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Are We to Read Sweet Sixteen or Life Changer for JAMB?

Sweet Sixteen or The Life Changer
After returning from the JAMB mock hall, my daughter told me questions were set for her from Sweet Sixteen. Whereas, she has been reading The Life Changer, believing that JAMB questions would come from the latter.

A few other students have contacted me afterward to know if they had to study or read Sweet Sixteen instead of The Life Changer for their JAMB UTME.

In this post, I will be answering whether you should read one and forget the other or even read both.

JAMB Mock Truly Set Questions From Sweet Sixteen

For those who have participated in the mock, you might have seen questions from Sweet Sixteen or any other reading text recommended by JAMB in past years. And for those who just heard about that but never took the mock, the story was true.

However, we need to understand what's happening here. If you have taken note, you'd understand the JAMB mock was merely a preparatory exam for a few students who had shown interest during the JAMB registration. As such, the purpose was just to let the participants have an idea of how computer-based tests (CBT) are usually conducted and questions set.

On this note, JAMB doesn't have to be choosy about the set of questions to present to these participants. They can just give them any questions just for the purpose of practice, I think.

It's even possible that the questions were repeated from the past questions of the board. Those questions were taken randomly from their database of past UTME for those who were sitting for the mock. Hence, the past reading books' questions were mixed for them instead of the present recommended reading book.

JAMB Will Use The Current Recommended Reading Book in UTME

Don't be confused, JAMB will not bring questions from past reading books in the main UTME even though that happened in the mock. Having established that the mock was merely for practice and the board didn't attach much seriousness to it, you should not let that confuse you into looking for Sweet Sixteen to read for the forthcoming UTME.

In fact, don't also think that the board may set questions from both the past and present recommended novels. No! Once the board recommends a book for the current year exam, your questions will entirely come from that book. So, save yourself the stress of looking for past books.

In short, The Life Changer is the current recommended reading text by JAMB, and you should read that and expect questions therefrom.

JAMB Announces The Life Changer For 2024 UTME

Having noticed the trend that most students are confused about the right book to read, JAMB has taken to its X page to announce and declare Life Changer as the book for the year.

To all 2024 UTME candidates, kindly note that the reading text for the Use of English has not changed. It's still Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. Thank you.

Similarly, when a concerned candidate asked form JAMB,

Please which novel is going to be used for UTME this year, 2024? Is it "Sweet Sixteen" or "Life Changer" or is it both of them?

The response was as earlier detailed, 

The Life Changer

Key Takeaways:

  1. JAMB Mock exams might include questions from past recommended texts like Sweet Sixteen to prepare students for the format of the exam, not necessarily the content of the current year's exam.
  2. The main JAMB UTME will focus on the current recommended text, which is Life Changer for the 2024 UTME.
  3. Students should focus their study on Life Changer as the primary text for the Use of English exam.

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