Are We To Upload JAMB Result To JAMB Portal? -

Are We To Upload JAMB Result To JAMB Portal?

Confusion often arises about uploading results to the JAMB portal: while candidates must upload their O'level (SSCE) results to the JAMB portal, neither JAMB nor schools require UTME results to be uploaded there; instead, UTME results are automatically accessible through the JAMB portal, and some schools may only request that UTME results be uploaded to their own portals during post-UTME registration.

It's hard to blame admission seekers for some mix-up. After all, some are seeking admission for the first time.

So, when they hear about results uploading to the JAMB portal, they're left with more confusion than they were before.

Some understand this to be uploading their O'level results to the JAMB portal. Some interpret it to be uploading their UTME result to the JAMB portal. In fact, some believe it's the uploading of the two results to the JAMB portal.

Well, a confused candidate asked JAMB the same question. The board's response is the main context of this post.

JAMB and Schools Won't Require You to Upload UTME Results to JAMB Portal

No matter where you got your information from or who told you that candidates were required to upload their UTME results to the JAMB portal, it's just to create confusion for you or a mere misunderstanding by/from the source.

Neither JAMB nor any university, polytechnic, college of nursing, innovative enterprises institution, or college of education will require students to upload UTME results to the JAMB portal.

Do you know why?

Your JAMB result is already on the JAMB portal. Once your result is released it's already accessible on the board's portal. 

You might have checked with SMS, you can still check and print directly from the portal. Hence, if JAMB needs your result, it's with them already. Similarly. all your schools of choice have direct access to their aspirants' results too - right on the same JAMB portal.

So, why would any of the two bodies still ask you to upload your UTME results to the board's portal?

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Schools May Ask You to Upload JAMB Results During Post UTME Registration

Having affirmed that neither JAMB nor schools will ask you to upload UTME results to the JAMB portal again, you should not mix that up with the situation where a few schools may require their students to upload their UTME results to the schools' portals (not JAMB portal).

Yes, during the post-UTME or screening registration, some schools make the scanning and uploading of the UTME results by the aspiring applicants to their portals a prerequisite.

For example, the Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila-Orangun, Adeyemi College of Education, and a few other schools will require you to scan and upload your UTME result and upload it to their portals but not to the JAMB portal.

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The Misunderstanding Comes From O'level Results Upload to the JAMB Portal

Generally, all admission seekers must upload their O'level (SSCE) results to the JAMB portal. This might be what you heard in the first place and misunderstood to be the UTME result.

It's important and compulsory that all admission seekers irrespective of institutions of interest should upload their SSCE results e.g. WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, or NBAIS to the JAMB portal.

And if your question is when will that start or end? I will say wait till about one month after your JAMB result is released before going to any CBT center to upload it.

That has also answered the question of where to upload it or if you can upload it yourself or at a café. For the purpose of clarity, only CBT centers and JAMB offices are allowed to upload O'level results to the JAMB portal for all admission seekers.

Luckily, some students uploaded their results to the JAMB portal during their UTME registration. Some returned to CBT centers to do that later and some are yet to.

If you belong to the last category, hurry up and upload your SSCE result to the JAMB portal before your school closes its admission or releases all its admission lusts for the year. That's the deadline!

Of course, most schools, if not all, will ask the same during their post-UTME/screening registration. For this set of schools, unloading of O'level results, on their post-UTME/screening portal will equally be as compulsory as that of on the JAMB portal.

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