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4 Reasons A School/Exam Body May Reissue Certificates

After damage, loss, or misplacement of a certificate, your mind is clouded with the question of whether it could be reissued by the school or exam bodies.

And sincerely you should be worried because exam bodies such as WAEC won't reissue the original certificate instead give you "attestation of the result", although serving the same purposes.

Though luckily the exam body had recently launched a platform that will help you get the original result/certificate back through its digital platform.

NECO, with officially acceptable reasons, will reissue the certificate to you after making an online payment for that.

Primary schools will also reissue certificates provided there is an officially acceptable defense for that.

In the same vein, universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and similar other higher institutions have provisions for the issuance of new certificates on certain terms.

Even NYSC has provision to reissue certificates if you must get one.

While you should have it in mind that you may be required to get other law-required credentials such as a police report, court affidavit, national ID card, etc., below is the list of officially recognized reasons a school, ministry of education, or exam bodies may give you a new certificate.

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4 Acceptable Reasons a School/Exam Body May Reissue Certificates

In Nigeria, exam bodies, the ministry of education, and primary schools may reissue a new primary school certificate if there are convincing officially acceptable reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  1. Loss Of The Original Certificate: If the original primary school certificate is lost or destroyed, the school may issue a new certificate.
  2. Name Change: If a student's name has been legally changed, the school may issue a new certificate with the updated name.
  3. Error On The Original Certificate: If there is an error on the original certificate, such as a misspelled name or incorrect date of birth, the school may issue a new certificate with the correct information.
  4. Change In Grading System: If the grading system used by the school has changed since the student graduated, the school may issue a new certificate that reflects the updated grading system.
  5. Recognition Of Additional Subjects: If the school has added new subjects to its curriculum since the student graduated, the school may issue a new certificate that includes these additional subjects.

It's important to note that each school/exam body may have its own policies and procedures for reissuing certificates, and students or parents should check with the school/exam body for specific requirements and procedures.

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