Can I Cross From Nigeria Army Recruit To NDA? -

Can I Cross From Nigeria Army Recruit To NDA?

NDA is one of the most difficult universities to gain admission to. The competition is tense and many people believe without "connection", you stand no chance.

I would have bought the same lie had I before not produced a student there without knowing the General or high-profile king. This doesn't stand to say people are not using other means. Yet, I know merit still works here if you pass exceedingly excellent.

Because of how difficult it is to gain admission here, people without connections are now considering the possibility of crossing from Nigerian Army recruits to NDA.

Is it possible to cross for Army recruit to NDA? Are existing soldiers allowed to obtain NDA forms? If yes, will you be considered faster than others?

Let me answer this and relate it in all possible ways.

NDA Allows Serving Recruits to Obtain Its Form

If you're yet to pick up the recruit form, you obtain that and later cross to NDA. Needless to say, if you're already a recruited soldier, you're allowed to obtain the NDA form.

If you choose to follow this path, instead of gaining to NDA straight, while filling your NDA form, a part of the form will require you to fill in your "service number". 

You're to fill service number here

This reaffirms that you're allowed to obtain the NDA form while already a serving soldier (officer).

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A Recruit Soldier Crossing to NDA Has Advantage Over Other Applicants

As you must have guessed, if you enter the army through recruits, and with it already established that you can cross to NDA, your chance of being admitted into the university is unquestionably higher than other candidates who are not officers.

With the university asking for officers' service numbers, while filling out the online forms, it's not hidden that they're prioritizing their officers over others.

I've personally met serving officers who were advised by their seniors or commandants to obtain NDA forms, if interested, as they stood a better chance to be admitted.

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You Will Do JAMB And Entrance Exam Too

If you're absorbed through recruitment, but later decide to cross to NDA, you're not exempted from JAMB and the entrance exam.

This means the five basic requirements for NDA admission are compulsory for your serving officers trying to cross into NDA. These requirements are:

  1. Possessing the 5 required subjects for your proposed course in not more than two sittings and in SSCE such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, and NBAIS.
  2. obtaining the JAMB UTME form, considering the course of interest with NDA as your first and/or second choice
  3. Passing JAMB UTME with a score of 210 or above for engineering courses and 180 or above for others.
  4. Partaking in the NDA entrance exam and meeting the cut-off mark to be decided by the management
  5. Partaking in the interview if you pass the entrance exam

Similarly, even though there is the probability that the university may lower the pass marks for their serving officers in the entrance exams, you still have to write that.


There is no doubt that a recruited soldier can cross into the Nigerian Defence Academy as evident in this post. His or her existence in the army can be an added advantage if this path is taken. 

However, he or she has to take part in all the entrance activities and meet up with the academic requirements for NDA admission.

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