How to Pass JAMB Without Enough Studying/Reading

On a norm, if you ask me "how to pass JAMB without studying?", my best answer will be...

I'm sorry, but it is not possible to pass JAMB without studying. JAMB is a competitive exam that requires preparation and knowledge in your selected subjects. It is important to understand that studying is an essential part of achieving success in any examination.

However, if you insist on writing UTME without any or enough preparation and yet you want to pass, we can create some tips and tricks around this.

This question was first asked by a sick student who could not prepare well for her UTME. Yet, she didn't want to defer her luck till the next UTME. How could she give it the trial and still pass to a satisfactory extent or if lucky, excellently?

Disclaimer! There are no shortcuts to passing JAMB, and it requires hard work, dedication, and consistent preparation. Even if you are intelligent or have a photographic memory, you still need to study and understand the concepts to succeed in the exam.

Attempting to pass JAMB without studying is not only unrealistic but also counterproductive, as it will likely result in a low score or failure. Therefore, it is best to commit yourself to regular studying and exam preparation to improve your chances of success in JAMB UTME.

You Can Follow These Approaches To Pass JAMB UTME Even With Little or No Preparation

I repeat, it is not advisable to take any exam without adequate preparation. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you have little or no time to prepare for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (JAMB UTME), here are some approaches that may help you pass:

1. Look For Bonus Questions First

No matter how unprepared you've been for UTME, you must have passed through the secondary school classes which include the senior class 1 to 3, and for a few precocious students, senior classes 1-2.

With your early participation in subjects such as Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Government, or Economics, depending on your class, you should, by now, have enough background knowledge of some kinds.

With this knowledge, you can attempt a few JAMB UTME questions even if you've not prepared enough or at all for the CBT test.

At worst, there will be questions that you'll be very familiar with no matter how tough the UTME can be. The rule of concord, test vowel knowledge, and interpretation of sentences, in English for example, can come easily with your past familiarization with such topics. 

For example, the question below may be more of a bonus to you.

1. Choose the correct sentence:

a) I prefer cooking than baking.
b) I prefer to cook than to bake.
c) I prefer cooking than to bake.
d) I prefer to cook than baking.

Answer: b) I prefer to cook than to bake.

2. Which sentence is grammatically correct?

a) This book is more interesting than the other.
b) This book is interesting than the other.
c) This book is the most interesting than the other.
d) This book is interestinger than the other.

Answer: a) This book is more interesting than the other.

You can simply look for this set of bonus questions in all four subjects and see what you can cover using this approach. Luckily, you can skip questions that you don't find familiar with, in all the subjects.

If you're a type that didn't attend any secondary school class, you may not be favored by this approach. You may find your way out in the next sections.

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2. Choose Options That Look Unreal

After studying the JAMB past questions for several years, most candidates including myself I've come up with a clear understanding that, in most cases, JAMB's right answers are usually those that look "unlikely".

By UNLIKELY, it means if you have option A-D, even if you already know the answer, it's most likely the one that "looks unlikely to be the answer".

Let's go back to our sample questions above. In question one, what you're likely familiar with should be "I prefer cooking to backing". But because JAMB is always cunning with their options and the right answers. They now give you an unfamiliar correct statement "I prefer to cook than to bake".

As you must have noticed, it's an even funny way to say it. It's unfamiliar and unlikely. 

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Let's check another English question taken from past JAMB questions.

Choose the option that best completes the following sentence: "The team was so tired that they could barely __________."

A) stand up
B) stood up
C) standed up
D) standing up

Looking at the statement, you could easily go for "stood up" because the rest of the sentence was talking of in past.

What if I told you that the correct answer is "stand up".

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The true nature of JAMB questions' options is to create confusion, in most cases.

The purpose of this post is not to give as many examples as possible. If you want to be sure that this method will work, take one past JAMB question in series/pack. Answer all the questions by just taking the most unlikely answers throughout.

After that, check the answers at the back of the series/pack. You're likely to be surprised with the score you'll get.

Be reminded that this is not a way to assure you that you'll not miss anything. You will - after all, you didn't prepare to have the highest mark of the year.

This approach will be better than not sitting for the exam or just picking any option without any plan or being determined.

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3. Use  Strategic Guessing

Similar to the approach above, you can guess answers to JAMB questions and win some good marks.

Though this is a bit different following the permutation method. Strategic guessing is a technique that involves making educated guesses on exam questions when you are not sure of the correct answer. 

It involves using a combination of reasoning, intuition, and deduction to increase the chances of guessing the correct answer.

Eliminate obviously wrong answers to narrow down the possible choices. If you read the question and you can be sure two of the options are not correct, you can easily make the right choice between the remaining two options.

If A and C are not the right answers,  this means you're not sure if it's B or D. Since the correct answer should be between B and D, making a blind choice here can win you a few marks if you're lucky.

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You can also look for clues within the question or answer choices that may provide hints to the correct answer.

Similarly, you can make an educated guess based on your knowledge of the subject matter and the context of the question. So also, is the using patterns or trends in the questions to make informed guesses.

I've given you a clue to answering what I called the god's questions in another post, "How to Solve the 3 Types of Questions in JAMB UTME".

You can use the same approach if you have not prepared for JAMB enough or at all. 

To prove that this approach can win you some marks in UTME even if you've not prepared to a satisfactory level or at all, visit one of the last year's past questions and use the same method. Let's see the score you'll get!

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4. Stay Positive

Whether you're going for JAMB well-prepared or otherwise, there is the need to stay positive and believe in yourself.

Imagine having read this post and you're determined to go all in to give yourself the try but on getting to the hall, you longer trust your determination, plan, and strategies.

You may be forced to start reading questions and answering normally. That won't give you any better results unless you've already prepared.

And don't forget why you're here - because you've not read for JAMB at all or you've read but to a very unacceptable extent.

Visualize yourself acing the exam and use positive affirmations to boost your confidence.

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5. Stay Calm During the Exam

Similar to being positive, you should stay calm during the exam and read the instructions carefully. Don't panic if you don't know the answer to a question. Move on to the next one and come back later if you have time.

In other to be in shape for your exam and remain calm throughout, follow these tips.

  1. Arrive early: Arrive at the exam location early, so you have enough time to settle in and get comfortable before the exam starts. This will help reduce any feelings of panic or stress that may arise from being rushed.
  2. Take deep breaths: If you feel yourself getting anxious or stressed during the exam, take a few deep breaths to help calm yourself down. Focus on your breathing and count to five as you inhale, then count to five as you exhale.
  3. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water before and during the exam to keep your mind and body hydrated. Dehydration can make you feel anxious and tired, so staying hydrated is important.
  4. Read instructions carefully: Before you start the exam, read the instructions carefully. Make sure you understand what is required of you before you start.
  5. Stay focused: Avoid getting distracted by what other people are doing or thinking during the exam. Focus on your own work and stay in the present moment.
  6. Use positive self-talk: If you start feeling overwhelmed or negative thoughts creep in, use positive self-talk to help calm yourself down. Tell yourself that you are prepared and capable of doing well.


Even with adequate preparation some of the clues in this post can still add some energy to your efforts. However, if your preparation wasn't enough for JAMB, you'll find these tricks more helpful. 

If you still have time though, use it to prepare. The purpose of reading is not only to pass exams but to be better in person and remain competitive in other endeavors in life.

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