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DE Form: JAMB Clarifies Awaiting Results For DE

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I've established that you can't use awaiting results for Direct Entry (DE) form. But if you learn elsewhere that UTME candidates will be allowed to use awaiting results, you may be curious to know if there is any update regarding the DE applicants too.

As such, some candidates who have their transcripts or "To Whom It May Concern" letters might think of possible use of those for their DE applications instead of the real certificates or results.

In this post, I will share the latest JAMB's stance on the use of awaiting results for Direct Entry and possibly if the transcripts or "To Whom" can be accepted in place.

JAMB Won't Accept Awaiting Results For Direct Entry

Starting from 2023, JAMB has taken it upon itself to handle the DE registration in its offices nationwide, only. Hence, CBT centers are limited to registering UTME only.

As a result, the board has clearly stated that prospective DE candidates must come for the registration with their last qualification's certificate among other things.

In fact, this requirement is so serious that without it, you can't possibly be able to do your registration. Although it accepts a statement of result if your certificate is not ready by the school. But in this case, such result or qualification must not be older than 2 years.

JAMB Doesn't Accept "To Whom It May Concern"

Although "To Whom It May Concern" is one of the officially recognized documents for admission or job purposes, JAMB, unfortunately, is not considering using it or accepting it in place of the certificates or statement of results.

Especially common among the NCE holders, the "To Whom" won't be acceptable if you try to use it for your next DE registration.

JAMB DE Registration Doesn't Require Transcript

In fact, DE registration doesn't require transcripts in the first place. There is a space for transcripts and that's to be submitted to your proposed university during or after the post-DE registration.

At the stage of the JAMB DE registration, you won't need the transcripts and can't be used or accepted in place of certificates or statements of results.

JAMB Clarifies The Use of Awaiting Results/Transcripts For DE

In an interaction between JAMB and a prospective applicant, it's well established that, DE applicants couldn't use transcripts for the application.

||F.O.C|| EMBRACE SUCCESS🎓 @EritobiOni asked.

"Good morning Please can someone apply for DE with awaiting result (transcripts not ready)"

JAMB replied.

No, because, the certificate would be verified for eligibility.

As you must have got already, after the DE registration, there is a activity called the verification of the certificate or result. This involves JAMB sending request, to your former school to verify the result/certificate tendered. In this sense, they can only ask your school to verify the certificate/result not To-whom or transcript.

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  1. Please for the 2024 DE registration, can 2020 graduate use his statement of result to apply, urgent please


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