How To Gain Admission to University of Benin (UNIBEN) -

How To Gain Admission to University of Benin (UNIBEN)

You’re on this page because you’re an admission seeker to the ancient University of Benin. UNIBEN was ranked No. 14 (2021 Nigeria webometric ranking) and No. 2919 in the world.

This great institution is well-sought-after by Nigerian and foreign admission seekers.

In 2017, the school only admitted 10,000 admission seekers out of 100,000 that partook in her post-UTME/DE. This is 1 out of 10 applicants. Recent news has it that UNIBEN got 34,497 applications, admitted 10,909. This was 2018 statistics.

Hence, I’ll be helping if I can give you a well-detailed guide to gaining admission to this beloved and competitive university.

You need to know, from the start, that as a professional and experienced education consultant, I’ll be writing from the stock of experiences I'd acquired for more than a decade.

If you search the internet about this topic, you may not find a guide like this detailed one.

UNIBEN is a federal university that must adhere to the 45%, 25%, 20%, 10% formula for admission selection; representing 45% for merit list, 35% for catchment area, 20% for less-educated states, and 10% to the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor of National Universities Commission

Does this sound familiar?

That’s the federal yardstick used for admissions by federal institutions. It’s the law unless JAMB finally discontinues giving admission based on less-educated states; which was formerly proposed.

Your mission to read this post should be to be among the 45% merit list. This is because you may not be lucky to belong to the catchment areas and the less educated states or favored by the Vice chancellor's discretion.

Please note that I wouldn’t have prescribed the guide below if it had not worked for hundreds of my candidates in the past. Here is the list of what to expect in this post.

Let's see what we're to cover below:

  1. Ensure Your O'level results; SSCE, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, etc are complete
  2. Take the University of Benin During UTME Registration
  3. Carefully Select Courses to Study at the University of Benin (UNIBEN)
  4. Register for and write UNIBEN post-UTME
  5. Applying for UNIBEN admission as Direct Entry candidates
  6. Gaining Admission to UNIBEN with Connection or Influence

1. Get the 5 Required O'level Subjects

First and foremost, hope you're set for admission with your O'level results? By this I mean, do you already have 5 required grades in your relevant SSCE, WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, etc?
UNIBEN entrance
UNIBEN entrance

That question may sound rhetorical but I must warn you that without the 5 relevant O'level results, you're going nowhere for admission. Studying the JAMB brochure (as I will be covering below) will guide you as to what subjects you must have credits or passes in.

Using Awaiting Results for UNIBEN Admissions

You can also use awaiting results to seek admission to UNIBEN provided the results will be out or available before the school's post UTME closes. This means if you're still in SS class or you're done in secondary school but yet to have complete O'level, you can fill in awaiting results for your O'level during UTME registration at the CBT center.

Note that, immediately after your O'level result is released and the required subjects are made, you have to go back to CBT to scan and upload it to the JAMB portal. This may attract additional charges! A connected cafe may also handle that for you.

Literally, you'll need at least 5 credit passes in relevant subjects in one sitting or 6 credit passes in two sittings before you can apply. This means some courses require you to use ONLY ONE SITTING e.g Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. And you can use two sittings for some others e.g Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, etc. A brochure is your best bet for this. 

ReadUniversities/Polytechnics Accepting Two Sittings For Admissions

2. Choose the University of Benin During UTME Registration

You see, this is where the whole journey starts.

During UTME registration, UNIBEN must be your first choice. Anyway, you may not even find the university in the second choice category any longer, just like several other federal universities.

Don’t dance to the notion that if you want to show a school that you seriously want them, you have to choose it as your first and second choice. That’s not true. In fact, with JAMB's new system, it’s more possible to choose schools any way you want.

There’re schools you won’t find in the second choice category of which UNIBEN might be one. Hence you can’t take them as the first and second choice. ONLY FIRST!

RecommendedIs Physiology a Good Course to Go For in Nigeria

3. Selecting Courses to Study at UNIBEN

Selecting a school is nowhere difficult but selecting a course can be doubting.

The oracle to consult in order to avoid two common errors, among others, that usually force this university to weed out some applicants is your JAMB brochure. The two errors you will avoid by the following brochure are:

  1. choosing courses that don’t align with your O’level results
  2. combining the wrong subjects in UTME for your proposed course.

You see, most candidates wonder why their friends (proposing the same course at the university) get admitted even with weaker UTME scores, post UTME scores, or lower O’level grades than theirs.

They will, of course, argue that they’d done nothing wrong but my experience has thought me a lot.

In short, you’re advised to visit, study, and understand the JAMB brochure. This is the only power you get.

Where the JAMB brochure is not available, accessible, or difficult to study, check your eligibility status for the university and course you proposed there. This guide is perfect to save you the headache of looking for or studying the JAMB brochure.

RecommendedUNIBEN Admissions: List of UNIBEN Faculties, Departments, and Courses

Candidates' Concerns with JAMB Brochure

This takes me to - understanding the part of the brochure; general requirements and special consideration (waiver) remark.

Even most applicants who end up studying brochures only read and understand "general requirements" which are the main needs for your proposed course but the latter explains situations where some institutions may have special needs for the courses.

For example, if you choose Physiology at UNIBEN, while the general requirement is 5 credit passes in TWO sittings; the university's special consideration (waiver) remark says they want ONE sitting.

Do you see the picture now?

What is acceptable in one school may be conditioned in another. Hence, a candidate who has 5 As in the required O’level results in 2 sittings will NOT be offered admission for Physiology at UNIBEN even if he or she has a 100% score in post-UTME.

But such a student wouldn’t know why because he didn’t study (well) the brochure in the first place or never check his or her admission eligibility status.

Students on matriculation

4. Register for and Write UNIBEN Post-UTME

Your UTME result is out! What is your score? If you score any mark below 200, forget UNIBEN admission.

You can immediately apply for the JAMB change of institutions to schools that can accept such.

If you’re a champ at UTME, then, there’s another hurdle to cross. You’ll have to register for and write her post UTME.

I used ”register for”  above because there’s a point you must know.

UNIBEN only considers applicants who follow their post UTME application instructions to the detail. Imagine, a university that deprived her candidates the admission because they didn’t use RED background photos as instructed in the post UTME advert.

I know you may not know much about the instructions since this is usually handled by the local cafe's attendants or managers.

This is why you need to visit a respected and experienced cafe for your post-UTME registration.

Pratice UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions
The university's post UTME past questions will be made available for you to practice, right on the university post-UTME portal. 

Nature of the Post UTME
Next, at the exam scheduled dates, you must take part in the post UTME. Your test should be computer-based. See How to Train Yourself for JAMB CBT (UTME and Other Computer Basted Tests).

Your post UTME score must be 50% or above before any hope for admission because the total mark is 100%.

If you’re unfortunate, consider the change of institutions immediately.

If you win again, congratulations! Now let’s proceed to calculate your aggregate score and match it with your proposed course departmental cut-off mark.

Post UTME Aggregate Score Calculation
By calculation, the departmental cut-off mark is UTME score divided by 8 plus post-UTME score divided by 2. (UTME/8) + (Post UTME/2).

Now wait for the school to release the current year cut-off marks for each department and believe something favorable will happen.

To back your hope, I'd tried to find you recent departmental cut-off marks. I couldn't find this from the school portal or official source. However, I got a blog post for it. You have to be careful making your decision based on this post since it is not an official blog for the school.

UNIBEN Admission for Predegree Candidates
Candidates who seek admission into 100 level courses through their predegree programme are considered with an edge over the non-predegree applicants.

However, you must do well in both UTME and post UTME even as a predegree student.

5. UNIBEN Admission as a Direct Entry Candidate

This section is not for everybody.

Direct entry applicants are candidates who had completed their studies in Bsc, HND, ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge Advance Level (A’levels), etc.

This set of applicants, decide to further their studies to university for their courses or related courses but this time to 200 or 300 level straight.

If you don’t belong to this category of candidates, skip to the next section.

Direct entry aspirants should take note:
  • As a direct entry admission seeker, you must have equally obtained the JAMB Direct Entry form (not the JAMB UTME form). 
  • You also must register at any available CBT centers across the nation
  • JAMB direct entry form usually comes out the very time UTME candidates are registering too. It was in the past that DE form came after UTME. JAMB and UTME will close at the same time.
  • During the registration, your first choice institution should be UNIBEN, the university doesn’t consider second choice applicants.

Before the registration, please visit, study, and understand the brochure. DON’T IGNORE this, please.

I had covered what you need to look for in the JAMB brochure in my post, "JAMB Brochure: How to Study it to Avoid Admission Errors".

My post, "Check Institution and Course of Choice Eligibility on JAMB Portal" will also let you know if you qualify for your proposed course at UNIBEN based on the SSCE and A'level results you have.

You may and may not bother to submit a copy of your registration print-out and credentials to the admission office of the university. UNIBEN doesn’t compulsory this submission. However, the university requires you to send your transcripts to the admission office. You should do that without any hesitation.

There may be the need to send the results and transcripts of your Bsc, HND, ND, NCE, IJAMB, JUPEB, Cambridge Advance Level (A’levels) to the admission office before Post-DE schedules. THIS is IMPORTANT.

UNIBEN Admission for JUPEB
UNIBEN has special consideration for their DE candidates who participated in their JUPEB programme and passed. It’s more automatic to gain admissions as their JUPEB candidates.

As their JUPEB direct entry applicant, you must equally be ready to write and pass the post-DE exams which will be scheduled along with post UTME.

6. Admission to UNIBEN with Connection or Influence

If you’ve been following my posts in this series, you must have read this kind of piece about the University of Ilorin, Adekunle Ajasin University, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigerian Defence Academy to mention a few.

The purpose of those posts is to help you correct certain notions about gaining admission to these universities (not to give you names of professors, lecturers, or security men who can use their slots to help you).

You see, admission to UNIBEN is free and on merit.

Remember where I started the post, "I want you to gain admission on merit". I want you to be one of the 45 percent to be offered admission without knowing a person or spending a kobo. In order to achieve that, I have done my part by sharing something new. You should do yours by following my guide.

They will admit some candidates constituting their catchment area i.e from their state and closest states to them. These candidates will constitute 25% of the list.

If continues, they must admit 20% of educational less educated states. and 10% could come from slots, maybe.

This means the aggregate score to be considered for catchment areas is less and those of less-educated states will be lesser.

Read my post "Admissions Based on Educationally Less Developed States, Catchment Areas, and Merit" to get a better idea of merit, catchment area, and less educated states.


I guarantee your admission into UNIBEN if you can follow the procedures laid down in this post.

They are equally well known for giving you another compensating course in case your first course is out of your reach.

Meanwhile, during your post-UTME registration, you would be asked to choose the 2nd choice course. This is a backup. But it is worth knowing that you should avoid a competitive course for the 2nd course.

If I were you, I would possibly take a very less competitive course as my 2nd choice for backup.

And if offered admission to that, I would consider working hard to change my course while going to the 200 level. They allow this provided you can meet a certain departmental GPA (grade) at the end of your 100 level.

Best of luck!👌👌👌

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  1. Good morning sir, please I scored 204 in my utme wanted to study nursing but cuz of my low score have decided to do change of course to (medical biochemistry) do I still have hope of gaining admission to study medical biochemistry in uniben with my jamb score

    1. 204 is equally small for that course. But you should put better effort into the post UTME. That may help things for you.

  2. I got 212 in jamb can I get admission into uniben to study Optometry

  3. I scored 180 in jamb can I study mass Communication in uniben

    1. No. You need not less than 200 for any course at UNIBEN

  4. Good day sir ….please i scored 207 in jamb and i want study law in uniben … is there hope for me?

    1. I don't think so for a course as competitive as LAW

  5. Pls sir I got 241 in jamb can I study accounting in uniben

    1. Yes, you can with the right O'level subjects and better performance in the post UTME

  6. Pls sir I got 235 in jamb, is there any chance for me to study law in uniben

  7. Ps can I get med. at 270

  8. Sir, I scored 203 in jamb and 50 in utme, can I gain admission into uniben to study a less competitive course?

  9. Sir in some universities like FULAFIA your O level results may drop your performance in their online screening which is regardless as post time.Combination of results calls for great reduction in scores, is it so with UNIBEN?

  10. Sir pls in my ssce result i have two (osaro becky)names and in my jamb i have three(osaro becky ekhator )names and that of my NIN too i have three name do i have any hope of gaining admission into uniben..and i score 216 can i study bussiness administration in uniben?pls sir i need answer

  11. but some ppl said that u HV to get up to 300 ND above to study medicine in Uniben
    Sir please is it true

  12. Sir who scored not up to 50 in postutme but aggregate is more than 50 but have a good o level result be admitted in uniben


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