Can a Part-Time Student Switch to Full-Time -

Can a Part-Time Student Switch to Full-Time

To gain admission to a full-time programme, we all know you need UTME. But with a few attempts and no success in the JAMB exams, you may consider the alternatives to gaining admissions, among which is the part-time programme.

If you take the latter, you may want to know if your school will allow you to switch back to the full-time programme.

In other words, as a part-time student or if offered part-time admission, can you later cross to full-time, on school permission, so you can graduate as a full-time student. Or is there any law or arrangement to allow a part-time student to cross/switch to full-time within the same school?

You may need to ask these questions if you're worried about serving at NYSC in the end. Of course, only graduates on a full-time basis, except in a few cases, will be allowed to serve.

You may also be asking if you're just curious to know if it's possible for a school to let its part-time students cross to full-time later - maybe at 200, 300, or 400 level.

This post will answer your question and set your mind at peace after knowing what is possible and what is not.

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Universities and Colleges of Education Won't Allow Part-Time Students to Cross to Full-time

If you're admitted on a part-time basis by a university or college of education, you must be ready to complete your studies and graduate as a part-time student as both don't offer such opportunities.

Let's say you enter into a university such as FUOYE through its daily part-time or regular part-time course, the university will, till the end of your studies, retain you as a part-time student unless you decide to move completely from the part-time and obtain another UTME to cross to the full-time programme. The same is applicable to being admitted by a college such as Adeyemi College of Education but wanting to cross to its full-time.

If you consider that, you may decide to move or retain the part-time and still run the full-time especially if the courses are different.

In summary,, it's not just possible, as an internal arrangement, for a student to move from a part-time programme to full-time. The two options you're left with are either to complete the part-time programme or just abandon it, obtain another JAMB UTME and process a full-time admission.

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Polytechnics Allow Part-Time Students to Cross to Full Time

Especially if you'd entered a polytechnic for a National Diploma (ND) course on a part-time basis (particularly the daily part-time), the polytechnics will allow you to cross to a full-time course but not until you're seeking admission for the Higher National Diploma (HND).

Let me explain.

It's possible to run your ND course on a part-time basis (be it regular or daily part-time), then, while seeking HND admission, you consider the full-time option instead.

This approach has been well established to allow candidates to eventually go for NYSC. This and related conditions had been covered in my post, "Can I Serve (NYSC) with ND Part-Time Plus HND Full-Time?". Take a moment to check.

On this note, your polytechnic or any other polytechnic considering you for the HND admission will admit you for a full-time course even though your ND is on a part-time basis.

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  1. Pls sir wen will part-time form for third batch out
    Also can I cross to full time with my 2021 jamb. I'm also processing fuoye for next year session I mean 2021/2022 academic session. Can I cross to full time next year with this year's jamb.

    1. About crossing from part-time to full-time, read the post above again.

      For the FUOYE third batch, nobody can say when the 3rd batch will be out. You should be checking for the latest updates the the link below.

    2. Thank u sir

  2. Do I still need to sit for jamb or UTME before I can transit to full-time student

  3. Do I still need to sit for jamb or UTME before I can transit to a full-time

    1. If you're a part-time student who want to cross to full time, you just have to quit the part-time and obtain UTME form in order to gain full-time admission.

  4. Sir what you saying is that if I run part time course before, and I want to go for full time. I have to quit and start all over again from the beginning.

    1. Yes especially for universities. You got it. For the polytechnics, if you complete a programme such as ND on part-time, then you can cross to full-time HND. Read the posts below.

  5. I know some of the part-time student that go for nysc

  6. I've been given admission by Kaduna state university, but due to issues am having at work concerning a full time course, I would like to transfer to part-time. Is this possible?

    1. I don't think so. However, I will like you to go to your school's admission office and ask if they can help.

    2. How did they do it

  7. Pls, how do I go about gaining admission into 200 leve as I did not buy direct entry jamb

  8. Hi. Can I switch from part-time to full-time for PGD, please?


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