Direct Entry (DE): Can I Use Two O'Level Results? -

Direct Entry (DE): Can I Use Two O'Level Results?

If you're asking whether DE students are allowed to combine two O'level results for their admissions, you're likely already aware that UTME candidates can do just that. However, you may not be sure if the same applies to DE applicants.

While seeking admission, admission seekers are allowed to combine results or use two sittings/results for their O'level/SSCE e.g., WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, NBAIS, or GCE - although not for all courses and not for all schools, especially certain courses already exempted by the schools.

However, DE students are somewhat different. These students have already completed one higher academic program such as BSc, HND, ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, RN, etc. So, if they must opt-in for direct entry from here, are they allowed to use two O'level results?

Let's discuss this in this post!

Direct Entry Applicants Can Use Two O'level Results

Just like the UTME applicants, DE aspirants are allowed to use two results (where acceptable) for their admissions. The rule of thumb is that any university, except where stated otherwise in the JAMB brochure or admission portal (advert), should accept two O'level results.

The JAMB brochure remains the best official book detailing what each of the universities accepting DE applicants requires for admission. Therefore, important information such as the number of sittings or O'level results acceptable will be detailed.

Similarly, if you take a look at the last or present post-UTME/DE advertisements of that university, you're likely going to see the statement mentioning the O'level acceptable for admissions and if two such results will be accepted.

JAMB Refers a DE Aspirant to his University For Confirmation

Because JAMB may not be directly aware of what a university wants, in terms of the number of results acceptable, the board may have to refer you to the announcement of that university for confirmation - or its admission office.

When an aspirant asked the same question, JAMB only advised he should contact the university for the right answer.

Morning sir, @JAMBHQ

Can I use two O'level results for registration? And please do follow back so I can message you directly. Thank you


Kindly find out from your target institution. While some schools accept the practice, others don't condone it.

Some Universities Have their Institution-Prepared Brochures

JAMB brochure has to be updated live by affected schools when anything changes about its admission requirements, however, I've personally noticed that most schools might not be extensively detailed in the brochure. Hence, the university's specially-made-and-released brochures are usually in PDF format and can be downloaded from the internet.

You can search on Google by typing the name of the university plus the JAMB brochure plus PDF to see if your proposed university has such. For instance, Obafemi Awolowo University+Brochure+PDF

University of Lagos+Brochure+PDF. If such a university has this pack prepared and released online, you're more likely to find it. Download and study.

Not All Courses or Universities Should Be Chased With Two Results

Experience has shown that not all courses will accept two O'level results. Some universities will be open in their brochures, JAMB brochures or post-DE adverts that they won't consider two sittings for courses such as Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc.

The rationale behind this is that, apart from the nature of the course, being academically demanding, they're too competitive. Hence, such universities will want the best of the best results and only for those who have one sitting at worst.

Even if a university is not open about this choice in the brochure or in an advert, it's better for you to be proactive and avoid such courses if you're carrying two results. They may not help you secure admission in the end. Ask yourself, if you were the university, where the number of qualified students is more than your department's capacity, would you prefer to admit students with two O'level results over those with one result?

Similarly, one popular university that won't even accept two O'Level results, irrespective of the course you're pursuing - be it for UTME or DE, is the University of Lagos. The university is everywhere confidently declaring it doesn't accept two O'Level results even if you're opting for Yoruba, Hausa, or Igbo as your course.

Key Takeaways:

  1. DE Eligibility for Two O'level Results: Direct Entry (DE) applicants, much like their UTME counterparts, are generally allowed to combine two O'level results for their admission process, depending on the university's policy and course requirements.
  2. Conditions Apply: The allowance to combine two O'level results is not universal for all courses and all schools. Certain programs and institutions exempt from this flexibility due to the competitive nature and academic demands of specific courses.
  3. Reference Resources: The JAMB brochure is an essential guide detailing the admission requirements, including the acceptability of two O'level results by universities for DE applicants. Additionally, university-specific brochures or announcements can provide up-to-date and detailed information.
  4. Consultation Recommended: Since JAMB may not have detailed information on every university's requirements, DE aspirants are advised to consult directly with their target institutions or refer to the universities' official announcements for accurate information.
  5. Search for Specific University Brochures: Universities may have their uniquely prepared brochures, often available online in PDF format, that detail their admission requirements. These documents can be a valuable resource for applicants.
  6. Selective Acceptance Based on Courses: Some competitive courses such as Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing may not accept candidates with two O'level results due to the high academic and competitive nature of these programs.
  7. Proactive Approach Advised: Applicants carrying two O'level results should be proactive in understanding the courses and universities where their application would be more favorable. Avoiding highly competitive courses or universities with strict one-sitting policies might be prudent.
  8. University of Lagos as an Example: A notable instance is the University of Lagos, which does not accept two O'level results for any course, demonstrating the importance of understanding specific university policies before applying.

Understanding these key takeaways can significantly aid DE applicants in navigating the admission process more effectively, aligning their qualifications with the right courses and institutions.

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