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Do I Need NIN, LGA ID, and Birth Cert For NYSC Camp

Corper wee o! Time to go camping? You must get your papers ready or the before-camping documentation.

One of the questions while gathering credentials is if it'll be required to present your NIN (national ID Card), local government identification, and birth certificate to the NYSC officials.

It's ideal to ask if you've been to a screening or documentation where these papers are seriously taken seriously.

On the NYSC camp, will you need them? Is there any purse for your NIN, or birth certificate of LGA identification during your 21-day NYSC camping?

In this post, you'll have our answer.

You Don't Need NIN For NYSC Documentation

Even though you may need to take your national ID card along to camp, just like any other official card of recognition e.g. driver's license, voter's card, etc., there is no statutory requirement for NIN during the mandatory NYSC on-camp documentation.

A sample of the National ID Card (NIN)

NYSC will not ask corpers to submit, either the original or photocopy of the national ID during the camping or screening. Hence, if you don't have it yet, even though you should, or you've lost it, it won't pose any concern during the screening.

I advise you to get it, not only for camping purposes but because for your own safety and identification. 

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NYSC Officials Won't Ask For Local Government Identification

A reminder, local government identification is the same as the state of origin or attestation of local government/State.

This identification document is not required at the NYSC camp. Hence, you don't necessarily have to take it along for your camping purpose. 

Sample of Abia State Local Government Identification

Of course, your local government is clearly showing on your green card which was originally exported from your JAMB data.

For no reason will any official of NYSC be it during documentation at any stage of the camping requires this.

You Won't Need a Birth Certificate For documentation on Camp

Similarly, birth certificates or age declaration certificates won't be asked for during the documentation and camping. 

You may wonder why. After all, NYSC takes the age of prospective corps members very seriously. 

A birth certificate issued by the Population Commission

The corps already have access to your date of birth on your JAMB data or WAEC details. And if you're not within the acceptable age bracket, you wouldn't have been mobilized in the first.

Hence, since you're posted and you make it to the camp, your date of birth is of no importance to the officials again.

Except you've something to prove on camp, you don't have to bother yourself with birth certificates to the camp.

Similar to the National ID though I advise you to take it along. For reasons such as the opening of your bank (allowee) account, the NIN and birth certificate will be asked for and may save you some frustration.

BVN Won't Be Required For Clearance But Needed For Bank

Another sensitive document is your BVN slip. Of course, during the physical clearance, this may not be asked for as it has nothing to do with your posting in the first place. However, especially if you're to open a bank account on the camp for your allowee, BVN is required.

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Some camps may not allow you to use your existing bank account for the collection of your monthly allowance. Here, they've made new arrangement with some banks to be on camp in order to open new accounts for corpers. Apparently if the bank given to you is not your existing bank, they will require your BVN.

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