How To Gain Admission To Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA) -

How To Gain Admission To Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA)

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You're on the right page if you're searching for AAUA admission requirements and processes. The post gives you the AAUA admission portal, the university courses, post-UTME cut-off marks, catchment areas, and admission list updates. You will also learn about the university's direct entry admission process and school fees among others.

Even though all universities, polytechnics, and colleges in Nigeria follow almost the same procedures in their admission processes, Adekunle Ajasin University has some uniqueness in its own approach to admitting students. All admission seekers must know these or risk being deprived of spaces at the end.

Below is a quick guide to gaining admission to the state-owned university in Ondo State.

Requirements for a Successful Admission

  1. Complete O’level Results
  2. Choose AAUA as 1st Choice in UTME/DE
  3. Choose a Course at AAUA that aligns with the UTME subject combination
  4. Register for and write AAUA Post-UTME
  5. Score the right departmental cut-off mark
  6. Gain Admission through DE
  7. Gain Admission through Part-Time
  8. Gain Admission through Predgree and IJMB

Let's get down to work.

It's important that this post remains one of the most comprehensive write-ups that hold you by the hands and show you the right path into one of the most competitive state universities in Nigeria.

1. You Need Complete O’level Results 

Don’t make attempt for the university if you'd not got the SSCE result she wants for her courses. You can however use awaiting results if you are certain that you’d written WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, etc and you’re waiting for the results.

Please note that such awaiting results should be released before the school’s post-UTME screening registration closes. You will need to fill it out during the online screening registration. And as soon as it's released, you must return to any CBT centres to scan and upload it to the JAMB registration portal

It's necessary, please!

See: How to check if Your SSCE Result Has Been Truly Uploaded to JAMB Website/Portal

In your SSCE, you must have at least 5 credit passes in relevant subjects to your proposed course in the school. For example, a student proposing Microbiology must have English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. If there are any deficiencies, you may be out of luck.

It should be noted that different courses require different relevant SSCE results or grades. In some cases too, AAUA requires specific conditions that may not be peculiar to other schools. They may accept passes in certain O’level subjects such as D7 or E8 in Chemistry etc.

This is why you have to study the JAMB brochure very well before applying. I detailed the importance of studying JAMB Brochures and what to look for in my post "Study JAMB Brochure to Avoid Admission Errors". 

You will also find the official SSCE requirements for all AAUA 55 courses at the university very handy before making your choice of course.

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2. Choose AAUA as 1st Choice in UTME/DE

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. You wonder why you must choose AAUA first since She's just a state university. You believe your first choice university should be federal, then, state the second, and so on.

You’re wrong!

No school is accepting the second choice any longer. Even though some universities may give you admission having taken them as second, they will later instruct you to change them to the first choices on the JAMB portal before you can be admitted fully.

See also: How to Choose Institutions in UTME and DE: A Must Read for All Admission Seekers

If by now, you’ve taken AAUA as a second choice, consider changing them to your first choice before post-UTME screening or after, if you truly need admission from the university.

See also: Choosing Universities, Polytechnics, and Others as Second Choice: Will they Give you Admissions?

3. Choose a Course at AAUA that Aligns with UTME Subject Combination

This is where I like to talk much about the JAMB brochure. You see, the selection of courses is very sensitive in any school. You’ve to know, before anything else:

  1. whether the course you want is available in the school. This is easily solved at any CBT centres. They can’t register a course for you unless the school is offering it. This is because the JAMB registration platform will not match a school with the courses she's not offering. But should you get to the CBT center before you can confidently know if a course is available in a school or not? No! You can have answers to that if you study and understand your brochure before going for the registration. JAMB brochure is your best bet.
  2. about the O’level or SSCE subjects required for your proposed course. As a matter of fact, course requirements in O’level results are important. Check your JAMB brochure to see this and make sure you’d already had them (or expect if you're awaiting the results) before choosing a course. Don’t be confused. If they tell you to have at least 5 credit passes, it doesn’t mean in any subjects. It means in relevant subjects to your proposed course. See the JAMB brochure, please.
  3. about UTME subject combinations. Just like your SSCE subjects, you must write the right subjects for your proposed course in UTME. This is one of the problems that led to being deprived of admission to Adekunle Ajasin University. I’d seen even one of their Pre-degree students being deprived of an offer because of the wrong subjects combination in UTME despite her 287. ALTHOUGH IN MOST CASES, the university gives another course you merit, if you'd done the wrong subjects in UTME. JAMB brochure is very resourceful to guide you on this and it’s very IMPORTANT. You can use the guide here to find out if you're eligible for your proposed course at Adekunle Ajasin. You don't need a brochure for that.
  4. about special consideration (waiver) remarks. In case you don’t know, Adekunle Ajasin University usually gives some conditions for their O’level and UTME subjects. They explain this under the "special considerations (waiver) remark" in the JAMB brochure. This section will tell you if your proposed school has some conditions you must meet for certain courses. It’s critical you read thoroughly the section. You can read my post, "Study JAMB Brochure to Avoid Admission Errors" as a guide to know what you look for in the brochure.

4. Register for and write AAUA Screening

Adekunle Ajasin will sell and ask each admission seeker to register for her Post-UTME screening form. The school had STOOPED conducting computer-based entrance tests for all her applicants. In other words, aspirants are considered for admission, now, based on their O'level results and JAMB scores. 

Hence, all there you should expect is just the online screening - which is the filling of the form online and expecting the admission lists. But before then, you must have scored 160 or above in your UTME.

AAUA JAMB cut-off mark is usually 160 and above. This may change. And if it does, I’ll definitely update this post.

During the online registration, you’ll be asked to select the right subjects to write in the Post-UTME test. Your subjects are usually four. Be sure you select a combination you’re sure to do well at. However, if you find this option, it doesn't mean you will be called for exams or post UTME. The template being used for the application was the one used when they were using the test. They'd not changed it since they started adopting the online screening only.

The university reserves the point to be used for each department and candidates to be offered admissions. The higher your JAMB score, compared to what the university draws the better your chance. 

Change of Course Registration

If you, in the end, make it, congratulation! If however, things are not as expected, don’t panic. AAUA will announce the change of course registration. This will be done on the school website, but at a later date. 

You must be on the lookout for the announcement of the change of courses. This exercise usually lasts about three days. AAUA can send SMS sometimes to the affected candidates or announce it on the school’s website.

Meanwhile, AAUA Pre-degree students may be the few to benefit from this exercise as the management may deem fit. If you’re not lucky to see the course you prefer during the change of course exercise or it’s not conducted for this year, consider JAMB change of institutions to any other institutions who are yet to conduct their Post-UTME.

5. Gain Admission through AAUA IPTP Offer 

The Vice-Chancellor has approved that admission should be offered (at no extra cost) to some of the POST-UTME candidates in the institution’s Part-time Programme starting from the 2017 admission exercise.

Those who were not considered for the full-time programmes and other Post-UTME candidates, who may wish to take advantage of this offer, should visit for more details. This offer is usually opened to applicants who score below 40 which is the cut-off mark for their admission.

6. Gain Admission to AAUA with JAMB Direct Entry

This section is for those applicants seeking admission to Adekunle Ajasin University through the JAMB Direct Entry. These are applicants who are already done with their Bsc, HND, ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, etc, and wish to continue to their courses or related ones at AAUA.

As a DE applicant, you must first know that:

  1. you’ll (must have) equally obtain(ed) the JAMB form. Yours is called JAMB direct entry form (not the UTME form)
  2. register at any CBT centers nationwide
  3. to partake in the registration of Post-UTME and exams
  4. have at least upper credit for ND or 9 points for NCE holders. Applicants with HND with upper credit or distinction may need to speak to the school admission office to know if they can be considered for 300 level. Some universities may give you such a privilege.
  5. You need to study the JAMB brochure for your course. In fact, the JAMB brochure is more needed by direct entry applicants. AAUA and any other schools usually state special conditions for some courses under the "special consideration (waiver) remark" section in the JAMB brochure.

It will be wise of all candidates, especially DE applicants, to study and understand this. You’ll thank me for it.

See also: Direct Entry Candidates Applying With Awaiting Results (AR): What You Must Know

7. Gain Admission through Predegree Programmes 

Adekunle Ajasin University is usually lenient with her pre-degree students. They sometimes consider lower marks than 160 for them in UTME and the same in post-UTME.

As if that is not enough, they still give you a chance to partake in their change of course exercise, even if they don’t allow others.

However, a pre-degree student may not eventually do some courses at 100 level because courses approved for the programme are limited. For example, their pre-degree doesn’t have Law, Economics among others (at least in the meantime).

8. Gain Admission through JUPEB Programmes 

The school also runs its own JUPEB programme. After completing this one-year course and possessing the right grade as explained in the brochure, you can obtain the JAMB Direct Entry Form. Then fill in the university as your first choice.

The university is kind to admit all their JUPEB candidates if they pass the course and offer them space for 200-level courses of the institution.

Note that, you can as well use your JUPEB result for admission to other institutions accepting it. Candidates from other schools and study centers will also be offered admission if they meet the requirements. 

You can see the list of such schools in my post, "IJMB, JUPEB, and Cambridge A’level: Opportunity to Gain Admission directly to 200 Level"


Do you still have questions regards this topic, kindly drop them in the comment section below.

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  1. Does AAUA send putme exam date immediately after registration to candidate portal

    1. No. You have to visit the portal for updates after the closure of the PUTME. However, the university may not conduct any exams not to mention sending any exams date.

  2. Hello Mr Techie, will u have to sit for POST UTME screening exam if I apply as a Direct Entry student?

    Thanks in adv

    1. It depends on the universities. For instance, UNILORIN conducts post DE exams for Direct entry applicants while the likes of OAU, UI, UNILAG etc. don't. Read more through the link below.

    2. I scored 224 in jamb, can I apply for criminology and security studies in aaua

  3. Hi
    Please sir is my subject combination good for educational Management
    Mathematics English government and economics

    1. Yes. You need Economics, Mathematics and one (1) other Social Science/Arts subject.

  4. Is computer science a competitive course at AAUA, because I applied for D.E

  5. Does AAUA accept ijmb for admission

    1. I don't think so. They accept JUPEB and they run the same programme too. Read the post below.

  6. I’m DE student
    Someone said i need to forwarded my transcript to aaua before they can give me admission but I think it’s after admission

    1. It should be during the post UTME registration and list compilation. Not after the admission. Read the post below.

  7. Does Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba accept ijmb

    1. I don't think so. They have JUPEB programme instead.

  8. Pls Sir is this subject combination Good for political science English, Government, IRS, and Economics but sir in my olevel result I did not write it in my waec but I choose it in my jamb does it mean?

    1. it's ok for JAMB. Generally, for UTME, you need Government or History plus two (2) other Social Science/Arts subjects.

      In SSCE, you need Five (5) SSC credit passes in Government or History, English Language and three (3) other subjects.

  9. Sir is Aaua conducting post utme screening test this year

  10. Can I gain admission with 188 in jamb in aaua studying Mass communication

    1. You can with better O'level results and if competing students don't have more than you


  11. When I bought my screening form online my passport was not taken will it later result to complications

  12. hello sir, please i just do changing of institution on 13th oct, when will i be admit to aaua.

  13. Good morning sir,i have E8 in my government D7 in my biology and C5 in my econ,comm,civic edu,math and eng.can they accept for psychology?

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  17. Sir is AAUA admission list out


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