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Where Can I Register Post-UTME or Post-DE?

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It's time to register for Post-UTME or Post-DE? Or you're just curious to know ahead of time? Where do you register for your post-UTME or Post-DE?

Asking this question becomes necessary especially now that JAMB has restricted the registration of its UTME to CBT centers and JAMB offices only and that of Direct Entry (DE) to its branches across the country.

So, the JAMB registration is gone and it's time to register for the post UTME and Post DE. Do you have to register them at CBT centers and JAMB offices respectively as it was required of you to do for the JAMB registration?

Let me answer your question here and shed light on what might be confusing.

1. At Home - By Yourself

Indeed, you are not subject to any restrictions regarding the registration process for post-UTME and post-DE. You have the liberty to undertake the registration independently or seek assistance from a friend or family member.

The registration process for post-UTME and post-DE is as simple as visiting the designated school's admission portal, clicking on the application or admission link, following the provided instructions, completing the form, submitting it, and downloading necessary printable pages for documentation purposes.

Therefore, if you are capable of managing the registration process on your own, you are at liberty to do so. I wish you the best of luck! However, in my opinion, unless you are accustomed to complex online registrations, it may be advisable to entrust the task to professionals.

2. At Trusted Cyber Cafés

There are likely cybercafés or online registration service providers (business centers) in your vicinity. These establishments typically possess experience in handling online form registrations and may offer better assistance when completing your JAMB post-UTME or post-DE forms.

Many of these service providers have previously assisted numerous students with similar forms and are familiar with the requirements and procedures involved. Given that the registration process remains largely unchanged from year to year, they can readily apply their past knowledge to assist you this year as well.

3. At CBT Centers

Certainly, CBT (Computer-Based Testing) centers are commonly designated by JAMB for the registration of UTME candidates and other admission-related activities. However, many of these centers have expanded their services to cater to students beyond their original mandate.

As a result, some privately-owned CBT centers now offer registration services for post-UTME and post-DE forms to students who seek such assistance.

Similar to cybercafés, they are not restricted from facilitating such registrations.

You Cannot Register Post-UTME or Post-DE at JAMB Offices

It should be noted that JAMB offices, as previously mentioned, primarily focus on the registration of Direct Entry (DE) applicants for its forms and do not handle registrations for post-DE forms. Therefore, you cannot register for post-DE or post-UTME at JAMB offices.

Moreover, JAMB offices are government entities and are not privately owned. Considering the workload that their officials contend with annually, it is reasonable to assume that they may not have the capacity to attend to students seeking assistance with post-UTME and post-DE registrations.

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