How to Gain Admission To Ekiti State University (EKSU) -

How to Gain Admission To Ekiti State University (EKSU)

Ekiti State University is one of the competitive state-owned universities in southwest Nigeria. The university, which is situated in Ado Ekiti town in Ekiti State has recorded a large number of aspirants year in, year out due to the number of impressive courses being offered.

As a result, any admission seeker, into the university, will have more questions to find answers to. In this post, I will be guiding you on how to seek and gain admission into the university detailing the step-by-step procedures and a few untold secrets to be offered a space. 

In summary, to gain admission to EKSU, candidates will fulfill the following conditions.

  1. Meet the Right SSCE results required for the proposed course
  2. Obtain JAMB UTME/DE form and Consider EKSU as the First Choice
  3. Obtain Post UTME/DE Screening form When Announced
  4. Procedures Required If you're a Direct Entry applicant

There is more relevant information that will be covered in this piece.

Summarized Processes and Steps to Gain Admission To Ekiti State University

To gain admission into Ekiti State University (EKSU), you need to follow these general steps:

  1. Meet the admission requirements: Ensure you meet the minimum admission requirements for your desired course. EKSU usually requires at least five (5) credits in relevant subjects including Mathematics and English Language in not more than two (2) sittings in O’level examinations like WAEC, NECO or NABTEB.
  2. Apply for JAMB UTME: Register and sit for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and choose Ekiti State University as your first choice institution.
  3. Score the minimum JAMB cutoff mark: Ensure you score the minimum JAMB cutoff mark for your desired course. The JAMB cutoff mark for EKSU is usually 160 and above, but some courses may require higher cutoff marks.
  4. Post UTME screening: EKSU usually conducts a post UTME screening exercise for all applicants. You must participate in this screening exercise and perform well to increase your chances of being admitted. The screening exercise usually involves a computer-based test (CBT).
  5. Wait for admission list: After the screening exercise, EKSU will release its admission list. If you meet the admission requirements and perform well in the screening exercise, you will be offered admission.
  6. Accept admission: If you are offered admission, you must accept it by paying the acceptance fee and following the admission procedures specified by the university.
  7. Registration: After accepting the admission, you will be required to register for your courses and complete other registration formalities to become a bona fide student of EKSU.

It is important to note that admission into EKSU is highly competitive, so it is advisable to prepare well for your JAMB and and higher O'level grades for the screening  and meet all the admission requirements for your desired course.

Now, let's explore practical experience in detail.

EKSU Admission Seekers Must Have 5 SSCE Subjects Relevant

When seeking admission into EKSU, like any other university, the first prerequisite is to have the right subjects in the SSCE (i.e. O'level). If you're confused, my post "Difference Between O'level, A'level and SSCE (Results)" will educate your further on this.

The acceptable SSCE includes WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB. You must have at least five subjects in any of these SSCEs or a combination of two exams. Out of your 9 SSCE subjects, only 5 subjects are required, generally for admissions. The 5 subjects must be directly relevant to the course you're proposing. I covered that broadly in "SSCE Results: 5 Credits Needed, Combinations and Where D7, E8 or F9 Accepted".

Using the JAMB Brochure to Know The Right SSCE Subjects

Speaking of the right subject combination for your proposed course, some courses may be too obvious with their required SSCE subjects. However, trusting the choices of your friends, teachers and families can be sometimes misleading. Hence, it's advisable to check the university's official JAMB Brochure to see the subjects required for any of its courses.

As a matter of fact, these O'level subjects required must be taken seriously because this university strictly offers admissions based on the submission of correct O'level subjects, UTME subjects, and scores in JAMB

Take a moment to check for your own course SSCE subject requirements in the EKSU JAMB Brochure.

Awaiting Results Can Be Used During JAMB Registration

While obtaining the JAMB form, you might have not sat for your WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB yet. You might have written but still waiting for the results to be released. Nothing is wrong with that and it's acceptable to use awaiting results during the JAMB registration. This was the question fully answered in the post, "Will I Be Offered Admission With Awaiting Results: 20+ Facts To Know"

In this case, you just register JAMB and indicate awaiting (AR). As such, when your result is out finally, you must return to the nearest CBT center to update your JAMB application and upload it to the JAMB portal.

EKSU Aspirants Must Write JAMB, Consider It as the First Choice, and Score Higher Enough

As for the JAMB requirements for any of the full-time courses in the university, there are three things involved.

  1. Obtain the JAMB UTME/DE form
  2. Select EKSU as the First Choice or Change to the University
  3. Score High in JAMB

EKSU, like any other university, and for its full-time courses, requires all aspirants to obtain the JAMB UTME/DE form. Except you're going for the university's part-time programme, you won't be offered its full-time course without JAMB.

Hence, you must have obtained or be ready to obtain the next JAMB UTME/DE form if you're up for the full-time degree course.

Obtaining the JAMB form is not enough, you must as well choose the university as your first choice institution during the JAMB registration. However, candidates who won't choose the university from the start, can, after the release of the JAMB results, or any time before or during the sale of the university's screening form, obtain the change of institutions/courses form. Here, you can change to EKSU as the first choice institution. 

In the JAMB or change of institutions form, you have to consider EKSU as the first choice if you must be serious about the university's admission. There are more students than they can possibly admit, who have already considered the university, as the first choice. Hence, the university will have no reason to consider candidates in the second choice basket.

As for the best score to gain admission into Ekiti State University, of course, the university may consider the UTME score as low as 160, for some of the courses, you will need more than that for most competitive courses though.

In fact, for most of the competitive courses such as Nursing, Law, Medicine & Surgery, etc., you will need to go as high as 250 or more.

Since the university won't be writing post UTME, you're only limited to giving the best O'level grades and JAMB score in the online screening registration. That will give you an edge over candidates with lower O'level grades and UTME scores.

EKSU Admission Seekers Must Obtain the University's Online Screening Form

Speaking of the online screening form, you don't have to prepare for any post UTME. Rather, you're to do online registration when the screening form is announced. It's compulsory! My post, "Post UTME/DE: Exam or Screening?" detailed the differences between post UTME and screening. 

Don't fall into the category of students who believe that, once you obtain JAMB UTME/DE and choose a school in JAMB, you won't need to obtain its post-UTME/DE or screening form again. That's not true!

As matter of fact, the best for you is to change the university to the first choice if you've not done that before its screening form is out. However, if you just want to be in their database without changing to them, you can.

It's possible to obtain the post UTME or screening forms of some schools even if you didn't choose them in JAMB. Luckily, EKSU is one such school. However, there will be a need to change it to the first choice, sooner or later, after obtaining their form, if they must eventually offer you admission. I explained this and related situations in my post, "Can I Obtain Post UTME/DE of a School Not Chosen in JAMB?".

How to Obtain EKSU Screening Form Online

How to Buy Post UTME (DE)/Screening Form Online is my dedicated post that will guide you on what to do and how to buy the post-UTME/DE or screening form of any school. 

As for the Ekiti State University screening form, specifically, check the brief step-by-step guide below.

  1. The university will announce, officially, the sale of its form through its website
  2. Next, visit the website and follow the procedures to buy and fill out the form. While filling out the form, you're to supply all your O'lvel subjects, their grades, and JAMB score among other details. See All Details You Need to Fill Post-UTME/Screening Forms
  3. After filling out the form and submitting it, you're to print the acknowledgment slip. The slip that contains your screening aggregate score that will be generated automatically by the system using your O'level subjects' grades and UTME score.
  4. It's based on this aggregate score that your proposed department will decide whether to offer you admission or not. The higher your score, the better your chance to be admitted!

The Summary!

To gain admission to Ekiti State University (EKSU):

  1. You must have the required O'level subjects and good grades for your proposed course as the grades will help you win a better point when the school calculates your O'level points
  2. There won't be post UTME. Hence, it's screening. With the screening, you'll only be offered admission based on your aggregate score derived from your O'level grades and JAMB score. Therefore, a higher JAMB score will help too, depending on the course proposed

Direct Entry Admission to Ekiti State University (EKSU)

EKSU usually and yearly admits students into 100-level through UTME and 200-level through direct entry.

The post, so far, has been talking to you if you're an SSCE holder with the JAMB application. Whereas, DE application is for those who had already completed a program such as BSC, HND, ND, NCE, IJMB, or JUPEB but wish to further their education through direct entry admission.

This set of applicants must also:

  1. posses at least 5 required O'level subjects for their proposed courses
  2. possess required qualifications and grades (points)
  3. obtain the JAMB Direct Entry form instead of the JAMB UTME form
  4. consider the university as their first choice and/or second choice
  5. obtain the university's screening form
  6. submit or send their academic transcripts to the university after obtaining the screening form

Recommended: Must DE Applicants Upload/Send Transcripts for/to JAMB/School

In summary, everything that's applicable to the UTME candidates is equally applicable to the DE counterparts except that they won't sit for UTME and will have to send their transcripts to the university.

The Flexibility of EKSU and Its Motherliness in Offering Admissions

Ekiti state university is well known for being open-handed about its admissions. However, that doesn't mean the university just blindly accepts candidates.

If you have a very good JAMB score, you won't have problems competing for courses such as Law, Medicine, Nursing, etc. However, if you have an average score my best advice is to change to a less competitive course if you won't be too choosy.

Whether you are a UTME or DE applicant, the right place to start is the official JAMB brochure for the university. Studying that to know the university's required O'level subjects and subject combination in JAMB for the proposed course and the best grade or qualification for DE will save you some embarrassment.

The university also allows continual changing of course, if you are not shortlisted in the first batch or second admission list. You can return back to the portal and change the course to any less competitive and available course. Then, do the same on the JAMB portal.

Man-Know-Man Works Here Too

One of the things you want to hear is if you will need "connection" to secure admission to Ekiti State University.

Of course, you may need some knowing Mr. lecturer or Professor Pencil (fictitious) if you're seeking admission in the highly competitive course and your chance of being on the merit list is daunting.

If you've not helped yourself, you may need the help of an insider. To help yourself, more As and Bs (in your SSCE) plus 250 and above (in UTME) should catapult you above competing students.

Hence, if you can't help yourself and you don't have any "sure-insider" to talk to, change your course to a less competitive one before obtaining the form or after unfavorable batch(es) of admission lists. Otherwise, chances are you may not be admitted eventually.

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