Does NDA and POLAC Offer Predegree (PD/PDS)/Remedial? -

Does NDA and POLAC Offer Predegree (PD/PDS)/Remedial?

Even though stories are changing lately, pre-degree is still believed, by some folks, as one of the shortcuts to gaining admissions to any university running such a programme.

This could be the very reason a few students had asked, over and over, if POLAC and NDA are running pre-degree programs too.

The Nigerian Police Academy (POLAC/NPA) and Nigerian Defence Academy are two of the military higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. And because they both command respect and more hope than other conventional universities, many admission seekers are considering them through UTME.

However, the admission is practically tog of war for many Nigerians. Yet, some are too stubborn to let go of chasing them. As a result, they want to use pre-degree to enter the universities, with the hope that, that will make their admissions, to 100-level, easier.

Before concluding on that, they have to be sure if NDA and POLAC are running pre-degree (PD/PDS) program. And that is what this post stands to answer.

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Nigerian Defence Academy Doesn't Run Pre-degree Program

NDA, unlike many other usual universities, is not running or conducting any preliminary programs that can qualify admission seekers to its 100-level of the available program.

The university, to date, strictly admits aspirants through JAMB UTME. Hence, candidates, after possessing the right subjects in their O'level, are required to obtain the JAMB UTME form, obtain NDA's entrance form, partake in the entrance exam, and if selected for the interview, partake before they can be admitted into any of its program.

To date, except if started in the future, which I will be sure to update here, the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is not running any pre-degree course, be it at its main campus in Kadana or any affiliate (which they don't have).

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Nigerian Police Academy Doesn't Run Pre-degree Program As Well

Just as in the case of NDA, the Nigerian Police Academy (NPA) is not among the universities, to date, that are running university preliminary program e.g. pre-degree, PDS, PD, etc.

The university also accepts applicants through UTME. Such applicants must have chosen the university in UTME and scored the academy's cut-off mark before they can partake in the entrance exams and interviews.

With this position, POLAC is not a university selling pre-degree directly through its main campus or through any affiliate or agent.

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