How Many Questions Will NDA Set - 60, 40, 40, 40? -

How Many Questions Will NDA Set - 60, 40, 40, 40?

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The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) entrance exam deviates from the question distribution pattern of JAMB, as it consists of a total of 120 questions, with each subject having 40 questions, maintaining consistency in its format and emphasizing equal weightage for all subjects.

When an NDA aspirant asked if the academy would set questions like JAMB, what he meant was whether the questions would follow a distribution of 60, 40, 40, 40.

With that, he understands that JAMB sets 60 questions for English and 40 questions each for the three other subjects. Similarly, he must have known that students will be tested on four subjects, particularly the one chosen for JAMB too.

So, he wants to know if the same will be followed by the Nigerian Defence Academy in its entrance exams. Will NDA set 60 questions for English and 40 each, for other subjects? Let me answer this question here and shed more light on similar concerns.

NDA Questions Are 120 Instead of 160 by JAMB

With the combination of 60, 40, 40, and 40 for JAMB, the total number of questions is 180. NDA, on the other hand, combines 40, 40, 40, 40. In other words, students will take 40 questions for each of the concerned subjects.

If you take the time to study the compendium, which you can buy here, the academy has been consistent with 120 questions in total, divided equally among the four subjects.

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While studying, check all the questions from 2012, covered in the compendium above, to 2023. You'll testify that the questions are 120 together with 40 set for each of your subjects required for the course you proposed at the academy.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The NDA aspirant wanted to know if the academy's question distribution would resemble that of JAMB, with 60 questions for English and 40 for each of the other subjects.
  2. Contrary to JAMB's 160 questions, NDA's exam consists of a total of 120 questions, with each subject having 40 questions.
  3. The NDA entrance exam maintains consistency in its format, with an equal distribution of questions among the four subjects.
  4. Aspirants are encouraged to study past question papers and answers to familiarize themselves with the exam structure and subject distribution.
  5. Understanding the question format and distribution is crucial for effective exam preparation.

Additional Tips:

  1. Focus on Each Subject Equally: Since each subject carries equal weightage, allocate your study time accordingly to ensure proficiency in all areas.
  2. Practice Time Management: Practice solving questions within the allocated time to enhance your speed and accuracy during the exam.
  3. Identify Weak Areas: Regularly assess your performance in mock tests to identify areas where you need improvement and focus your efforts there.
  4. Stay Updated: Keep yourself updated with the latest exam pattern and syllabus changes to align your preparation accordingly.
  5. Seek Guidance: Don't hesitate to seek guidance from mentors, teachers, or coaching centers for clarifying doubts and gaining insights into effective preparation strategies.

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