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I Didn't Receive JAMB Code/PIN in My Email. Help!

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Some students reached out to me to inquire why they didn't receive any messages through their email after generating their profile codes and purchasing the JAMB UTME/DE PIN.

Typically, they receive an SMS for the profile codes and another SMS for their PINs—except in certain cases. However, they didn't receive an email containing similar information.

Apparently, some of them are worried, perhaps thinking something was wrong with their emails or that something might have gone wrong during the generation of the code or procurement of the PIN. This was a disappointment shared by a student.

In this post, I will provide some clarity as to whether it's normal not to get email messages from JAMB regarding your profile code, PIN, or related information.

JAMB Won't Send Profile Code or PIN via Email

After obtaining your profile code or purchasing the PIN, you won't necessarily receive any email messages containing such information.

For the profile code, JAMB will send it through SMS to all candidates. Nobody will receive it through email—strictly through SMS.

Regarding the PIN, depending on the platform through which you buy it, you may receive it through SMS only, through email only, or through both channels.

I've personally seen cases where students only receive their PINs through SMS, for instance, if they buy through Interswitch or Quickteller. Using these platforms, you're mostly certain to get it through SMS only, then you can print it from the website/platform.

However, platforms such as Remita, Jumia, etc., will usually send both SMS and email as a backup. So, I wouldn't argue it if you claimed some students got emails containing their PINs, but it has to do with the purchasing platforms used.

Where a student gets it through email, it's equally possible that such an email contains the profile codes used to buy the PIN. So, in short, an email message containing the profile code/PIN doesn't have to come from JAMB itself but from the selling-platforms of the PIN.

JAMB Usually Send Email After the Registration

Having said that you might not worry about not getting an email message containing your profile code and PIN after generating or purchasing them, it's important to note that there's another generally sent email, but only after registration might have been completed at the CBT center or JAMB office.

Once you complete your JAMB registration, there is generally a message that all applicants will receive, whether they received any messages before from JAMB or not. This message is a confirmation of successful online registration at your CBT center.

JAMB-sent email

JAMB will authentically send this message upon submission, which will contain a confirmation message and details including your names, profile code and/PIN (not always), JAMB registration number, login password(not always), email used for JAMB. The message or another one may also include an attachment of your registration slip.

The purpose of that registration being sent to you, apart from confirming successful registration, is for you to have a backup slip to print in case you lose the one given to you by the CBT center.

By that time, as the email is automatic, once linked, you'll get the email and it must contain all that have been earlier explained.


If you don't receive any message from JAMB before registering at a CBT center or JAMB office, you have nothing much to worry about because messages here may not be general as some platforms don't send emails rather they send SMS only.

However, after the JAMB registration, you must get a confirmation email for that if you've used or linked a correct and functional email during the registration. This is a serious matter that all applicants must receive.

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