the result (on paper), your JAMB registration number, and JAMB profile code
  4. The attendant or official will collect the result, fill it out online, scan and upload it to your JAMB portal
  5. Pay the required charge which is usually N500 or less
  6. Confirm the upload immediately before leaving the center
  7. If successful, you'll see it there. Otherwise, they should reupload until you have it showing on your JAMB portal


If you seek my professional advice, I'll tell you to use the service of a CBT center to upload your result to the JAMB portal even if a café is persuading you to bring it for uploading. Even if cafes will help, they also send your results to the CBT center to do it for them. They will charge you higher and if it's not successful, they may not follow up. If they do, it may still cost more.

A JAMB office too may be too preoccupied with other activities and may not attend to results uploading. And since there are more CBT centers around than JAMB offices, you may still be forced to go to a CBT center for the uploading.

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