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How to Gain Admission into NDA in 2021/2022


I'd earlier answered most asked questions on NDA in the post, “NDA: Answers to Students Questions on Nigerian Defence Academy Admission”. Seeing those answers can be the right place to start. Hence, I advise you to read them and get back here to continue reading this.

And if you're here for the Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB) - which is different from NDA, I suggest you click the link to see if their form is currently on sales.

7 Steps to Gain Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) 

There are practically 7 steps to gain a stress-free admission to this university of the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, and Nigerian Airforce. Knowing this from the start will help you to have seamless application and processing experiences.

In brief, the steps:
  1. Meet up with general requirements
  2. Applying with relevant SSCE results
  3. Choosing NDA in UTME
  4. Writing and scoring not less than 180 in UTME
  5. Register online for the university's entrance form
  6. Take part in the Post UTME entrance test
  7. If qualified and selected, take part in the interview

Let’s go into these in detail.

1. Meet Up with the General Requirements

Generally, make sure you possess and meet up with all these conditions. If there’s a deficiency in any, don’t bother to obtain their form.
  1. Be at least 17 years old and not more than 21 years old at the month of August in the year of entry into the Academy. Note that candidates who desire to join the Nigerian Air Force must be between 17 and 18 years old at entry. Your birth certificate will be scanned and uploaded during the registration.
  2. Must not be less than 1.68 metres tall for male and 1.65 metres for female.
  3. Must be medically and physically fit and must be of good moral character.
  4. Must be single male or female without a legal obligation to support any child or other individuals.
  5. Able to present a Certificate of State of Origin obtained from a Local Government Area or a Certificate of State Indigeneship from the Office of the State Governor. This will be scanned and uploaded during the online registration.
NDA students in uniforms

2. Apply with Relevant SSCE Results

You will need at least 5 credit passes in relevant O’level subjects/results.

Minimum of 5 credit passes at SSCE or GCE 'O' Level (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB) obtained in not more than 2 sittings relevant to the Faculty of choice. Credit in English Language and Mathematics are compulsory for all courses.

You can also read their specific course SSCE requirements. You will need a PDF reader to open and read the document. There, you will also find a list of their courses and their general and compulsory O'level subjects and those that are optional.

3. Choose NDA in UTME

Before now, do you need to choose NDA in UTME to obtain their form? No. But now, they have updated (starting from 2019 admission) that, the university must be chosen as the first choice if you must be serious to gain admission here. And if you didn't choose then right during the UTME, you can consider the change of institutions and courses right now. That link to a guide on how to do the change of institution all by yourself.

Choose NDA as your first choice. This is because year in year out, more students are competing for the few spaces available at the university. The management, under normal circumstances, will want to consider those who select them as the first choice institutions.

And if you're not offered admission, there will still be time to do a change of institutions to other schools. And don't panic as candidates are allowed to change institutions two times if you want.

4. Write and Score not Less than 180 in UTME

NDA has been consistent with 180 and above (cut-off mark) for their applicants.

Scoring higher marks in JAMB is an added advantage though. Yet, once you have any mark from 180, you’re qualified for their application and their entrance exams.

UPDATE: Note that for this year's admission, they draw different cut-off marks for different courses.

See: NDA Past Questions and Answers – 2010 till Date (Get a PDF File to your Email)

NDA Headquarters

5. Register for NDA Admission on her Portal

Just like other candidates have to register for post UTME exercises of their universities, polytechnics or colleges of education out there, NDA is no exception.

Differently, NDA doesn’t call her, post UTME, it’s entrance exams registration.

This form will, however, be on sales even before the JAMB form is out and it will run till the JAMB form is closed for UTME applicants. So, you have a very long time to decide whether you want to obtain the form or not.

In other words, you don’t have to wait for when other schools are selling post UTME forms before you will buy their form. You should obtain the form before your UTME registration closes. Please take note!

6. Write their Entrance Exams

Entrance exams usually scheduled for May yearly. But this date may change for any logistic reasons.

You will have to print your exam schedule slip prior to the exams and take part. This schedule will only be available to candidates that registered and met up with their O'level results and JAMB score requirements.

7. Take Part in the Interview if Called

If you make it to this level, congratulations!

After your name is released among those selected for the interview, you must get ready and take part in the physical checking of your credentials and oral interview.

After this will be the final list.


You have been reading your way to Kaduna since you started this piece. This post is the best guide you can find on NDA admission. Strictly adhere to the advice on this page and regularly visit their website for updated information.

Read the post, “NDA: Answers to Students Questions on Nigerian Defence Academy Admission”. I might have covered your new questions in that post.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Visit the NDA admission application page to know if this year's form is still on sale.

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  1. Sir..if a person is more than 18 can the person still do air force?

  2. Please sir can i still change my institute to NDA?

  3. Thanks Sir. I love this information

  4. when will entrance exams registration will start for 2021

    1. No date announced yet. Subscribe to this blog for update of when it's out. Use the link below.

  5. Replies
    1. Any time sooner. Kindly subscribe to the blog for such and more updates.

  6. Please sir, how can I apply for air force recruitment?

    1. Below are the pages to be following their updates so that you won't miss it when the form is out.

  7. please I'll be 21 by March can I apply for NDW

    1. Don't. You will be 5 months older by the August.

  8. I wrote jamb 2020 and I got 185,but I didn't choose NDA as institution. Can I use the jamb result to apply?

    1. No, you can't last UTME for this year NDA. U need the current year UTME for the form.

  9. Replies
    1. Click on the link to apply. There you will find the update fee for the form.

  10. Instead of using jamb results can I still use my GCE results to enroll into NDA school?

    1. You need both JAMB and SSCE results to process NDA admission.

  11. Good day sir,I with the above name.Ojachi Raphael Godday will like to know the fields of study in the Nigeria defense acedemy for the faculty of art

    1. Ok.

      Check the link below for the list of their courses. You will need PDF reader on your devise to download or print the document.

  12. Pls are gals allowed into the NDA school

  13. Hello sir 20 years old boy is allowed in NDA

  14. I will be 21yrs by April, can I still apply for NDA?

    1. You will be 21 years and 4 months by the August. So, you're not eligible.

  15. Enter your comment...hello plx did they start selling og de form

  16. Please sir do I need to have a good father before I can be admitted in NDA?

  17. Hi sir,can candidates awaiting result apply for NDA?

  18. Do I have to register for jamb first before I apply for NDA, or can I apply for NDA first then layer jamb


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