How to Know If Your School Post-UTME Is On Sale -

How to Know If Your School Post-UTME Is On Sale

Especially when you're done with JAMB and the result is out, you're aware that what follows is the post-UTME/screening registration.

But how will you know when the form is on sale? 

In fact, some candidates, by now, will be searching the net to know when the post-UTME or screening form of their universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education will be out or if they're ready out. Yet, no true information gotten.

In this post, I will walk you through a few steps to keep track of when your proposed schools start selling forms so as not to miss out.

1. Search Google For the Official Website's Link

You can easily trust anything you see online if you don't know what the real official website of your proposed university is.

And yeah, the most trusted channel to know if the post UTME/screening form is out is the official school's admission portal.

To know what the official website link is, use Google Search. This time type in the search box the name of your school followed by the "website", followed by "link" e.g. Obafemi Awolowo University website's link.

Using that, below is the result from Google. And apparently that first result, in most cases, if you follow as instructed above, will be the official website of the school.

If you try this with any other school e.g. University of Lagos website's link, the Lagos State University website's link, the Federal Polytechnic Bida website's link, the Federal College of Education Abeokuta website's link, etc., you'll likely have the same result. 

If you take note, the website you'll be taken to should have the name of the school, usually in abbreviation, and end with the extension/domain "". e.g.,,,,

With the result, click on the right link. On the official website, look around for news, update, bulletin, or any notice of the post-UTME/screening. If it's not yet out, you may not find it for the current year. If the new year's form is on, the website should have the information on any of these pages.

Following this guide should save you from filling form on the wrong website or falling into the hand of scammers.

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2. Get Attached to an Experienced Café For Updates

As soon as you're done with your JAMB and your result proves you should be preparing for the post UTME/screening of the proposed university, look for an experienced café around you and attach yourself to them.

These cafes have been producing students to different schools for years. They know where to check and confirm if the form of your school is on sale or not.

You can have their contact and be calling within a certain interval to seek feedback. Some are smart to collect numbers of admission seekers and get back to them when their respective forms are out.

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3. Join an Online/Social Media Group on Education

Though you have to be careful using this channel, as scammers are everywhere, social media groups can be the right place to spend your time to know when your proposed school start selling its post-UTME form. 

There are WhatsApp and Facebook groups that broadly talk about education. There are some that are specifically talking about certain schools. For example, you can join UNN aspirant's WhatsApp group to follow updates regards its admissions.

These groups are not necessarily created by the management. That is, they're not usually officially owned by the schools. The admins behind them are usually people like you. Members only share the same interest.

Having said that, be careful with what you read and believe. Scammers are usually in such groups. Hence, get the information about the opening of the form there but don't give money to anybody here to help you apply or process your admission.

If you must apply, use the service of a café you trust around you.

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4. Subscribe to Respected Blogs

If you stumble on a blog like,,, etc., you should see the serious efforts the admins are putting into updating you on several schools and their post-UTMEs/screenings.

If your school form is not yet out, you can subscribe to one or two of these reputable education blogs. They're owl eyes of education and admission news and updates. They will update you, through your email, when the form of your school comes out.

It only takes the submission of your working email, through their subscription boxes/links. Then, sit back and wait for your school's updates.

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5. Follow Up on Radio/TV and Newspapers

We both know this is not going to be easy for you to do. Or when last did you listen to the radio, watch the news, or pick a newspaper to know what's current?

But I won't do justice if I don't let you know that a few schools are using these mediums to announce when their forms are out. Usually, the newly created and less competitive institutions, in addition to online announcements and social media, will go to radio, television, and/or newspapers.

Particularly, institutions such as the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Nigerian Police Academy (POLAC), Nigerian Army College of Nursing Yaba, and Nigerian Air Force College of Nursing (NAFCON), are a few federal-owned institutions, that are statutorily required to publish the sales of their forms on radio, television, and newspapers.

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