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After Graduating From NDA, Can I Work Elsewhere?

One of the questions recently answered about NDA was "is it possible to leave NDA, after graduation, to work elsewhere?"

The person who asked this question, most likely, is aware that, once the NDA cadets are commissioned, they're to work with the Ministry of Defence as a Nigerian Army, Naval, or Airforce officer.

Now, he wanted to know further if it's a must to work in the military if you're a graduate of NDA or if you can be allowed to graduate work with other establishments of your choice - most especially in non-military organizations.

In this post, I will be answering this question to give you insight into what is waiting after rounding off at Nigerian Defence Academy.

NDA Graduates Are Required to Serve in The Military, At Least For a While

All Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) graduates are required to work in the armed forces of Nigeria. The primary purpose of the NDA is to train officers for the Nigerian Armed Forces, which includes the Army, Navy, and Air Force. 

As such, upon graduation, NDA cadets are commissioned into the Nigerian military and are required to serve in the armed forces for a certain period of time as stipulated by the military.

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After Serving the Military, For Sometimes, You Can Seek Employment Elsewhere

After graduating from the Nigerian Defence Academy, you have the option to work elsewhere. However, this will depend on the terms of your contract with the Nigerian Defence Academy and the Nigerian military.

If you have signed a contract to serve in the Nigerian military for a certain period of time after graduation, you may be required to fulfil this commitment before you can leave to work elsewhere. 

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The length of the mandatory service period can vary depending on your chosen career path within the Nigerian military.

If you are not bound by any contractual obligations to the Nigerian military, then you are free to seek employment opportunities elsewhere after graduating from the Nigerian Defence Academy. 

Your degree and training from the Academy can be valuable in a variety of fields outside the military, such as government, law enforcement, security, and many other industries.

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There are some exceptions and special cases where NDA graduates may be allowed to work in other fields such as the civil service or private sector, but this is usually subject to certain conditions and approval from the military authorities.

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