NECO: Check, Register, Time-Table, Combination, Foreign Acceptance etc -

NECO: Check, Register, Time-Table, Combination, Foreign Acceptance etc



You're on the right page if you want to check NECO results, see if the result is out, know the website to check NECO results or register for the exams, know about schools that accept it both in Nigeria and abroad, and more.

The third most popular exam in Nigeria is NECO, apart from JAMB and WAEC which take the first and second positions respectively.

You have some questions about NECO. You want to know if it’s the right exam for you to seek admission to both local and foreign schools.

The post below gives answers to a series of questions students, like you, have asked about NECO.


1. What is NECO?

The full meaning of NECO is National Examination Council. This is the exam body saddled with the responsibility of conducting Nigerian-based Ordinary level examinations.

NECO is to take exclusive charge of the conduct of the SSCE for school-based candidates as Nigeria is concerned just as WAEC is to conduct SSCE exams for West African countries.

The first NECO exam was conducted in 2000.

2. What are the exams conducted by NECO?

  1. NECO June/July for internal or school candidates.
  2. NECO Nov/Dec for private candidates. 
  3. Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for third-year students of the Junior Secondary School, and National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) for pupils in their 6th year of basic education. 

3. How Can I Register for NECO?

  1. To register for NECO June/July (Internal), visit your school of interest (around you) and ask for their procedures. Procedures can be different from one school to the other (especially in terms of the fees).
  2. To register for NECO Nov/Dec (External), visit the nearest internet café. Cafés can register it for you. They can give you details and modalities to register.
  3. To register for NECO BECE, visit your school of interest and ask for their procedures. Procedures can be different from one school to the other.
  4. To register NECO Common Entrance (NCEE), visit the nearest cafe for the registration procedures. A few schools usually organize their pupils for group registration too.

4. How Can I Check My NECO Results?

  1. See the step-by-step guide in the post, "How to Check NECO Results on" Or follow the instructions on the NECO result checking page. for exams before 2018.
  2. For those candidates who wrote NECO GCE or Nov/Dec 2018 and all NECO exams after that, read the guidelines to check your result with a token. The new method of checking results requires buying tokens online instead of the scratch cards you're used to.
  3. Here is the result-checking page for BECE and NCEE.

5. How Much is NECO June/July or Nov/Dec Registration?

There’s no uniform price for NECO June/July among schools.

Some schools add much and some add less with the based or official price as charged by the exam body.

Consider visiting a few schools to compare their charges.

In the case of NECO GCE (Nov/Dec), you can see the official price on the NECO GCE advert. Be prepared to pay for a café service charge in addition to the form price.

6. How Can I Apply for the Correction of Names in NECO?

If there are spelling mistakes during your NECO registration, kindly write the NECO branch office of the state of exams through the school principal (in the case of internal students – NECO June/July)

If you’re a private candidate (NECO GCE – Nov/Dec), write and take a letter to the state NECO branch personally with an accompanying court affidavit.

7. What is the Closing Date for NECO Registration?

First, note that even though NECO can announce a specific closing date, schools don’t wait until this date before they end the acceptance of applications from candidates.

Hence, contact your interested school to know their own closing dates.

In the case of GCE NECO (Nov/Dec), the closing date on their website should be taken seriously. If you miss it, you can still go for walk-in candidates' registration.

8. How Can I Get NECO Timetable?

The timetable for the internal NECO should be requested from the school's exams officer.

Applicants for NECO Nov/Dec should have their timetable accompanied with their exams photocards. This should be given to you by the café you register at.

You can also check the NECO external page for the current year timetable update.

9. Can I Combine Two NECO Results for Admission?


You can combine two different NECO results for admission. You can as well combine NECO June/July with NECO Nov/Dec.

Note that all schools accept this combination and for any course whatsoever except for a few courses that only require one sitting.

Meanwhile, some courses like Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc require only one sitting. In that case, you can't combine results. Check the post, "School of Nursing, Health Tech and Hygiene: Answers to Students’ Questions on Admissions" for similar conditions.

10. Can I Combine NECO Result With WAEC Results?


All schools are accepting this combination.

However, some courses may not even allow two sittings e.g Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy.

In such cases, you can’t combine results.

11. Can I Use NECO Awaiting Results for Admission?


NECO awaiting results can be used for admission provided that such result will be released before your proposed university, polytechnic or college starts admission processes for the admission year.

More on using awaiting results were discussed in the post, "AWAITING RESULTS: Answers to Students' Questions on Admission" or Direct Entry Candidates Applying With Awaiting Results (AR): What You Must Know

12. Can I Use NECO Results for Foreign Admission?


Most foreign schools are now accepting NECO results for admissions.

All you have to do is to contact the schools to know if they accept it for their admissions.

13. How Can I Check my NECO Result Without a Scratch Card, Checker, or Token?


As of now, you can’t check your NECO result for FREE.

Every candidate must buy a checking card (usually called checker) to check on the NECO result checking the website. or follow the new method of using a token.

14. Where Can I Buy NECO Scratch Cards and How Much?

You can buy a checker at the nearest NECO office at #300.

You can also visit any available internet café around to buy the card but at a higher price probably.

If you're to use a token, the official price is N500 excluding the online transaction or Remita charge.

See How To Make Remita Payment at Bank and Online: Quick Guide.

15. How Many Times Can I Use a NECO Checker for a Result?

Five (5) times.

You are allowed to check a single result with the same card on 5 different occasions. The same thing happens to the use of the token method.

Note also that it’s not possible to use one card/token for two results.

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