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Can I Use NABTEB For Admissions and Jobs?

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Are you confused about NABTEB? Do you want to be cleared of some doubts before you obtain the form? Do you wish to know everything possible about it before you can be sure if NABTEB is for you? Then, you must read the list of 13 answers to the questions every student is asking about NABTEB.

1. What is NABTEB?

The full meaning of NABTEB is National Business and Technical Examinations Board just like WAEC is West African Examinations Council and NECO is National Examination Council.

The Board was established in 1992 to domesticate craft level examinations which were hitherto conducted by City & Guilds, Pittman’s, and Royal Society of Arts all of UK in accordance with the provisions of the National Policy on Education.

2. What are the NABTEB Websites/Portals?

NABTEB has different dedicated websites for her activities. To check NABTEB results, you use this link or See step by step guide to check your NABTEB result.

To have access to all other information about the body, use this link

3. What is the Difference Between NABTEB and WAEC/NECO?

Briefly, WAEC is meant for academic pursuit only. By this, it means, you write WAEC in order to use the result for admission purposes.

Even though they ask for it when you’re seeking jobs in the future time, WAEC result is not primarily used to give you employment.

Whereas, NABTEB are for both admission use and job purpose. This is because it's a more technical-based exam than WAEC/NECO. The NABTEB type for professional and job purpose is called NABTEB Advanced or A'level NABTEB.

I discussed more on these Advanced courses in the post, "IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB, and Cambridge A’level: Opportunity to Gain Admission directly to 200 Level."  The advanced is equally acceptable for employment purposes as they are equivalent to the Ordinary National Diploma (OND) or the National Certificate of Education (NCE).

In other words, a particular type of NABTEB certificate/result (NABTEB May/June and Nov/Dec) is meant for admission purposes and the other types (Advanced) are mostly for job purposes.
For a better understanding, read the question and answer below.

4. What are the Types of Exams Conducted by NABTEB?

The four major examinations conducted by NABTEB are:
  • May/June NBC/NTC Examinations
  • November/December NBC/NTC & ANBC/ANTC Examinations
  • Modular Trades Certificate Examinations (MTCE)
  • National Common Entrance Examinations.

5. So, What are the Differences Among these Exams?

  1. NBC means National Business Certificate.
  2. NTC means National Technical Certificate.
  3. ANBC means Advanced National Business Certificate.
  4. ANTC means Advanced National Technical Certificate.

6. What is the Advanced NABTEB?

The NABTEB Advanced Level Programme is a National examination equivalent to IJMB, JUPEB, CAMBRIDGE, OND, and NCE.

When you complete the course (examinations including ANBC and ANTC), you will be allowed to obtain the JAMB direct entry form and be given admission to the 200 level of your proposed course in any school accepting it.

7. How Can I Obtain NABTEB O'level Eams and its Advanced Level? 

There are several NABTEB exams centres around the country where you can write May/June or November/December NBC/NTC Certificate Examinations.

Visit such centers for details of the registrations. The Ordinary Level NABTEB can be obtained at several vocational centres and continuous education institutes around the country or some affiliated secondary schools around you.

But for NABTEB Advanced Level, a few centres are saddled with the conduct of the exams. You can check this page for more details and enquiry.

You can also contact NABTEB headquarters for further clarification through:
Phone Number: +2348078840770
Email Address 1: [email protected]
Email Address 2: [email protected]

8. What is P7 or P8 in NABTEB Result? 

Just like D7 and D8 in WAEC and NECO, P7 and P8 are the equivalences.

If you’re filling an admission form that doesn’t show P7 and P8 options, you should take D7 and D8 respectively instead.

9. Are all Institutions/Schools Accepting NABTEB Results? 


All schools must accept NABTEB for their courses apart from those that require your practical knowledge from secondary schools.

A different issue is when you want to apply for a school of nursing or related courses. NABTEB is still not being accepted by a very few. Many who were not accepting it before had been compelled by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

I explained this further in the post, "School of Nursing, Health Tech and Hygiene: Answers to Students’ Questions on Admissions"

Using NABTEB results to seek foreign admission may also face some setbacks because the result is locally/nationally accepted. Foreign schools reserve the right to reject it if they deem fit.

10. Can I Combine WAEC/NECO with the NABTEB Result for Admission?


Some schools allow this. Some may allow it but not for all courses.

In order to know if your proposed school accepts such a combination and for what courses, you will need to visit the school's admission page, the school admission office, or the JAMB brochure for clarification.

11. Can I Combine Both May/June with Nov./Dec Results?


For those schools and courses accepting NABTEB, you can combine these two.

It’s just like combining WAEC May/June and WAEC Nov./Dec or NECO June/July and NECO Nov./Dec.

12. How Many Times Can I Use a Checking Card to Check the Result? 

You're only allowed to use a card or your assigned PIN and Serial Numbers for a registration number 5 times. In other words, you can check your result on 5 different occasions.

Hence, if you just use your checker once, keep it for the future. You can still use it four more times.

Note that, you can only use one card per candidate.

13. How Can I Check My NABTEB Result FREE?

No way.

All candidates must buy a NABTEB result checker before you can check your result. Once a checker is used for one candidate, it can't be used for another exam's number.

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  1. Please when is the November/ December 2018/2019 result going to be out

    1. No official announcement. Kindly subscribe to this blog to be informed when such update is available.

    2. Is Nabteb result accepted internationally to get admission?

    3. No. Not to the best of my knowledge.

  2. When is Nabteb 2019 Nov/Dec result will be out?

    1. No official announcement. Kindly subscribe to this blog to be informed when such update is available.

  3. thanks ,more power to your elbow

  4. Can nabteb may/June be used to obtain admission ??

  5. Joseph gabriel20 July 2020 at 17:48

    Please can I apply for school abroad especially europe with my nabteb result?

    1. No. NABTEB is local-wide accepted as at now. Foreign admissions may not consider it.

  6. Can I use nabteb instead of waec to enter university school if my school waec is not good

  7. Please what is different between nabteb may/June and Nov/dec

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  11. If I fail my NABTEB departmental on Mechanical engineering can I still gain admission with my Neco

  12. I have F9 in my English Nabtem result can will I be able to register for JAMB

    1. Yes, if you can just consider any of the courses that doesn't require English Language. Read about such curses through the links below.


    2. Can I use nabteb may/June result to gain admimision 4 nursing after jamb

    3. School of Nursing admission doesn't require JAMB in the first place.

      That's is detailed here

      Also, NABTEB is accepted by most schools of Nursing.

      That's detailed here

  13. Can I write awaiting result in NABTEB?

    1. If you're awaiting a NABTEB result, you can still use that for admission just like awaiting results for WAEC, NECO and GCE.

  14. Pls can you send me your number to this email address [email protected] I have a lot to ask you that I can't type.

    1. When you ask a question here and I give you answers, we don't only help each other but very many people who may be in shoes.

  15. Can Nabteb be used for getting admission for medicine and surgery

    1. Yes, just like any other course. Read the post below for more explanation.

  16. I can I still study masscommunity with a nabteb result of p7 in government?


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